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Explore strategies for enhancing your wellbeing and mental resilience. Improve your skills in communicating and engaging with others. Get more prepared for upcoming work transitions. Learn different techniques for working smarter.

Managing self
The UCL Learning Academy provides training and development opportunities for all staff to support their personal skills. We offer a blend of self-paced resources and live online courses covering a range of essential skills.

You can browse our course list by topic or view an A-Z course list in our booking system. 

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Training and development opportunities by topic

Develop your communications and engagement skills 

Assertiveness: Essential Skills for Being More Assertive - Part 1  (live online)
Tips and techniques for being more assertive and using a more confident approach when developing productive working relationships.

Assertiveness: Practising Being More Assertive - Part 2  (live online)
Following on from Essential Skills for Being More Assertive - Part 1, this bite-sized practical session will support you in exploring healthy and unhealthy assertiveness in different scenarios that we often come across at UCL

Coaching Skills (live online)
Coaching techniques to effectively develop people’s capabilities, effectiveness and productivity.

Courageous Conversations Series  (live online)
Enhance your influencing skills. Build emotional and supportive connections with colleagues.

Essential Skills for Handling Conflict - Part 1  (live online)
In a busy working environment, internal conflicts can be detrimental to morale and business results. Learn essential skills and practical strategies for effectively resolving workplace conflict.  

Practising Conflict Handling - Part 2   (live online)
Following on from Essential Skills for Handling Conflict, explore different conflict scenarios, and identify good practice.

Manage work transitions

Making the Most of Hybrid Working (live online)
Discover a more conscious approach to benefiting from hybrid working in both your wellbeing and performance at work.

Financial Wellbeing: Foundation (live online)
 Understand and take control of your daily finances including budgeting; taxation; borrowing; mortgages; and savings.

Financial Wellbeing: Investments & Pensions (live online)
Improve your knowledge of Investments, risk, retirement planning and pensions in order to maximise your retirement income.

Pre-retirement Planning - Financial  (live online)
An introduction to the issues affecting your retirement. It will help you to plan financially for the next phase of your life.

Pre-retirement Planning - Lifestyle (live online)
Explore the life impact of retirement and plan a positive transition from working life.

Boost your wellbeing and resilience

Building Trust at Work (live online)
Explore how to build both cognitive and emotional trust with your colleagues at work to achieve higher collaboration and greater innovation.

Managing Your Own Self-Care and Wellbeing (self-paced)
Techniques, tools and tips that may have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

Supporting Others (self-paced)
How do we help others? Explore the common themes to consider when supporting others with their wellbeing in the workplace.

Wellbeing Conversations: Leading Wellbeing Conversations (live online)
This session will give managers a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues.

Wellbeing Conversations: Guidance for Managers on having Wellbeing Conversations (self-paced)
Managing people requires a variety of skills. Explore the legal side of mental wellbeing and best practice approaches to starting conversations.

What I want my colleagues to know about menopause (self-paced)
Improve your understanding of menopause in the workplace and better support colleagues.

Working smarter

Working Smarter Series (self-paced)
Practical tools that can make a difference to the way you work. Auto enrol for all of the Working Smarter Series or select individual modules from the list below: 

Introduction to Project Management (live online)
An interactive online (3-part) course to introduce you to some of the essential skills and techniques of planning and managing projects.

Project Management Essentials (self-paced)
This self-paced course is designed to build broad awareness of project management principles and practice at UCL, and is based on the UCL Project Management Framework.

Risk Management Essentials (live online)
An interactive online (3-part) course that will explain how to manage risk as part of your everyday work at UCL.

Supporting Effective Meetings (live online)
A bite-sized online course will help you if you are already used to running meetings and want to learn how to make them as effective as possible.

Goodbye Perfect (live online
This online bite-sized course will help you adjust your mindset if you have a tendency towards 'perfectionism' and procrastination.

Managing Up (live online)
Strategies for having more productive outcomes with senior stakeholders where time is of the essence and differences in personalities and working preferences are at play.

Negotiating Change  (live online
This online course will support you to enable people to engage with change more easily.

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