Interrupting or withdrawing from your studies

This is for students who are considering taking a formal break or withdrawing from their studies. It gives information on how to apply, how this affects funding and how to resume your studies.

Before making the decision to interrupt or withdraw from your studies, it is important to consider your options. In the first instance, you should consult someone from your department whom you feel comfortable enough to discuss this. They can offer you advice on the process, dates of your interruption as well as the specific academic consequences of interrupting e.g. module availability. This could be a personal tutor, departmental tutor or administrator. If you are a research student, this could be your supervisor. 

Information on this page gives general guidance; it is important to discuss your situation with your department and other relevant services to ensure you have the correct information for your specific circumstances. 

Guidance includes:

Applying for a withdrawal from your programme of study

Please read the regulations on withdrawal from your programme before making an application. 

Once you have discussed this with your department and made the decision to withdraw, you will need to formally apply for a withdrawal of study. Once withdrawn, you cannot return to the programme of study. Depending on when you withdraw, you may still be liable to pay a portion of your tuition fees. 

Find out more about your fee liability in the fees section.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students 

You must login to your Portico account and complete the online application under the 'C2RS Home' menu.

Postgraduate research students

Your supervisor must email the UCL Research Degrees team confirming the effective date and reason for withdrawal.

Applying for an interruption of study

Please read the regulations on Interruption of Study before making an application.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

Once you have discussed this with your department and made the decision to interrupt, you will need to submit an interruption form to your department. Your department will advise you if there is any supporting documentation you need to submit.


Postgraduate research students

You will need to apply for an interruption to your studies by submitting the form to your supervisor.   You may apply for an interruption of up to one year in the first instance and for a maximum of two years in total.


If you are an international student with a Tier 4 visa, you are obliged to leave the UK for the duration of your interruption. The law means that UCL must inform the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) of any changes to your student status. Once your interruption has been processed, you will receive an email to confirm that sponsorship has been withdrawn and you should leave the UK within 60 days of UCL’s report to UKVI. 

For queries regarding your tier 4 visa, please contact the UCL Visa Compliance team.

Access to Portico and UCL email during interruption

Students taking an interruption of their study (except for students interrupting for maternity leave) are not be registered as a student at UCL during the period of your interruption. Your UCL ID card will no longer work and you will lose access to all UCL facilities. However, you will still have access to your Portico account and it is extremely important that you keep all your address and personal details updated as UCL will need to contact you before your return. You will also have access to your UCL email. You must maintain access to your UCL email account, read and act promptly upon all messages sent to you.

If you are interrupting for a period of maternity leave, you will retain appropriate access to UCL facilities. You must ensure you have undertaken an appropriate risk assessment in your department to cover the access you need during your maternity leave. You will find further information on the UCL Support for pregnant students web page.

For queries regarding access to your Portico and UCL email accounts, please contact UCL Information Service Desk.

Fee liability for interrupting and withdrawing students

Depending on the fees that have been paid and the date you interrupt or withdraw, you/your sponsor may be eligible for a fee refund. Please note that students interrupting and returning in a different academic year will still be liable for the inflationary fee increases of up to 5% annually. 

For queries regarding paying your tuition fees, please contact the UCL Student Fees team.

Non-Affiliate students (academic year programme) - includes the majority of undergraduate programmes

If you are registered as full-time or part-time and you interrupt or withdraw:

  • within 2 weeks of term 1, you will not incur any fees
  • after the first 2 weeks but within term 1, you will be charged 25% of the full fee
  • in term 2 you will be charged 50% of the full fee
  • in term 3 you will be charged 100% of the full fee

Postgraduate Taught or Research students (calendar year programme) enrolled as full-time or part-time

Fees are charged on a daily basis for the period enrolled in each academic year. If you interrupt or withdraw within 2 weeks of term 1, you will not incur any fees.

Postgraduate students enrolled on a modular/flexible basis

Fees are charged for the modules registered on your Portico account. If you interrupt or withdraw within 2 weeks of term 1, you will not incur any fees.

Undergraduate Affiliate students (academic year programme)

If you interrupt or withdraw:

  • within the first two weeks, you will not incur any fees
  • after the first two weeks but in term 1, you will be charged 45% of the full fee
  • in term 2, you will be charged 90% of the full fee
  • in term 3, you will be charged 100% of the full fee

Postgraduate Affiliate students (academic year programme)

If you interrupt or withdraw:

  • within the first two weeks, you will not incur any fees
  • after the first two weeks but in term 1, you will be charged 45% of the full fee
  • in term 2, you will be charged 90% of the full fee
  • in term 3, you will be charged 100% of the full fee

Postgraduate Affiliate students (calendar year programme)

Fees are charged on a daily basis for the period enrolled in each academic year. If you interrupt or withdraw within 2 weeks of term 1, you will not incur any fees.

Funding information for interrupting and withdrawing students

Student Finance funding (Undergraduate)

When you interrupt, your faculty sends a ‘change of circumstance’ (CoC) notification to your funding provider (e.g. Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northern Ireland), notifying them of your interruption date. Students who are funded by Student Awards Agency Scotland need to call SAAS themselves to notify them of any change in their studies. Normally, all funding is then paused from this date. However, there are some circumstances in which you may be able to receive funding after this point.

When you return to UCL, the university notifies your funding provider that you have returned and your funding will start again.

If your last date of attendance is part way through a term, you may have already received an instalment of maintenance loan/grant money, and therefore received money for time that you will not be in attendance. In these cases, your funding provider may say you have received an ‘overpayment’ and ask for some of that money back.

The rest of the information in this section relates to Student Finance England regulations and procedures around interruption of studies. If you use one of the other funding bodies (Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency Scotland) we would advise you contact them directly to find out how interruption is treated.

An extra 60 days for health reasons

If you interrupt for health reasons, mental or physical, your faculty will make a note of this on the CoC that they send to your student loans provider. You will then be automatically granted an extra 60 days of funding from your interruption date.

Maintenance funding for the rest of the academic year

In some cases, your funding provider may be able to extend funding for more than 60 days if you can prove that you will be in financial hardship without continued funding. In order to receive this you must have interrupted due to ‘compelling personal reasons’ (CPR) which usually means mental or physical health, personal or family crisis - and be able to prove this with evidence provided by professionals. You must then evidence that you would be in financial hardship without the continued funding for example tenancy agreement, utility bills and other financial obligations.

To apply for discretionary maintenance payments on the basis of hardship, call Student Finance and the will send you a form to complete.

How interruption affects your entitlement

The year that you interrupt your studies will be deducted from your overall entitlement to a Student Finance tuition fee loan. However, if you interrupt for 'compelling personal reasons' and can submit evidence of this to Student Finance, they may agree not to deduct your interruption year from your overall entitlement. 

Find out more about how interrupting affects your entitlement to Student Finance funding and how to submit evidence of 'compelling personal reasons' for interruption to Student Finance.

Student Finance funding (Postgraduate Master's Loan and Postgraduate Doctoral Loan)

If you are receiving a Postgraduate Master’s Loan or Postgraduate Doctoral Loan from Student Finance and take an interruption of study, no further loan payments will be given to you after you interrupt. If you resume your studies from the point you left off in the previous academic year, your funding will restart and you will have your remaining entitlement intact. You cannot receive Postgraduate Master’s Loan or Postgraduate Doctoral Loan funding for any repeat periods of study.

For queries about how your interruption will affect your student loans, please contact Student Finance England.

For queries regarding Student Finance, please contact a Student Funding Advisor.

UCL Undergraduate Bursary

When you interrupt, your UCL Bursary stops. If you interrupt part way through the term, it may be considered that you have received an overpayment and the Student Funding team may give you the option to pay the money back or have the amount deducted from your next instalment when you return. When you return, your UCL bursary payments start again.

Find out more about the UCL Undergraduate Bursary.

For queries about how interruption will affect your UCL Undergraduate Bursary, please contact the UCL Student Funding team.

PGCE Training Bursary

When you interrupt, your PGCE Training Bursary payments will stop. If you interrupt before the 5th of the month, you will not receive that month’s instalment. When you return, you will not receive PGCE Training Bursary payments for months that you have already been paid for in the previous academic year.

Read more about PGCE Training Bursaries on the UCL funding pages

For queries about how your interruption will affect your PGCE Training Bursary, please contact ittfunding@ucl.ac.uk.

PhD Funding - Stipends

If you interrupt as a PhD student, you must let your funding provider know. Your funding will then be paused, resuming when you return.

If you are interrupting for pregnancy or maternity/paternity/adoption leave, speak to your funding provider about financial provision that may be available to you.

Expiry of your 18+ Student Oyster photocard

Once you interrupt or withdraw from your studies, we are required to report this to TfL and you will no longer be eligible for the 18+ Oyster photocard.

Accommodation and council tax

UCL Accommodation 

If you are in UCL Halls, taking an interruption will mean you will be required to leave your room, as you are no longer enrolled as a student at UCL. 

Find out more on the UCL Accommodation web page.

For queries regarding UCL Accommodation, please contact the UCL Accommodation office

Private Student Accommodation

The implications of your interruption will depend on your accommodation provider. You will need to review your agreement and discuss your circumstances with an appropriate staff member at your accommodation. You may be required to leave the accommodation because you are no longer a registered student. It is likely you will be liable for some fees and in some cases, you may be required to find a replacement tenant. 

The University of London Housing Services and UCLU Rights and Advice Centre can offer you further guidance and advice on this.

Private Accommodation 

If you live in private accommodation, it is unlikely there will be an obligation for you to leave following a change to your student status. However, you may choose to leave and return home, in which case, you must consider the terms of your tenancy agreement and what this means for you. This can be complex and confusing, so we strongly recommend you seek advice from UCLU Rights and Advice. If you decide to stay in your private accommodation, it is important to note that as you are no longer a full time student, you may be required to pay Council Tax. 

The UCLU Rights and Advice and the University of London Housing Services  can offer you further guidance and advice on this.

Council Tax

Find information on how an interruption or withdrawal will affect your eligibility for council tax on the UCL council tax web page.

Staying in touch during your interruption

During your interruption, you may find it helpful to stay in contact with an appropriate person in your department such as your Personal Tutor. This is not compulsory but it can offer a good point of contact upon your return. It is your responsibility to initiate and maintain this contact.

Extending your interruption of study

If you wish to extend your interruption, you should contact your department in the first instance, as they will need to approve this extension. 

Before you return to your studies

If you are an international student, you will need to apply to apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number from the UCL Visa Compliance team before you apply for a new Tier 4 visa before you return to UCL. If your return was subject to a Student Support and Wellbeing check (see below), you will need to satisfy their requirements listed above before they can refer you to the Visa Compliance team for a CAS number.

For queries regarding your tier 4 visa, please contact the UCL Visa Compliance team.

Occupational health and wellbeing (OHS) check

If your course has a fitness to practice or fitness to teach element, for example a MBBS or PGCE, your return to study will be handled by your department and Occupational Health and Wellbeing. This may also be the case for some research students.

You must email your department one month before your expected date of return to confirm that you intend to re-enrol. Your department must then confirm this with the Students Records team. You will not be able to re-enrol until Students Records have reinstated your record. 

Student support and wellbeing (SSW) check

If you are returning from a period of interruption that was for health and wellbeing reasons, you may be required to provide medical evidence and a supporting statement to indicate that you are well enough to live and work in a university environment. If this is the case, Student Support and Wellbeing will email you approximately 3 months prior to your return to request this documentation. You will need to provide assurance that your studies will not be detrimental to your health or your health to your studies, and may be required to have an appointment with the Student Support and Wellbeing team before you will be allowed to re-enrol. 

Your medical evidence should meet the requirements outlined in the UCL Medical Evidence Guidance. It is important that you read the guidance carefully to ensure your medical evidence fulfils the requirements. This needs to be completed by a qualified medical practitioner and should be printed on headed paper or stamped by the health practice or service.

This needs to be printed on headed paper or stamped by the health practice or service. If it is only possible to provide the evidence in an email form, your medical practitioner must send it directly to Student Support and Wellbeing and include their registration number and full name in the email. 

You will also need to write a brief personal statement outlining the following: 

  • confirmation that you feel fit to return to your studies 
  • any support you have had during the time of interruption 
  • any arrangements for on-going support 
  • any further support you feel would be beneficial for you as you continue your studies at UCL
  • if any specific support is recommended in your medical evidence and is not currently in place, explain how you will go about following the relevant recommendations

It is important you address all the points outlined here to fulfil the requirements.

For queries regarding the SSW check, please contact the Student Support and Wellbeing team.

Student Finance information for returning undergraduate and postgraduate students

Students who wish to receive funding when they return must apply for financial support from their funding provider for the upcoming academic year in good time before returning.

When you apply, your funding provider will run an assessment and calculate what you are entitled to. You will not receive any of your funding prior to arriving back at university, so it is a good idea to arrive with a little money of your own to support you before your loan/grant money comes through.

Re-enrolling to resume your studies

In order to resume your studies you will need to re-enrol on your programme. Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students must contact their department/faculty to confirm their return. Research students must email the UCL Student Records, Research Degrees team to confirm their return. Your return to study maybe subject to a return to study check as outlined above. Before you can re-enrol, you must have paid the appropriate fees, or provided evidence of sponsorship to the UCL Student Fees team. You must re-enrol within 2 weeks of your date of return or your student record will be closed.

If you do not intend to resume your studies following your interruption, you must contact your department/supervisor to discuss your options.

For queries regarding re-enrolling to resume your studies, please contact the UCL Student Records team.