UCL 24/7 Student Support Line

Call +44 (0) 808 238 0077 to speak to an adviser

About UCL 24/7 Student Support Line

In-the-moment support is available via the UCL 24/7 Student Support Line, in 35+ languages, including sign.

You will be able to speak to an adviser who can help you through any issues you are facing, including but not limited to:

  • feeling anxious or stressed
  • money worries
  • cultural differences
  • homesickness
  • addiction
  • relationship difficulties
  • bereavement 
  • bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment
  • anything you feel is impacting your mental health, wellbeing or time at UCL

The advisers reflect the diverse range of backgrounds needed from our students. You can curate your own experience by selecting to speak to a male/female adviser, a BAME adviser or an adviser with additional training in LGBTQ+ related issues. 

On this page:

When UCL 24/7 Student Support Line is available

UCL 24/7 Student Support Line is a free, confidential wellbeing support service available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

How to contact UCL 24/7 Student Support Line

You can talk to an adviser by phone on: +44 (0) 808 238 0077.

What to expect when you call

You will have three options - if you are looking to speak to someone in relation to:

  1. In the moment support, please press 1
  2. Legal or financial issues, please press 2
  3. Bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct, please press 3

How UCL 24/7 Student Support Line can support you

UCL 24/7 Student Support Line use a brief solution-focused therapy (BSFT) model. This is a short-term counselling approach which allows flexibility. It is evidence-based and has been shown to be effective and successful.

BSFT is proven to lead to a positive outcome for a wide variety of presenting issues and will be able to help with:

  • mild/moderate emotional distress, manifesting as stress, anxiety or low-level depression
  • assistance in the promotion of healthier self-care techniques to promote a healthier work-life balance and wellbeing
  • supporting students to deal with challenging life events
  • support around relationship/family issues

What UCL 24/7 Student Support Line does not provide

UCL 24/7 Student Support Line does not provide support in a mental health crisis or emergency. They also can't provide in-person or long-term psychological support, which can instead be accessed through your GP.

UCL Student Support and Wellbeing's Student Psychological and Counselling Services can provide short-term counselling on campus, based on students' needs.

UCL 24/7 Student Support Line cannot provide any information relating to your programme of study, such as exam dates. Please check the relevant information on your department's website.

For reasonable adjustments or extenuating circumstances, you can speak to a Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing Adviser by raising an enquiry via askUCL.

Find out more about urgent support available during a mental health crisis. 

Find out more about therapeutic support including counselling and CBT from SSW's Student Psychological and Counselling Services (SPCS)

Find out more about drop-in sessions and appointments.