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DSDP: personal effectiveness

Nurture your full potential by becoming a powerful researcher and leader in your field.

*Please note: course dates and booking links will be gradually added on a termly basis. Please check back again to stay tuned. 

1. Self development as a researcher

Personal development in your PhD journey, time management and wellbeing. 

Date:Course Title:
14 April 2023The PhD journey: Producing thesis and reports
24 April 2023The PhD journey: preparing for transfer
24 April 2023Balancing Research and Life
28 April 2023Balancing competing commitments for academics and researchers
02 May 2023The PhD Journey: 7 methods for common challenges
02 May 2023Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
04 May 2023Influencing and Negotiating
05 May 2023The PhD journey: preparing for transfer
05 May 2023Networking Naturally
05 May 2023Staying Well During Your Research Career
09 May 2023Enabling Effective Conversations with Non-Academics
11 May 2023Defeating Self-Sabotage
16 May 2023Networking Skills
16 May 2023Sweet Dreams: Cultivating Strategies for a Restful Sleep
16 May 2023Time for Research - Taking control of your time
18 May 2023Productivity and managing your workload
18 May 2023Overcoming Low Confidence
22 May 2023The PhD journey: Managing as a researcher
26 May 2023The PhD journey: maintaining motivation
30 May 2023The PhD journey: techniques to reduce stress
09 June 2023Moving forward: how to overcome research career setbacks
15 June 2023Succeeding as a part-time doctoral researcher
2. Leadership development as a researcher

Leadership skills development as a researcher, building creativity and professional relationships.

Date:Course Title:
25 April 2023Women in Research 4: At a crossroad? The art of alliances and knowledge networks
26 April 2023Women in Research: small-group coaching 3
04 May 2023How to Build Compassionate Resilience
12 May 2023Empowered Interactions: How to Enhance Your Professional Relationships
18 May 2023Women in Research 5: Creative mindset and problem solving skills
08 June 2023Confidence to collaborate
3. Career planning in and out of academia

Helping you work towards your professional and career development goals.

Date:Course Title:
27 April 2023Academic Career Planning for PhDs
28 April 2023Researchers Careers Beyond Academia Taster Session in Consultancy
03 May 2023How Do I Know What I'll Like? Identifying Your Motivator, Strengths and Interests
04 May 2023Effective Academic Applications
04 May 2023Researchers Careers in Research Outside of Academia Panel – Lab & Desk Based Research
05 May 2023How to Decide What to Do Next
09 May 2023How to use a Humanities/Social Science PhD beyond academia
10 May 2023Effective Academic Interviews
11 May 2023Making the Leap: How Researchers find Non- Academic Jobs
15 May 2023Researchers Careers in Museums & Cultural Heritage Panel
17 May 2023Race and Identity in Academic Careers
18 May 2023Presenting your skills to Non Academic Recruiters: CVs and Application form questions
22 May 2023Marketing Yourself to  Non Academic Recruiters: Cover letters and Personal Statements
24 May 2023Managing your career change emotions
26 May 2023Researchers Skills Beyond Academia – Developing a Network
01 June 2023Academic Career Planning for PhDs
07 June 2023Marketing Yourself in Person: Non Academic Interview Skills
08 June 2023Researchers Professional Careers Beyond Academia Conference
12 June 2023How Do I Know What I'll Like? Identifying Your Motivator, Strengths and Interests
14 June 2023Effective Academic Applications
22 June 2023Effective Academic Applications
10 July 2023What's the story with Narrative CVs?
11 July 2023Marketing yourself online: LinkedIn lab