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Training points

Postgraduate researchers at UCL are expected to take advantage of Doctoral Skills Development Programme (DSDP) and should aim to participate in relevant training to an equivalent of 10 days per year.

Managing your Bookings

Postgraduate researchers at UCL are expected to take full advantage of the training on offer and should be aiming to participate in the Doctoral Skills Development Programme (DSDP) and/or appropriate other activities to a degree equivalent to two weeks per year.

Each training activity on the UCL DSDP programme is assigned a number of points. A point is worth approximately ½ day of training: two weeks per year is therefore equivalent to 20 points per year.

You should therefore be aiming to accrue 20 points per year (60 points over 3 years, or 80 points over 4 years) from the courses on offer through the programme, departmental courses and other point bearing activities listed on this site.

Research Council Funded Postgraduate Researchers - Training Requirements

All Research Council funded research students are required by their funding bodies to participate in the UCL DSDP and/or appropriate departmental courses to a degree equivalent to two weeks per year of their funded studentship (ie 3 years for 3-year MPhil/PhDs and 4 years for 4-year PhDs, EngDs etc).

All Postgraduate Researchers

Departments may require that researchers reach a specific number of points (usually 20) before allowing upgrade presentation. Researchers are advised to check the specific requirements with their supervisors.

Why should you record your training?

Recording your training will allow your supervisors and the department (Departmental Graduate Tutor, Departmental Administrators) to be informed about your activities. You may also want to keep detailed account of your training to use as proof of your development when you apply for future jobs. Verification of the accuracy of your record is conducted by your department.