UCL Career Frameworks


Career Frameworks for Professional Services staff

Are you a prospective applicant hoping to work at UCL? Or a current member of staff thinking about developing your career? The Career Frameworks provide you with information about a range of roles across UCL. They also promote three key ways that you can develop new skills and experiences; learning on the job, learning from others and formal learning.

The following resources can help to match your skills against a range of different roles. Find out more about a particular service area that you're interested in moving in to. You can also read career case studies written by staff who work in these areas.  

Map your skills

How to use the frameworks

Take a look at the abilities and attributes that underpin effective performance, and support your career planning, to identify your particular skills and find roles which may suit your abilities.

Find your framework

Find your framework

Browse our collection of Career Frameworks for information about different roles across UCL, with guidance and suggestions on how you might develop skills throughout your career.

Why use the career frameworks

Why use the frameworks?

Find out when you might use the frameworks and how they can support both your thinking and plannning for career progression and development.                                       

Know what you are looking for? 

Are you interested in working in a particular service area? Or is there a particular type of role that you would like to learn more about? Search our library of role profiles and case studies by entering a key word in the box below.

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