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The future of the Your Wellbeing survey and the one year on review

29 July 2021

Read the full Your Wellbeing report based on the yearlong study and see what we are planning next.

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The Your Wellbeing survey was launched in June 2020, with an aim to observe staff wellbeing levels, suitability of remote working setups, confidence in leadership, and generally how staff members were coping during the Covid-19 crisis. We’ve had over 7000 unique users register on the survey platform, and on average 1000 returning users completing the survey each week.

The survey responses feed into visual dashboards that were shared with faculties and professional services to encourage an in-depth understanding of how their team were feeling from week to week.  The survey also provides a wealth of data for senior leadership to take into consideration and action on a fortnightly basis.

For the first time, the results of this year-long study have been analysed and placed into a full report. The report can be retrieved below and is available for all UCL colleagues to access.

Read the full report here

As we return to working more on-site, the questions we would like to ask of staff have changed. To mark this change in focus, we will be renaming the Your Wellbeing survey into the UCL People Pulse survey. This survey will have a new question set, and we’ll be asking staff to review their profiles and update any out-of-date information. Please treat this survey in the same way, answering honestly so that real change can be made based on representative data. The UCL People Pulse survey can be expected to launch in August.

Thank you to everyone who has completed one or more Your Wellbeing surveys. The information we gain from your scores is incredibly helpful and hope that you will continue to complete the UCL People Pulse survey whenever you have time.