How to pay your tuition fees

This guidance explains how you can find out what your programme will cost and the different ways you can pay your tuition fees. 

Paying fees - reminder

Fee payments cannot be made in person at the Student Enquiries Centre. Please see below for full details on how to pay.

Every student is charged a fee for each academic year they study at UCL. This tuition fee covers all elements of your registration, enrolment, tuition, supervision and examination for each full or part academic year which you are enrolled for. The fee also includes membership of the UCL Students' Union. It does not cover living costs, books, materials or travel. Fees generally increase annually and are set approximately 15 months before the start of the academic session to which they apply.

When you accept your place at UCL you are accepting responsibility for making sure these fees are paid, whether that is by you, by a loan from your regional Student Finance body or through sponsorship.

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This guidance explains:

How much you should pay

For the majority of new students, your tuition fee will usually be quoted on your offer letter. If you are a continuing student you can find your new fee amount on your Portico account. This is usually updated over the summer.

Find out the current fee levels for all programmes in our fee schedules

Find out how your fee status is calculated

All programme fees are subject to inflationary increases of up to 5% annually, so you should expect your fees in subsequent years of study to increase. The exception to this is Overseas undergraduate students, as UCL implemented ‘Fixed Fees’ for new students from 2018-19.


As a part-time student you are not expected to pay your full programme fees in your first year. Instead, fees are charged per year of study and are issued every September. You can find your fees for the first year of study on the relevant online fee schedule or prospectus page. You can pay for each yearly fee in three instalments.

Find out when to pay your fees

Modular (flexible) students

Some postgraduate taught and MRes programmes are available on a modular basis. Modular study lasts between 2 and 5 years. This is different to a part-time study which lasts for a fixed period.

As a modular student you are not expected to pay your full programme fees in your first year. Instead, fees are charged per year of study and are issued every September. You can pay for each yearly fee in 3 instalments.

Find out about the instalment dates

If you are registered as a modular student, your fees will be generated and charged on Portico after you have chosen your modules and the module selection deadlines have passed. The fee is based on the credit value of the modules you are taking. This is worked out by dividing the full-time fee by the total number of credits your programme is made up of:

  • Masters are usually made up of 180 credits
  • PG Dips are usually made up of 120 credits
  • PG Certs are usually made up of 60 credits

If you change your module selection during the academic year your fees will not update automatically. If modules are added or removed during the year, please check your Portico account and if you think your fees need to be re-calculated you should contact Student Fees.

Email the Student Fees team

Fees do increase for continuing students every year and this applies to modular students also. These increases reflect the increase in cost to UCL in delivering the programme, such as operational costs, market forces and inflation. Any annual increases in the fees will not be more than 5% per year.

Repeat fees

Repeating full-time, part-time or Modular

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students pay fees based on the credit weighting of the module(s) being repeated. Visit Section 9 of the Academic Manual for further information about Repeat fees.

IOE Repeat placement fees

  • £900 in 2022-23 (for one placement experience)
  • £900 in 2023-24 (for one placement experience)

Extramural Year

Extramural years are additional to your programme of study and not part of the requirements of the course, therefore extramural years incur no tuition fee charges.

Study Abroad

If you're planning on studying abroad as part of your degree, the Study Abroad website will tell you how that will affect your fees.

Visit the Study Abroad website

Your student fee status

Your fee status is determined in accordance with the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007 (SI 2007, No. 779) and subsequent amendments, as approved by Act of Parliament.

Channel Islands / Isle of Man students will pay tuition fees at the following rates:

  • Undergraduate - pay the UK fee rates
  • Postgraduate Research - pay the UK rates
  • Postgraduate Taught and MRes - pay the Overseas fee rates

Find out more about how your fee status is calculated

How to make a payment

Self-funded students

Self-funded students are those paying all or part of their fees through private means, usually family. If you are not self-funding, or only partially self-funding, there are different things you will need to do depending on if you are:

If you are self-funding, to pay your fees:

  1. log on to your Portico account,
  2. access the My Money section, and
  3. select Student Statement – Tuition Fees.

Students with partial sponsorship

If you are partly sponsored and covering the remaining fee amount yourself, you will need to make sure that your payments are made by the instalment deadlines. If you don't pay the first instalment by the deadline, you may not be able to enrol.

Find out when to pay your fees 

Paying your tuition fees online or via bank transfer

If you have access to your portico account you must pay through our Payment Portal, Flywire, which is accessible through Portico. 

You can no longer pay your tuition fees via PayOnline.  

UCL does not charge any transaction fee but your card provider may. This will be clearly detailed to you in the Flywire Payment Portal

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Pay your fees through Portico

Pay your fees through our online payment service

Bank Transfer

You are no longer able to pay tuition fees via direct bank transfer.

If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you can start the process by accessing the Flywire Payment Portal through the My Money section of Portico.

Students who have a UCL Studentship (research), a UCL Scholarship or other departmental fee award

There is no need for you to provide written evidence of your funding to the Student Fees team. The relevant UCL department will pay your fee award to us internally via Portico. The payment, once approved, will create a sponsorship record on your Portico account and show that you are not paying your own fees. 

If this payment/sponsorship is not recorded in Portico when you attempt to pre/re-enrol, there is no need for you to take any action. For students enrolling at the start of an academic year we would expect internal payments to be processed by 31 October.

Students in receipt of fee funding from Student Finance

If you have applied on time and your funding is confirmed, the Student Loans Company (SLC) will contact UCL's Student and Registry Services to confirm your registration. Once this is done, your Portico account will show a sponsorship record for the amount of your fee loan. There is no need for you to provide written evidence of your fee loan to the Fees Office unless specifically requested. If you are also receiving a maintenance loan, the SLC will contact UCL to confirm your attendance and this will trigger payment.

If you only receive partial funding from the SLC please make sure to pay your remaining fees before the instalment deadlines otherwise you may not be enrolled on your programme.

Find out more about funding

View our tuition fee instalment deadlines

Students in receipt of sponsorship from other sources

If you want us to invoice your non-UCL sponsor, you'll need to provide us with written evidence of your sponsorship, before or during the enrolment period. This should be an email from your sponsor or a sponsorship letter. Send it to us by email or bring it to us in person at enrolment. All evidence must include the following details:

  • Student name
  • UCL student number
  • Amount or percentage of sponsorship
  • Name or organisation name of the sponsor, their postal address and email

If emailing us your evidence, please send it to fees.sponsor@ucl.ac.uk with the subject heading ‘Sponsorship evidence - STUDENT NUMBER’ (please ensure your UCL student number is quoted in the subject heading). An invoice will be issued to your sponsor in Term 1 and they'll be expected to pay for the whole academic year in full within 28 days.

During very busy periods, it can take us a few weeks to add your sponsorship to your record, so don't worry if you can't see your sponsorship details on Portico for a while. If they haven't appeared on Portico by 31 October, please contact us.

If the funds are paid directly to you or to UCL, without needing an invoice from us, your sponsorship information will not appear in Portico.

Send us an email

NHS Bursaries

If you are a medical student and you expect your fees to be paid by the NHS Bursary Scheme you have to first apply for a bursary with the NHS directly. Applications must be made within six months of the start of the academic year.

If you require further assistance, please contact the NHS student helpline on 0300 330 1345 or visit the NHS website. Please note that failure to apply on time could result in you becoming personally liable for your fees.

Visit the UCL Medical School website to find out about the Bursary Scheme

Find out how to apply for an NHS bursary

Paying a deposit

Some postgraduate taught programmes and the Eastman Dental Institute require their students to pay a tuition fee deposit.

If you have access to your portico account you must pay through our Payment Portal, Flywire, which is accessible through Portico. 

You can no longer pay your tuition fee deposits via PayOnline.

Any deposit paid will be deducted from your first tuition fee instalment.

Find out more about tuition fee deposits

Make an online payment to UCL


Receipts may be accessed from your Student Statement - Tuition Fees.


Refunds will only be paid on request and are at the discretion of UCL. While we attempt to administer all requests as soon as possible, during busy periods of the year, your request may take between 2 and 3 weeks to be processed.

Students must not intentionally overpay their fees in order to obtain their living costs or circumvent any government regulation or restriction. Any fee payments received intended for living costs will, upon receipt of a refund request, be returned to the original sender. UCL must abide by UK money laundering laws.

All authorised refunds are returned to source. For fees that are paid by credit or debit card, refunds will be credited back to the card charged with the original payment.

UCL will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.

Refund instructions for current and former students with Portico access

Please log in to Portico and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on MyMoney
  2. Click on Tuition Fees refund request

If your Tuition Fee account is in credit, and there are no outstanding sponsor invoices or debts to other UCL departments on your account, you will have the option to apply for a refund The Student Fees Team will be notified by email to administer the refund.

Refund instructions for former students without Portico access

A refund request form can be obtained by sending us an email.

Email the Student Fees team to request a refund