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Our team's role is to facilitate UCL's success, by aligning structural, cultural and strategic realities of work to respond to the needs of an ever-evolving higher education context.  

For general enquiries, please email od@ucl.ac.uk or get in touch directly with one of our team Heads. If you have any feedback or questions about our website, please contact hrweb@live.ucl.ac.uk

Loleta Fahad

Director of Organisational Development (Interim)


Contact Loleta for advice on: 

  • OD strategy 
  • Questions relating to prioritisation 
  • Feedback on our offers
  • Reporting 
  • How OD can support your needs

Andie Bennett

Head of Learning and Development, Operations.


Contact Andie and her team for advice on: 

Loleta Fahad

Head of Career Development.


Contact Loleta and her team for advice on: 

Kate Faxen

Head of Employee Experience.


Contact Kate and her team for advice on: 

Colette Barratt

Interim Head of Development, Leadership and Management


Contact Colette and her team for advice on: