Re-enrolment for continuing students

Re-enrolment for continuing students If you are continuing your studies into the next academic year or returning from an interruption of study, you will need to re-enrol.

Re-enrolment at the start of academic session

If you wish to continue your studies into the next academic session, you must re-enrol on your programme and check your details even if you have no fees to pay. We will email you to let you know when you should enrol.

The deadline for re-enrolment for continuing students is 12 noon (UK time) on Friday 27 October 2023. You will need permission from your Department and Faculty if you wish to re-enrol after this date.

Re-enrolment for students on modular/flexible status

If you are registered as a modular flexible student, you must reenrol even if you do not intend to take any modules during the new academic session. This will make sure that your registration as a student is maintained so you can complete your programme in teh future. Once you have been awarded your degree, we will update your status to show you have completed your studies.

Re-enrolment for research students on completing research status (CRS)

If your CRS status starts on the 25 September 2023 you do not need to re-enrol but you should still log in to Portico and check that your home, term and contact address details are up to date.

If your CRS starts after the 25 September 2023 you must re-enroland pay fees up to the start of yor CRS status.

Find out more about Completing Research Status (CRS)

Re-enrolment for students on a Tier 4/Student Visa

If your existing visa does not cover the remainder of your current programme of study you will need to submit a visa extension application in advance of your visa expiry date. In doing so you will have to meet the Tier 4/Student visa requirements.

If you require a Tier 4/Student visa to study in the UK please familiarise yourself with the Tier 4 Sponsor and Student Responsibilities Guide.

For further information and advice on visas please log an enquiry via askUCL.

If you have a query or require immigration advice, you may also log an enquiry via askUCL.

Re-enrolment for students returning from interruption

In order to resume your studies you will need to re-enrol on your programme. Before you can re-enrol, you must have paid the appropriate fees, or provided evidence of sponsorship to the UCL Student Fees team. If you do not intend to resume your studies following your interruption, you must submit a new interruption request using your Portico account. 

You must re-enrol within 2 weeks of your date of return. If you do not re-enrol by this date, your records will be closed and you will no longer be considered a UCL student.

You will find useful information on what you need to do before you return to your study on the UCL Interruption of study web page.

Log an enquiry via askUCL related to re-enrolment

How do I re-enrol?

You can re-enrol using the re-enrolment service available within the ‘Enrolment and Study Details’ container on Portico.

If you are unable to access Portico, please contact UCL Information Services (ISD)

If you have a query or require information related to re-enrolment, you may log an enquiry via askUCL.

How do I obtain a confirmation of my re-enrolment?

Once you have re-enrolled you will be able to print a statement from your Portico account that will serve as a general proof of your enrolment for the forthcoming academic session. 

Find out more about confirmation of registration

How do I obtain a new UCL ID card?

If you have lost your old ID card, you will need collect a replacement card on campus by booking an appointment using the ID card collection booking system. Once you have been re-enrolled you will be given a link to the booking system on your Portico homepage. 

How do I register for my modules?

Module registration at the start of academic session

New students will be able to register for modules from Monday 11 September 2023 and you will be sent an email inviting you to do so.

In Portico you can:

  • Search for modules and view basic information about them
  • Save yor selections and return to the module selection process at a later time
  • Submit your selections once you are happy with yor choices
  • Check that your selections fit with the rules of your programme

Login to Portico

The deadline for completing module selection is Friday 13 October 2023. If you have any queries regarding your module selections, please contact your department.

The module catalogue will help you to find information about modules within your department and across UCL.

Once you’ve registered you can also view your timetable.

Find out more about module selection

Module registration FAQs

How do I make sure my funding continues?

UK and EU continuing students must re-apply to their regional student finance body (e.g. Student Finance England) for funding each year (this includes for both maintenance and tuition fee support).

Your student loan for maintenance, grants, and/or any UCL financial support will not be processed and released into your bank account until you have paid the right amount of fees and are classified as fully registered/enrolled. If you have a tuition fee loan, UCL will be notified automatically once this is approved by your student finance body. We will then confirm your registration/enrolment at the start of the academic year.

Find out more about student funding

If you have a query or require information related to student financial advice including bursaries, you may log an enquiry via askUCL.

Log an enquiry related to student financial advice

How do I pay tuition fees?

If you are self-funding*, you need to ensure at least one third of your fees are paid by the 31 October 2023. You can pay on-line through Flywire prior to or during the online re-enrolment task or after you have enrolled. If you have fees funding from Student Finance England (SFE), an external sponsor or a UCL Studentship/Scholarship that is not showing when you re-enrol, continue by selecting option “Fees total is correct”. Sponsorship letters from external organisations should be forwarded to Student Fees (fees.sponsor@ucl.ac.uk) but evidence of SFE or UCL Studentship/Scholarship funding is not required as your Portico account will soon be updated automatically. Students in receipt of funding from one of the UCL Fee Partnerships (Conacyt, Conicyt, Colfuturo, IEFFE Indonesia etc) should resubmit their sponsorship letters every year to ensure their accounts are updated promptly.

You will be enrolled on a Time Limited Enrolment (TLE) basis until any sponsorship is recorded on your Portico account and (if applicable) payment of one third of your personal fee liability has been received.

Failure to pay your fees before the end of Time Limited Enrolment may result in restricted access to UCL services/facilities and funding sources (including Student Loan Company Loans) and, ultimately, the suspension of your registration.

Find out more about how to pay your fees

For further information and advice regarding your tuition fees please email the Student Fees team

*Students in receipt of a SFE Postgraduate or Doctoral (Research) loan are considered self-funding as the loan is for study costs and paid to students direct. We will ensure your enrolment status is updated to allow SFE to release your first loan instalment to be paid to you on time. You will then need to ensure one third of your UCL fees is paid by the 31 October.