Updating student details

Important information is kept on your student record. Make sure your details are up to date so that you don't miss any important communications.

On this page you will find information on:

It is your responsibility to ensure your personal details, such as your name and address, held on the UCL central record during your studies at UCL are correct.

Check your details on Portico

Please keep your details up to date

It is very important for all UCL students to keep their details up to date on Portico, in particular contact details (phone number, addresses) for you and your trusted contact. We may need to contact you or your next of kin or trusted contact in a variety of situations, so please check your details regularly.

Updating your name

Current students

If you need to update or correct yor name on your student record, please notify us via askUCL. You will need to attach a copy of an official document (e.g. passport, marriage certificate or deed poll) to your request.

Former Students

UCL Student and Registry cannot make changes to your name on your record once your degree award is conferred or your enrolment is permanently closed for another reason (eg a Withdrawal of Study). The name on your record can be changed where an error has been made by UCL Student Records or you have undergone gender reassignment.

Students on a Tier 4 (general) student visa

Tier 4 and other visa Points Based System migrants are required to report their name change to the Home Office. The Home Office will issue you a new biometric identity card, which you must then take to the Student Centre. 

Report a change of circumstance if you have a visa or BRP here

Updating your postal addresses

Current Students

It is a legal requirement that you provide UCL with current contact details for the duration of your programme of study.

You must keep your home, term-time and contact address up to date at all times. You can check that this information is up to date and amend it if necessary via Portico.

If you are having difficulties accessing Portico, please contact Information Services (ISD).

Former students

If you need to update your home address for the delivery of your degree certificate and can no longer access Portico, please contact UCL Student Records

You may register your contact details with the UCL Alumni.

Updating your email address

Current Students

When you register with Information Systems Division (ISD) you will be issued with a UCL email addresses. Email is used for communication throughout UCL. Your tutors and central administrative departments will use your UCL email address to communicate with you. You may add alternative email addresses to your record via Portico.

It is your responsibility to ensure you regularly check your UCL and any additional email accounts you have updated on Portico.

Find out more about UCL email accounts

Former students

Find out more information on the email for life

Correcting your date of birth, ethnicity or nationality

If your date of birth, ethnicity or nationality is incorrect on our records, please notify us via askUCL. You will need to atttach a copy of an official document (e.g. passport, marriage certificate or deed poll) to your request.

Updating your trusted contact

A trusted contact is like your next of kin. They are the person we would contact if there was a serious concern about your welfare. Examples of this could be: 

  • Reports that you are missing 
  • Serious physical illness or injury 
  • Your mental health is deteriorating, or you are experiencing a mental health crisis 
  • Admittance to hospital 
  • Reports of risky and unwanted behaviours that can cause serious harm 
  • That you are not engaging with your course or with professional support 

You can update your trusted contact in Portico.

Read the full Trusted Contact Policy