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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are communities for staff at UCL who work in similar practice areas or perform similar functions. CoPs help staff build networks, share knowledge and resources, and break down silos. 

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Gia Lulic, Associate People Partner, UCL Organisational Development

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Lucy Thompson, Senior Student Recruitment Marketing Manager, Engineering Sciences

CoPs positively impact practice areas by bringing people together from across the university, to collaborate and find solutions that work for everyone. They also help improve communication between different areas and identify best practice models.

By building networks and collaborating with others, CoP members can also gain experiences and stretch skills that contribute toward career progression.

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Discover our list of CoPs and find out how to join them. 

CoPs at UCL Professional Services Conference 2022

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About Communities of Practice

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Setting up a new Community of Practice

Got an idea for a new CoP? Visit our Sharepoint Hub to find out how to create a new community (UCL login required). 

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