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Staff surveys and pulse checkers

Staff responses to UCL surveys and pulse checkers are extremely valuable, as they help understand how you experience working here. To provide the best support possible, we rely on your feedback and ideas. Here you can access live surveys and pulse checkers and find information about previous surveys.

People Pulse  

How are you feeling at the moment? We would like to know. Please tell us each week by filling in the UCL People Pulse surveys.

Who will be responding to the survey data?

These short ‘pulse-checker’ surveys provide a snapshot of information which helps the Provost and his senior team understand how members of staff are feeling at the moment and where we might need to provide additional support. The Provost, along with UMC, review these results in person, every fortnight. They use the data to monitor how well staff are coping and to form a central part of their decision-making process aimed at making sure that the actions they are taking are in your best interest. 

As well as being reviewed at the most senior level, the weekly survey results will also be available at a Faculty/Central Professional Services/Office of the Vice Provost level to help inform local initiatives aimed at supporting your wellbeing. 

What are we focusing on right now? 

From August 2021, the People Pulse checker will be focussing on our return to working on site more often. UCL has recently launched two pieces of interim guidance around how we will divide our time between home and office/lab/classroom/clinic. The focus of the People Pulse will be on understanding how well this is working. 

Further information

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Your personal information and data protection

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Future of Work - what we have learnt from your responses

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Visual dashboard of survey data

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The future of the Your Wellbeing survey and the one year on review

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