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Career and Development Planning Toolkit

The Career and Development Planning Toolkit has been created to enhance the progression of professional services staff through structured support for development and career planning.

Career Progression Support
The Career and Development Planning Toolkit enables leaders and managers to better understand the aspirations of their team members, and to put in place strategic plans to develop and retain a skilled and motivated workforce.

Why use the toolkit? 

The toolkit has positive benefits for individual members of staff who want to develop and progress in their career, and gives managers the opportunity to take a strategic and proactive approach to recruitment, retention and staff development. It supports open, constructive conversations between staff and line managers, as well as enabling informed and fair decision-making about succession planning. 

This systematic approach to providing staff with the opportunity to develop and grow professionally will help UCL to deliver on its objectives now and in the future. 

What does it cover? 

The toolkit contains downloadable resources, videos and e-learning covering the following areas: 

  • Critical Roles Analysis: how to identify roles that are critical to your team, and which may be difficult to recruit or develop people to fill.

  • Career Conversations: seek to understand each individual's current level of engagement, future aspirations and development needs.

  • Career readiness mapping: map current performance and potential in order to develop an overview of your team members' readiness to progress.

  • Succession planning: plan for future resourcing needs through focused development, retention and recruitment activity. 

How to access the toolkit

The Career and Development Planning Toolkit can be accessed via Sharepoint and is open to all UCL staff (UCL login required).