Confirmation of registration and award

Current and alumni students may obtain a statement of student status letter to confirm their UCL registration or a statement of award letter if awarded by UCL. These can be obtained free of charge.

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What is a statement of student status letter?

A statement of student status is as an official letter that can used as proof of enrolment at UCL.

Statement of student status can also be provided to alumni students who were previously enrolled at UCL but either withdrew from the course early, are yet to be awarded or never received their award from UCL. 

Council tax exemption 

If you are registered at UCL as a full-time student, you may be eligible to apply for council tax. You can use a statement of student status to apply for council tax exemption. 

Find out more about council tax exemption.

Opening a bank account

International students may require a statement of student status to open up a bank account in the UK. You must ensure that your home and term-time address details are correct on Portico prior to obtaining a statement of student status letter. For international students your home address is the address in your home country. Your term-time address will be the UK address you live at whilst studying at UCL. Your home and term-time addresses will be included on the letter so it is important that the addresses are correct.

This version of the statement of student status is addressed directly to the bank in which you want to open an account with. Therefore prior to requesting a letter you should research different banks and make a decision as to which bank you wish to sign up with. The Student Enquiries Centre are unable to advise you as to which bank is most suitable for you. 

Find out more about opening a bank account.

What is a statement of award letter? 

A statement of award letter is an official letter that can be used as proof that your award was conferred by UCL. 

DOATAP - Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC)

A DOATAP statement of award is a version of the letter that confirms you carried out your studies as an internal student at UCL, London, UK, it is avaliable to alumni students who are applying to the Greek DOATAP authorities to have their award validated. DOATAP is responsible for the recognition of university degrees awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions. 

Further information is available on the DOATAP webpage

Please note, that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, UCL are currently unable to provide transcripts or post original copies of the statement of award directly to DOATAP. All statement of award letters can be sent to DOATAP via askUCL

What information does a standard statement of student status confirm? 

A standard statement of student status confirms your enrolment status, mode of attendance, programme of study, programme start date and programme end date . For a statement of student status, you must ensure that your home, contact and term-time address details are correct as these are included in the statement. 

What information does a standard statement of award confirm?

A standard statement of award letter has the same information as a statement of student status as well as the qualification and award details.

How can I obtain a statement of my student status or statement of award?

Print via PORTICO 

If you are a current UCL student enrolled on a programme of study at UCL, please log in to Portico to print out your statement of student status. If you completed your studies at UCL in the last 2 years you should still have access to Portico and can log in and print out your statement of award. 

You will not be able to print out your statement letter from Portico if you have not yet enrolled at UCL, have interrupted, have a debt on your record,  or have you have completed your studies with us over two years ago. 

By askUCL

You can request a statement of student status or statement of award by logging into askUCL

Select Log an Enquiry and chose proof of student status or statement of award from the category section. 

If you are a previous student and are not able to use askUCL, then you will need to email studentstatus@ucl.ac.uk