Module registration

Information about the module registration process for students at UCL, including deadlines, module information, timetable clashes and common questions about what to do if your choice is declined.

On this page you will find information about:

This page was last updated on 27 July 2021. 

Access module registration

You can access module registration via the 'My Studies' page on Portico, where you will see a container labelled 'My Modules' which contains:

  • a link to the module registration task (where appropriate)
  • a link to the UCL Module Catalogue 
  • details of your current module selections

I can’t see the link to complete module registration for 2021/22. What should I do?

You will not have access to the module registration link if:

  • you have not yet completed pre-enrolment (new students) 
  • all of your modules for 2021/22 are compulsory (i.e. you do not need to select any modules)
  • you have already submitted your module selections for the year
  • you are registered on one of the following:
    • a programme in the Slade School of Fine Art (except BA Fine Art year 2 students and affiliate students)
    • an affiliate programme in the Centre for Languages and International Education
    • a joint programme for which UCL is not the lead institution

If the exceptions above do not apply to you, please login to askUCL and Log an Enquiry

The email link to module registration page does not work. What should I do? 

You will have received an email inviting you to module registration 2021/22. A small number of students have experienced problems using this link. If you can't access module registration via the link, you can login to Portico directly using your UCL user ID and password. The link to module registration is on the 'My Studies' page.

How to register for a module

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Start dates for selecting modules

Continuing students (including those undertaking late summer assessments) can select from Monday 06 September 2021.

New students can only begin selecting their modules once they have completed pre-enrolment. The timing of pre-enrolment will vary depending on the type of programme you are on. 

All students will receive an email when they are invited to complete pre-enrolment or re-enrolment.

Information about available modules at UCL

The UCL Module Catalogue provides comprehensive information about all modules taught at UCL, including module content and assessment patterns.

View the UCL Module Catalogue.

Timetable clashes for selected modules

You should use the UCL Online Timetable to check for clashes. There is a link to the common timetable from the module registration area on Portico.

For term one, the timetable will show you which events are delivered in-person and which are delivered online (but which you still need to attend at a particular time).  

If you can't find the module in Portico

If you are unable to find a particular module that you have been advised should be available for your programme and year of study, please contact the department in which you are registered (also known as your 'parent' department) for further guidance.

Modules for affiliate students

When you select a module, the department responsible for teaching the module (also known as the 'teaching' department) will determine if the standard assessment pattern is suitable for you or if you require an alternative assessment pattern (this usually occurs when students will not be in attendance for the main exam period). The teaching department will ensure you are assigned to the correct assessment pattern for each of your module selections.

For more information and the relevant departmental contacts for affiliates, please see the dedicated 'Module registration for affiliates' and 'Department information for affiliates' pages.

How to change a module after completing module registration

Once you have submitted your module selections for the year, your selections will be considered for approval. Once your modules are fully approved, you will be able to see a 'Request change of module' button in the 'My Modules' container on Portico. See the video below for further information.

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How you know you've been accepted on to a selected module

You can check the approval status of your module selections in the 'My Modules' area on Portico. You will be notified by email when your selections are either approved or declined. If a selection is declined, the email will include details of why this has happened – for example, the module may be full, or you may not meet the prerequisites for studying on the module.

When will you recieve confirmation?

Departments will aim to approve module selections as soon as is practically possible but in some cases there may be a short delay. This is sometimes inevitable given the large number of students across UCL (over 50,000) and the complexity of the programmes and modules we offer. If you have any queries you should contact your 'parent' department.

If you haven’t received any email confirmation

It is worth noting that all module selections are approved twice: firstly by the department in which you are registered (also known as your 'parent' department), and secondly by the department responsible for teaching the module (also known as the 'teaching' department). In some cases the two departments will be the same, but in many cases they will not. You will only receive the confirmation email once all your modules have been approved. 

It’s important to note that the approval process is managed 'behind the scenes' and you will not need to speak to multiple departments to request different approvals. Unless advised otherwise, you should direct all queries to colleagues in the department in which you are registered (i.e. your 'parent' department).

What happens when your module selection is declined

Unfortunately, you cannot appeal this decision. Whilst we aim to maximise the number of students who are accepted onto their first choice of modules, the large number of students across UCL (over 50,000) and the complexity of the programmes and modules we offer mean that, unfortunately, there will inevitably be circumstances where we need to decline module selections, and these decisions must be considered final. In such case you will be able to select an alternative module in the ‘My Modules’ container on Portico. See the video below for further information.

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Waiting lists for full modules

Unfortunately it is not possible, at present, for us to maintain waiting lists for module registration. If you are rejected from a module for this reason, you should speak to your 'parent' department, who will be able to give you guidance on selecting an alternative module.

Selecting an alternative module if you are declined your first choice

If a module selection is declined, you can add an alternative module in the ‘My Modules’ container on Portico. See the video below for further information.

Once you have submitted an alternative module and your departmental staff have approved this, you will be able to see the new selection in the 'My Modules' container on Portico. Modules selected in this way are subject to exactly the same approval processes as all other module selections.

Deadline for selecting modules

Module registration will close for all students on Friday 15 October 2021. However, you are strongly encouraged to complete the process as early as possible so that it does not interfere with your registration on the modules in question.