Your student record

Important information is kept in your student record, make sure your details are up to date so that you don't miss any important communications.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that your personal details, such as your name and address, held on the UCL central record are correct.

Check your details on Portico

Update your address

All correspondence will be sent to the contact address that is held on your student record.

When you have completed your programme of study your certificate, official transcript and graduation ceremony information will be sent to the last contact address. If you need to update your address but no longer have access to Portico, you must contact Information Services.

If you’ve already received your degree certificate we will no longer keep your address updated but you can register your contact details with the UCL Alumni in you want to keep in touch.

Update your email address

When you register with Information Systems you are given a UCL email address. Email is used for communication throughout UCL and your tutors and central administrative departments will use your UCL email address. It’s your responsibility to manage any alternative email accounts you have. 

Find out more about UCL email accounts

UCL Student and Registry Services do not maintain email addresses for former students that have already received their degree certificate.

Change your name

If you need to change your name you must provide the Student Centre with official documentation, for example, your marriage certificate or deed poll. Photocopies will not normally be accepted.

Certificates will be awarded in your name as it appears on Portico. Changes to your name cannot be made once you have completed your programme of study.

Tier 4 and other visa Points Based System migrants are required to report their name change to the Home Office. The Home Office will issue you a new biometric identity card which you must then take to the Student Centre. 

Find out more from the UK Border Agency

Change other personal information

If you need to change your ethnicity, nationality or date of birth you must provide the Student Centre with official documentation like a passport or birth certificate.