UCL Human Resources


Mandatory training

New staff are required to complete UCL’s mandatory training courses. Existing staff must periodically review and update mandatory training as required.

Why do you need to complete this training?

UCL is committed to ensuring a welcoming, safe and healthy working environment for all staff, students and visitors. Our mandatory training pathway and courses are designed to both support UCL’s compliance with institutional legal responsibilities, and to equip UCL staff with the knowledge to keep themselves, each other and the community safe.

Mandatory training forms part of the requirements of your probation, please review UCL's probation policy and mandatory training policy for further information.

Core mandatory training

Listed below are the mandatory courses all UCL staff need to complete. 

You can access the courses by signing into LearnUpon using your UCL user ID and password. 

To login you can use the following link which will direct you to your Training Dashboard: Learner Dashboard - LearnUpon.

If you have any issues with logging in via the above link, please report to ISD.

To be completed on your first day of employment at UCL

If you are a student, please access the “Information Security Awareness Training – students only" on Learn Upon. 

To be completed within your first 6 weeks of employment at UCL:

Role-specific mandatory training

Some training only applies if you are in a particular role. Your department and line manager will be able to provide clarity around what role-specific mandatory training is relevant to your role.

UCL mandatory training policy 

This policy provides information on UCL’s mandatory training courses and outlines which courses must be undertaken by which types of staff. It also provides guidance on managing compliance and the implications of non-compliance for staff and UCL. 

Read the UCL mandatory training policy