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People Management Essentials

People Management Essentials is an online management development programme equipping people managers across UCL with the knowledge and skills to manage teams and individuals effectively at UCL.

At UCL, we believe our people managers across research, teaching and professional services play a vital role in driving organisational success through developing, supporting and engaging our staff. The launch of the People Management Essentials Programme will provide consistent information and skills in a bite-sized and convenient format.

Enrol on the People Management Essentials Programme now

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Our teams deserve to have managers who understand their role and responsibilities and are equipped to lead them effectively. This programme will provide you with a great opportunity to invest in your professional development as a manager and to influence our individual and collective success at UCL.

Dr Michael Spence, UCL President & Provost

About the programme

People Management Essentials programme aims to:

  • Provide accessible, practical training in day-to-day people management
  • Clarify the role and responsibilities of people managers and what UCL expects of them
  • Signpost key guidance, policies and procedures as well as further opportunities for development
  • Encourage reflection on managing people and how to navigate common people management challenges

This is a self-paced online programme that can be completed in around 3 hours.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this leadership programme you will be able to:

  • Cultivate the skillset and mindset to manage people effectively
  • Create inclusive, supportive and empowering team culture
  • Achieve sustainable excellence through a focus on wellbeing, safety and work-life balance
  • Tackle sensitive situations with confidence and compassion
  • Develop you team, and the individuals in it, to fulful their potential


The programme has been designed to meet the needs of:

  • Colleagues stepping into their first people management role at UCL
  • Experienced people managers joining UCL
  • Existing people managers who would like to review their skills
  • Managers who would benefit from improving their people management skills

People Management Essentials is for UCL staff, at any grade, who have line management responsibilities. Eligible staff include team heads, heads of department, and anyone who is responsible for managing colleagues’ work in their capacity as supervisors, lab leaders and/or principal investigators.

    How to apply

    You can enrol on the self-paced online programme at any time using the link below.

    Enrol on the People Management Essentials Programme

    Live programme

    The online programme is enhanced by a live programme of 5 short sessions, no longer than 2 hours each, providing the opportunity to practice critical management skills, build your confidence as a people manager, and to develop a network of supportive peers. Places on the live programme sessions are limited and new line managers have been prioritised for the initial round of live sessions.

    Line managers and supervisors who are interested in signing up for future live programmes, please complete our expressions of interested form linked below.

    Live Programme - Expressions of Interest form

    New people managers who started their line management role in August and September this year (2022) will be directly invited to attend the first round of accompanying live sessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the People Management Essentials programme launching?

    The online self-paced course element of the People Management Essentials programme will launch in 18 November 2022. Check back on this webpage or keep a look out for our launch communications throughout November 2022. The first round of the live sessions will be reserved for new people managers who have been in post for six months and less and will commence in December 2022.

    Is this programme recommended for academic, clinical and technical staff?

    Yes, whether you are in an academic, professional services, clinical or technical role, managing one person, a small team or leading a large department, this programme has been designed to provide you with knowledge and skills to help you support your colleagues to the best of your ability.

    How do I enrol on to the programme?

    You can enrol on the self-paced online programme from the moment it goes live on 18 November 2022. Check back on this webpage or keep a look out for our launch communications for information on how to enrol on the programme.

    Can I complete the online course without attending the live sessions?

    Yes, the online self-paced course element of People Management Essentials is open to all staff with people management responsibilities. We strongly encourage every staff member who meets the eligibility criteria to complete the online course.

    Can I complete only the online modules I am interested in?

    The self-paced online course element of People Management Essentials can be completed in approximately 180 mins and we strongly encourage you to work through the whole course from start to finish.

    As an aspiring manager, am I eligible for the programme?

    The programme is primarily targeted at people with current line manager responsibilities. However, anyone with aspirations towards management who would like to explore what it involves and what will be expected of them can enrol on the online programme. We also recommend visiting our Lead at UCL resource hub where you will discover a whole range of relevant management, leadership and professional development related resources.

    Can I enrol if I am acting up or on secondment with line management responsibility?

    Yes, we would recommend anyone acting up into a line management role to enrol on the programme. You may find it particularly useful to undertake the People Management Essentials in advance of taking up your secondment as it will prepare you well for your new role. 

    How can I find out more or ask a question about the programme?

    For more information or questions and queries about this programme contact us at leadershipprogrammes@ucl.ac.uk