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A-Z of living in UCL Halls

Find everything you need to know about living in UCL Accommodation in our handy A-Z

Once you’ve settled in, and maybe explored a bit of your new home and neighbourhood, your thoughts may turn to day-to-day practicalities. How do I report a fault or maintenance issue? What do I do if I feel unwell? Here are a few general pointers to help you enjoy a healthy, happy time as a student in UCL halls and get the most out of living in London.


Absence from halls

If you stay away overnight, please let your hall team know by email. It’s important they know who is in the building in case of a fire.


It is against the law in the UK to buy or drink alcohol if you’re under the age of 18. Some bars will not serve you if you’re under 21, and you will need ID to get served. Buying or giving alcohol to someone under 18, or encouraging anyone under age to drink alcohol, is illegal.

> Find out more at drinkaware.co.uk

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is any action or speech that affects the wellbeing of our residents or which compromises the health and safety of others or UCL property. Disciplinary action may be taken against anyone engaging in anti-social behaviour.

> To find out more, see our UCL Accommodation General Regulations and Guidance Handbook for 2019 - 2020 (PDF)


Bed linen

UCL does not provide bed linen or towels. You can buy a bedding pack from UniKitOut. Prices start from £24 and packs consist of a duvet, pillow, duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet. UniKitOut also sells bathroom and kitchen packs, and many individual items. 

> UniKitOut.com


You can store your bike in designated areas on campus or in cycle racks on site if your hall has them, but not inside your hall, flat or attached to the building exterior.

> Bike security at UCL


The best way for us to make improvements is to hear what you have to say. Feedback forms are available from residence reception areas. If you wish to make a complaint about your experience within UCL accommodation, you should take the following steps:

Try to resolve the matter informally in consultation with the person who has caused the complaint or the Site Manager as appropriate. At this stage, complaints logged in writing will be acknowledged within three working days and responded to within seven working days. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally you should put the details of the matter in writing to the relevant Area Residences Manager, who can be be identified from the display on your site notice board, or your Site Manager.

Details of the complaint must be registered no later than one calendar month after the date in which the incident has occured. If they are received after this time, the Area Residences Manager will exercise discretion as to whether or not the matter will be investigated.

> Find out more on our Compliments and Complaints page

Computer room

There are computer cluster rooms in some of our accommodation at UCL. Log on using your UCL user ID and password. If you have any issues, you can call the Information Services Department (ISD) on +44 (0)20 7679 5000 or email servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk


View your contract any time by logging on to UCL Accommodation Online Services

> UCL Accommodation Online Services

Council Tax

Generally, as a student, you do not have to pay Council Tax. Your UCL accommodation is exempt from Council Tax.



If you come across any damage, please report it to your hall team as soon as possible. Sometimes charges are made for any necessary repairs, lost UCL property or if we have to clean up.

> More information is available on our Fees, Guidance and Payment pages. 


Candles, fan heaters and mains-powered fairy lights are not permitted as they’re serious fire hazards. There are lots of other ways to personalise your room. You can put posters on non-painted surfaces such as pinboards, wardrobe and shelves. To make the room your own, UniKitOut is also a great place to pick up bedroom, kitchen and bathroom packs, as well as many individual items including clocks, laundry baskets and battery-powered fairy lights.

> UniKitOut.com


Your deposit will be offset against the final instalment of your accommodation fees unless there are outstanding charges.

> More information is available on our Fees, Guidance and Payment pages. 


At UCL we have an inclusive learning and teaching environment, allowing all students to access the same opportunities. You can contact Student Support and Wellbeing on +44 (0)20 7679 0100 or by email at student.wellbeing@ucl.ac.uk. There is also further information regarding support in accommodation below.

>UCL Accommodation Disability Support

> UCL Disability Support pages

 Disciplinary offences

Triggering the fire alarm, smoking in prohibited areas, use of cooking equipment in a non designated room and misuse of fire extinguishers are all finable offences.  

> View the UCL Student Disciplinary code

 Discrimination and personal harassment

Harassment is prohibited at UCL and any incidents should, in the first instance, be reported to your hall team or your SRA team.


 Drinking water

All kitchen taps provide drinking water, unless labelled otherwise.



We don’t allow illegal drug use or distribution at UCL. This includes legal highs or new psychoactive substances.

> View UCL’s drug and alcohol policy



Registering for local health services is one of the first things you should do. As a UCL student, you’re advised to register with UCL’s partner health clinic, Ridgmount Practice, 8 Ridgmount St, Fitzrovia, WC1E 7AA. Call the practice on +44 (0)20 7387 6306 or email at gpp@nhs.net.

> Online registration form 


Electrical appliances

You’ll find an adaptor in your room, and there are two in twin rooms. We use appropriately fused, UK-bought adaptors (13 AMP). We don’t allow the use of cubed-style adaptors, so please use only trailing-style, fused, multi-socket adaptors. Any personal equipment must be in a good state of repair, suitably fused, checked for safety (casing, wire and plug) and comply with the UK voltage supply (230v). The electrical equipment from some countries (especially those outside of the EU) may not be suitable for use in the UK. If you use lower-voltage equipment (110v) in the UK, it’s likely to cause damage to your equipment, even though it may connect to the electrical supply with an adaptor.

Electricity and gas

Your rent includes the cost of both electricity and gas. You can help reduce our carbon footprint in halls by turning off all appliances, lights and switches within your rooms. 

Be part of creating a more sustainable UCL, visit Green UCL


If you have an emergency, call 999 for the Police, Ambulance Service or Fire Brigade. This is a free service. You should also tell the hall team or SRA team about any emergency, as soon as you can.

Electoral registration

It’s up to you to register to vote at any time. You’re able to register online, but you should remember to include your room number if you do.

> Find out about registering to vote.


Financial aid

Looking after your own cash and living on a student budget isn’t always easy. If you ever find yourself under financial strain or need to find help, then there’s some sound advice on the Fees and Funding page of the UCL website. You can also get in touch with a student funding advisor by emailing  studentfundingadvice@ucl.ac.uk.

> Visit the UCL Student Funding website.

First aid

If you need first aid, the hall team or SRA team can help you, 24-hours a day. 999 is the telephone number to call an ambulance in the UK. The nearest hospital to UCL with a 24-hour A & E department is University College Hospital, 235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU. You can call University College Hospital on +44 (0)84 5155 5000

Fire alarms

Routine fire alarms tests are carried out every week. If the alarm lasts more than a minute, you’ll need to evacuate the building.



Visits from guests are limited to three nights in a rolling month, and you must sign them in and out. In a twin room, your room-mate must agree to visitors in advance. You also need to email the hall team in advance with names/dates of any visitors.


Hall Committee and Hall Representatives

At the start of every academic year, residents vote for their Hall Representative. The Hall Representative (Hall Rep) sets up and chairs the Hall Committee. Together, they are responsible for Hall Committee events in your Hall. Each Hall Committee has a fund to help run events for residents. As a Hall Rep, you can also get a discount on your rent. If you like the sound of becoming a Hall Rep, you can find out more on the UCL Students Union page.  

> Become a Hall Representative 

Health and safety

Our health and safety provisions at UCL ensure all the necessary precautions are taken to provide you with a safe and secure environment. If you have any concerns about health and safety, you should send an email to your hall team.

> View UCL’s Health and Safety Policy

Health and medical arrangements

If you feel unwell, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. If you need help, contact your hall team during the day or, out of hours, the SRA team.

If you’re diagnosed with a serious infectious disease which may pose a risk to other students, for example, meningitis, mumps, pandemic flu etc., please notify your hall team right away or, out of hours, your SRA team.

If you have an emergency and need an ambulance call 999. Your nearest hospital with a 24-hour A&E department is University College Hospital (UCH), 235 Euston Road, NW1 2BU. Call the hospital on +44 (0)84 5155 5000. 

You’ll find a reliable source of health and dental information available from NHS 111 Direct. You can call them on 111 from any landline or mobile phone free of charge or visit the NHS Emergency website.

If you have a non-emergency, but still require assistance, you can contact UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing. You should report any accident, injury or emergency you have in halls to your hall team as soon as possible.

NHS Emergency website
> Student Support and Wellbeing website
Student Support Services leaflet 



You will be issued with a UCL Student ID card when you enrol. If you need a replacement ID, bring a form of personal ID (e.g. bank card, driving licence) to the Security Office in the Andrew Huxley Building in the South Quad of UCL’s Bloomsbury Campus – use the door closest to the Geology building.

> Replacement ID cards


At UCL, we provide a block insurance policy. However, we encourage you to think about whether you might need further cover. UCL takes no responsibility for loss of personal property.

> Check what’s covered by UCL's insurance policy

Internet access

Your internet connection cost is included in your rent. Log on to Wi-Fi (Eduroam) using your UCL user ID (ucluserid@ucl.ac.uk) and password. Prior to enrolment, students can use the The Cloud network to access the internet in halls. If you have any problems with Eduroam, call the Information Services Department (ISD) on +44 (0)20 7679 5000 or email servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk.

> Find useful information on UCL's ISD web pages


You should have an inventory form in your room when you arrive. You must fill this in and return to your hall team within 7 days of moving in.

Information for international students

We have a website that’s dedicated to helping all of UCL’s international students. The UCL International Student Support site will give you information and guidance on a variety of useful topics.

> Visit UCL International Student Support site or email internationalsupport@ucl.ac.uk

For questions about your visa, immigration, or employment, the Students’ Union UCL Advice Service can help you.

> Students’ Union UCL Advice Service

The UKCISA can also give you guidance on living and studying in the UK.


International students and the NHS You can find out about NHS services available to you on the NHS site. 

How to access NHS services in England





Your keys cannot be duplicated, except by the hall team. Please keep your keys safe at all times; they are your responsibility. It’s up to you to return keys to the hall team at the end of your occupation. If you lose your keys, you need to call the hall team or Student Residence Advisors team right away. For new keys, you’ll be asked to show ID and the following charges may apply:

  • £40 to replace a set of room keys (includes fob, room keys, post key)
  • £30 for a lock change (plus additional charge for room keys)
  • £20 to replace a fob/swipe or access card/single key (front door, post box, bicycle shed)
  • £5 for a replacement meal card.


Food preparation areas, storage and cooking facilities are provided in every kitchen. No cooking is permitted anywhere else in the halls. Cooking should never be left unattended. Maintaining a good standard of hygiene in shared kitchens is important and will minimise food hygiene risks and avoid pests:

  • Defrost and clean fridges/freezers once every 3–6 months
  • Keep all food in sealable containers and store in cupboards
  • To allow the kitchen to be cleaned, personal items and food should be stored and surfaces and sinks left clear on the allotted cleaning day


You have access to laundry facilities on-site. With a smartphone, you can pay via the Circuit Laundry app. The cost of a wash is £2.50 and £1.50 for a drying cycle. You can use powder or tablets in washing machines – just put the detergent in the bottom of the drum.

> Download the Circuit Laundry App

Leaving instructions

On your day of departure, you need to return your keys, swipe/ access card and electronic key fob to reception by 10am. Your accommodation (including bathroom, if en-suite) and kitchen should be left clean or the following charges will be applied:

  • £25 charge for a standard single room 
  • 40 charge for a standard twin or double room
  • £25 charge per person for a communal kitchen
  • £75 charge for a studio £100 charge for a 1-bedroom flat
  • £150 charge for a 2-bedroom flat/bungalow
  • £50 charge for an en-suite bedroom

Items left in study bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms after you have left your residence and returned your keys will be assumed to be unwanted and will be disposed of. It is not possible to forward post to you after your departure so please ensure that you change your address. Post and deliveries for residents who have left will be refused or returned to sender.

London congestion charge

You may be subject to the Congestion Charge if you drive a vehicle within the charging zone from Monday to Friday, between 07:00 and 18:00. The Congestion Charge does not apply on weekends, English public holidays, designated non-charging days, or from Monday to Friday, between 18:00 and 07:00. UCL Bloomsbury Campus falls within the Congestion Charging zone, as do the following residences: Astor College, Arthur Tattersall House, Campbell House, Endsleigh Gardens, Frances Gardner House, Gordon Square, Ian Baker House, James Lighthill House, John Adams Hall, John Dodgson House, John Tovell House, Langton Close and Ramsay Hall.

> Find out more about the congestion charge at cclondon.com



The hall team will log all repairs and pass them onto the maintenance team. You can notify your hall team by filling in the form here.

Meningitis and MMR

All first year undergraduate students younger than 25 years old are recommended to have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine before attending university. If you have not had this vaccine, we can provide it to eligible students. Ideally it should be given during the first two weeks of term as the vaccine takes time to become effective. Students are also recommended to ensure they have received two doses of the MMR [mumps, measles and rubella] vaccine and this is usually given to children worldwide as part of the routine immunisation schedule. Your doctor can provide this immunisation if eligible.

Mental Wellbeing

Student life can be fun and exciting. But it can also feel stressful and lonely. If you, or someone you know, feels isolated, homesick, depressed or stressed-out, you’re not alone. You can talk confidentially to the hall team or SRA team at any time. If you have a specific personal problem, we can help put you in touch with expert advisers. UCL Student Psychological Services has a range of help and information available. Support ranges from personal development workshops and one-to-one counselling, to self-help guides and online guidance.

> Find out more about UCL Student Psychological Services or call on +44 (0)20 7679 1487.

If you’re diagnosed with a mental health condition, the Student Disability Services at UCL is a useful contact, and it’s worth registering when you arrive.

> Visit Student Disability Services
> Read the UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing services Guide 
> Call +44 (0)20 7679 0100 or email disability@ucl.ac.uk 



Other students may want to study or sleep at different times than you do, so please respect their need for quiet time. This is particularly important in twin rooms. Please keep noise to a minimum between 23:00 and 08:00 on weekdays, and between midnight and 08:00 on weekends – especially during exam time, when we don’t allow parties in halls. If you bring a DAB radio, MP3 player or other personal entertainment device, please also bring headphones. Excessive noise is a disciplinary offence. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guest(s).





We recommend that you don’t bring a car to UCL. London has excellent transport networks, and it’s much easier and faster than trying to get around by car.


You’re welcome to hold small parties and get-togethers. We just ask that you make an email request, giving the hall team two weeks’ notice. Once your party is approved, you’ll receive permission by email.

Pest control

It’s unlikely but if you spot any unwanted pests, please email the hall team right away. We have pest controllers contracted to UCL Accommodation, and they’ll respond appropriately.


If you’re receiving mail from overseas, it’s important to be aware of the restrictions on posting items to the UK. During times of university closure (i.e. Christmas and Easter), halls will request post to be withheld from delivery for security reasons. Don’t forget to change your address after you leave – your post won’t be forwarded to you. If post and deliveries arrive after you’ve left, they will be refused or returned to the sender.


Pets are not allowed. Guide dogs, trained to UK regulations, may be approved under special conditions.

Privately rented accommodation

If you need advice on moving from halls into the private sector please visit our Private Providers page.

Prohibited areas

We suggest that you should steer clear of all roof areas, balconies, parapets and ledges. Please observe all safety notices.





Your rent includes all utilities, such as gas, electricity, water and internet. Rent is payable at the start of each academic term. You’ll get an invoice via email with details on how to pay. If you’re having difficulty paying your rent, in the first instance, please contact your hall team.

> View weekly fees and payment methods for all halls 

Room inspections

Once a term, we carry out room inspections. The simple checks take five minutes to make sure everything is working properly and acceptable cleanliness is being maintained. You’ll get an email a few days before to let you know when it’s going to happen. Your room can also be accessed by the hall team, as well as contractors who carry out repairs. You will usually be given 24 hours’ notice unless it’s an emergency. All of the hall team, including contractors, will show ID.



You should always lock your door and close your windows when you leave your room. Please also make sure that all outside doors are locked behind you as you enter or leave. If you think you have spotted an intruder, or may have had something stolen, in the first instance please contact your hall team. Out of hours, contact your SRA team. 

> Find out more about UCL Safety


For the most part, UCL is a no smoking zone. You are not allowed to smoke or vape in your room. Some halls have designated outdoor areas where you can smoke.

Student Residence Advisers (SRAs)

Our team of Student Residence Advisers are there to help you find your feet at UCL. The aim is to create a caring and supportive environment. In order to provide a positive experience for all residents, their role also includes welfare and discipline.

> Read the UCL Student Disciplinary code

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Student support

If you are experiencing difficulties – academic or personal – you can talk in confidence to the hall team or the SRA team. They are here to help you. You may also think about talking to your personal or departmental tutor. Your doctor can also help with a wide range of health, personal, social and emotional issues.

> For a guide to UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing services

For external support, visit: 

Summer accommodation

As a student, you’re welcome to apply for summer accommodation. Places are allocated subject to availability, and a satisfactory payment and disciplinary record. We can’t give any guarantees about the style, cost or location of summer accommodation for students. In certain circumstances, you may also need to move halls.

> Find out about UCL's Summer Residences


UCL is aware of its environmental impact and how we can work together for sustainable change. There are many ways to be more sustainable.

> Get involved at Green UCL


Tidying and cleaning

Communal kitchen areas are cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Corridors and showers are cleaned on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You need to keep your own room tidy. Remember to empty the wastepaper bin and stay on top of your washing up. A mop, bucket, dustpan and brush are provided in each kitchen and a vacuum cleaner is available from the reception. You’re responsible for the cleanliness of your own room, and for cleaning shared or communal facilities after you have used them. This includes showers, toilets and kitchen facilities. If your room is en-suite, you’re expected to keep your own bathroom clean too. If you live in a studio or flat, the kitchen, bathroom and living areas should also be kept clean.

TV licensing

If you want to bring a TV or use streaming services like iPlayer, then you will need your own TV licence. You won’t be covered by the licence in your hall, or by a licence held at your home address, if you are viewing in your room.

> You can find further information about TV licensing 






Window restrictors

Your windows are fitted with restrictors, and for your own safety and security, you’re not permitted to tamper with them.