UCL Human Resources


All-staff mandatory training compliance FAQs

Staff must periodically review and update their mandatory training to remain compliant according to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.


1. How often do I have to complete mandatory training? 

As per the UCL mandatory training policy, existing staff must periodically review and update their mandatory training to remain compliant. Compliance is defined as the required cadence of renewal for the mandatory training which is typically either on a one-year or three-year cycle based on regulatory requirements and/or necessary content upgrades.

2. Why is Information Security on CybSafe on a different platform from our other mandatory training?

This mandatory training is a National Cyber Security Centre-approved training and is required to be hosted on their CybSafe platform, using UCL’s Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to login and everyone is pre-registered for ease.  

3. How can I find out if I have already completed mandatory training?
  • You can review your overall completion status of all self-paced training via this link to the user dashboard: ucl.learnupon.com/saml/init?redirect_uri=/dashboard?display=my_courses 
  • On the left-hand side, there is a widget that highlights the courses you are enrolled on, have completed, and the learning paths you are enrolled on. 
  • To download the training history, there is a button on the top right hand of the screen which says, “Download training history”. Selecting it will provide a URL to download an excel spreadsheet.
  • If you have been auto-enrolled, search “notifications@learnupon.com" in your inbox.  If you have completion certificates that are valid for the renewal cycle, and are still being asked to redo the course, please contact the staff mandatory training mailbox: UCLmandatorystafflearning@ucl.ac.uk with the subject header: Mandatory Training (course name) completion issue.  Please attach your completion certificates as evidence of your compliance. Your learning record can then be corrected for you centrally. 
  • If you have been asked by your line management to complete mandatory training but have not yet been auto-enrolled, you can select the relevant course listed on the mandatory training information page.   
4. I have proof of my previous mandatory training completion from MyLearning or Moodle. Do I need to retake the courses on LearnUpon?

As per the UCL mandatory training policy, existing staff must periodically review and update their core mandatory training to remain compliant. Over the years UCL has used different platforms to host its mandatory training courses, all of which have been replaced and are hosted on LearnUpon. UCL is now reporting on mandatory training from LearnUpon. 

If you previously completed a course on another platform but are receiving notifications from LearnUpon, you need to retake the updated course you are enrolled for on LearnUpon. 

5. My learning record in the UCL MyLearning system does not reflect the training I have completed on LearnUpon. 
UCL are now reporting on mandatory training from LearnUpon. This will be the one source of truth for mandatory training compliance. We appreciate this may cause confusion, but we are standardising UCL's learning management systems for the purposes of reporting more accurate mandatory training compliance.
6. How do I access UCL mandatory training and check my compliance status? 

Here is the link to the complete set of mandatory courses. Please copy directly into your browser: www.ucl.ac.uk/human-resources/learning-development/mandatory-learning.  

If you have received an auto-enrolment notification from LearnUpon, your email will contain a direct link to the course that you need to complete. 

7. I am having difficulties accessing the mandatory training courses. What can I do? 

If you are experiencing access issues or buffering, there are a few things you can try: 

  • Firstly, make sure you are using UCL’s ISD-supported operating systems and devices. Guidance can be found at:  www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/computers/using-your-owndepartmental-device/computer-support-ucl.
    For any queries regarding non-standard equipment, you will need to contact ISD directly for urgent support at: www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/help-support with the subject header: Mandatory Training (course name) completion issue.
  • Make sure you are using these links which will take you directly to the training courses. Please copy directly into your browser: www.ucl.ac.uk/human-resources/learning-development/mandatory-learning. 
  • The UCL VPN can slow things down, so if you are using the VPN, you could try shutting it down and then refreshing your browser. You do not need to be connected to the VPN to access the learning. 
  • Try using Chrome as your browser which best supports online learning. If you have tried all these things and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the staff mandatory training mailbox: UCLmandatorystafflearning@ucl.ac.uk with the subject header: Mandatory Training (course name) completion issue.  

    If when trying to access your mandatory training you see "There was a problem processing your request", there are a few additional things you can try:

    To access the mandatory training courses you need to use a UCL account. To check your account click on the following link myapps.microsoft.com

    • If you see the message “You can only access this site with a work account”. Click “Sign out” and login with your username@ucl.ac.uk account.
    • If you see a page with Apps, click on your user icon in the top right corner and confirm you are using your UCL account e.g. username@ucl.ac.uk. If not click “Sign out” and login with your username@ucl.ac.uk account.
    8. How do I evidence the completion of role-specific mandatory training?

    You may contact the relevant department that is responsible for that course and ask them to manually update your record showing your evidence of completion (screenshot). We recommend that you save a copy of this evidence for your own records. Role-specific mandatory training will be included as part of a broader improvement initiative over 2023/24. 

    9. Why do I have to do UCL mandatory training when I have already completed this with an NHS Trust?

    Over the course of 23/24, UCL will be implementing a plan of action to collaborate with our network of NHS trusts to assess if we can streamline mandatory training requirements for those staff impacted. This involves data-sharing agreements and quality assurance of each provider’s training. The mandatory training currently in scope for this initiative due to content transferability will likely be restricted to Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Information Security Training with CybSafe and Prevent at UCL only. 

    Until this is operationally feasible, the UMC and UCL Information Risk Governance Committee have made the decision to require all staff to complete UCL core mandatory training in addition to NHS trust training. UCL is not in a position to centrally manually update learner records and therefore non-compliance with UCL mandatory training will continue to be reported. 

    10. How can I provide feedback on the content or accessibility of mandatory training? 

    Each core mandatory training course holds an Accessibility Statement in line with UCL’s Digital Accessibility Policy and Guidance at standard WCAG 2.1 AA which will clarify digital accessibility provisions that are in place. 

    We very much welcome your feedback on both content, accessibility, and overall user experience. Please use the short feedback form at the end of each course so that your feedback can be captured in regular quality reviews. 

    11. What is expected of me as a line manager to ensure my staff are compliant with mandatory training?
    • Let your staff know to expect system notifications if they are non-compliant and explain the seriousness of why they need to act as outlined in the UCL mandatory training policy. UCL needs to be able to evidence that mandatory training has been completed to external auditing bodies when requested. 
    • Line managers or hiring managers must also ensure staff groups who are not auto-enrolled, still undertake the training as specified in the UCL mandatory training policy.
    • Use the monthly mandatory training compliance report as a tool to chase non-compliance in your areas.   
    • Encourage staff to use the probation and appraisal paperwork to check on mandatory training completion.
    12. What if the compliance report includes staff who are currently taking family-friendly leave (e.g., parental leave) or are on short/ long-term sick leave or on holiday?

    Monthly compliance reports will include staff who are on approved leave so that they can be reminded upon their return to work to complete the training. 

    13. Certain new starters (e.g., PGTAs) may be classified as having started their employment at UCL on MyHR but have not actually begun their work yet. How does this system account for this? 

    The report contains all members of staff and the status of their training completion, regardless of their current absence status or holiday leave. We only require staff in active service to complete this mandatory training. However, we will continue to report on all members of staff (including inactive) so that we ensure that we have a true picture and follow up with staff upon their return to work. This issue will arise due to these staff having hours that can fluctuate (i.e., being zero for periods of no pay/ no work) but remaining on the system throughout. There is no way to differentiate between people who are registered to work at UCL (i.e., their start date) but are not currently working vs those who are full/ part-time FTE. 

    PGTA staff who have started their employment at UCL but have not yet begun their work, they should be instructed to complete mandatory training for which they will be entitled to receive payment (up to 4 hours). Payment should be processed and submitted in the usual way. Please note, it is not necessary to pay PGTAs, who undertake work for UCL, to repeat training that they are required to complete in their student capacity e.g., UCL Fire Safety.