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Research supervision training and development

An overview of the professional development courses and workshops available for staff responsible for research supervision.

UCL aims to provide research supervision of very high quality. To enable this, the UCL Arena Centre provides a programme of support for all staff who are responsible for research supervision.

The core programme is divided into three stages.

  1. Introduction to research supervision (mandatory for all staff wishing to be newly appointed as a UCL research supervisor) 
  2. Developing as a Doctoral supervisor (mandatory for staff wishing to be newly appointed as a UCL research supervisor without prior doctoral supervisory experience)
  3. Ongoing professional development for research supervisors

Are you eligible to supervise?

Information about eligibility to supervise is available in the UCL Academic Manual Chapter Five (scroll down to Supervisor Guidance). Please contact your Departmental/PGR Administrator or Departmental Graduate Tutor for further support. 

    1. Introduction to research supervision (mandatory for all)

    Format: Online course

    Aimed at: This course is mandatory for all members of staff wishing to be appointed as research supervisors at UCL, including new members of staff with experience of research supervision at other institutions.

    Experienced UCL supervisors are also encouraged to work through the course as a refresher and central resource containing information, guidance and links to relevant policies and materials.

    Prerequisites: None

    Learning outcomes: The course provides information and guidance on: 

    • UCL’s regulations and frameworks for research supervision; 
    • establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with your supervisees; 
    • UCL’s doctoral skills development requirements and the Research Student Log 
    • signposting to further support provided centrally by UCL and locally in faculties and departments.  

    Duration: Approximately two hours

    How to join: 

    2. Developing as a Doctoral supervisor (mandatory for some)

    Format: Workshop (online or in person)

    Aimed at: Staff with no prior doctoral supervisory experience who wish to be appointed as research supervisors at UCL must attend this workshop after they have completed the 'Introduction to research supervision' online course.  

    Prerequisites: The 'Introduction to research supervision' online course.

    Learning outcomes: After attending this session you will: 

    • understand UCL policy and procedure for effective supervision 
    • have shared experiences and challenges with peers  
    • know where to find further support and guidance 

    Duration: 2 hours

    8 Sep 20222-4pmonline
    20 Sep 20222-4pmin-person
    21 Oct 20222-4pmonline
    22 Nov 20222-4pmin-person
    14 Dec 20222-4pmonline
    17 Jan 20232-4pmin-person
    09 Feb 202310am-12pmonline
    15 Mar 202310am-12pmonline
    20 Apr 202310am-12pmonline
    23 May 20232-4pmin-person
    15 Jun 202310am-12pmonline
    07 Jul 20232-4pmonline

    How to join: Open this Microsoft Forms link to access our registration form and select "Developing as a Doctoral Supervisor" in section 2, then select one date you wish to sign up to.  
    To access the registration form you must be signed into Office365 with your UCL credentials. If you are having trouble using the form please email r.haughton@ucl.ac.uk

    3. Ongoing professional development for supervisors

    The Arena Centre offers a range of options for staff who wish to continue their development as research supervisors. 

    Events and workshops

    We host regular workshops and sessions aimed at more experienced supervisors, covering topics such as: 

    How to join: Open this Microsoft Forms link to access our registration form and select the name of the workshop/session in section 2, then select the date you wish to sign up to.  
    To access the registration form you must be signed into Office365 with your UCL credentials. If you are having trouble using the form please email r.haughton@ucl.ac.uk

    Online Epigeum course

    UCL staff can access an online course hosted by Epigeum (a branch of Oxford University Press), which includes modules on all aspects of doctoral supervision and begins with a diagnostic tool to allow participants to target their training and development. 

    To access the course please follow these instructions: 

    1.  Visit the following link: https://courses.epigeum.com/register 
    2. Complete the registration form – IMPORTANT – you must use the following email domain: @ucl.ac.uk  
    3. Please enter the following token in the relevant field of the registration form: cb16a8ba             
    4. You will be sent an account activation email to the email address you entered during registration. Please click on the link in the activation email to complete registration and activate your account. NOTE: If you do not receive the email in your inbox, please check your SPAM/junk mail. You can also resend the activation email
    5. Once you have activated your account, you can then log in using your chosen username and password combination. You will be shown the Epigeum Supervising Doctoral Studies (Second Edition) programme in the My Courses screen (if you did not enter the token during registration, or wish to enter a second token, please use the Enter Token button in the user menu). 
    6. Click on the programme title to see the content, which consists of a diagnostic tool (Your experience and priorities for development) and ten modules. Click on the tool or on a module to launch. Once a module has been successfully completed you will be able to download your unique certificate of completion for that module. Completing all ten modules will generate a programme level certificate. 

    If you require further assistance, please see the help page or contact the Epigeum customer support team via this webform

    Professional recognition for research supervisors 

    Dedicated support is available annually through the Arena Centre for UCL supervisors to apply for professional recognition of their supervisory practice through the UK Council for Graduate Education.

    The application for recognition is an evidence-based reflective account of supervisory practice aligned to the criteria of the UKCGE Good Supervisory Practice framework. 

    For further information contact Dr Alex Standen (Arena Centre)