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In this section you can explore a selection of case studies demonstrating inspiring teaching practices and projects taking place around UCL. These have been categorised according to the area of teaching they best showcase (use the list in the left hand navigation to access these specific categories).

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Latest Guides & Case Studies

The benefits of switching on Moodle completion tracking

For Jane Burns (UCL School of Management), Moodle’s completion tracking has proven to be a quick, useful and tangible way of finding out which of her students might benefit from extra assistance. She describes the process, the benefits and her plans for utilising the subsequent data in the future.

Teaching Greek for Beginners with 'A Night at the Petrie Museum'

The two-hour session was part of the ‘Greek for Beginners A’ module and aimed to combine academic learning with innovative methodologies and object-based learning. During a visit to the Petrie Museum our students had the chance to apply their knowledge by transcribing real ancient artefacts from Roman-Egypt, while at the same time being introduced to a specialist area of research.