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General Workshop & Laboratory Services

The General Workshop & Laboratory Services job family sits within the Technical Professionals' practice area. An example career pathway could take you from Laboratory Support to Principal AIT Engineer

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What is the General workshop & laboratory services job family?

Technical Professionals within this job family will delivery infrastructure for education and research activities. These technicians and engineers will apply their technical skills and specialities within their disciplines to run samples, build or repair equipment, perform routine inspections, troubleshoot issues with equipment, create and operate specialist test and calibration facilities, perform calibrations, or provide specialist service or support and expertise. 

Their work will not only benefit the lab and workshop users, but they will also have academics and professional services as their customers. 

Role Profiles 

Case Studies

NIamh Grace

Niamh Grace

Workshop Manager, The Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange (B-made)

Meet Niamh