Statement of student status

The statement of student status is a confirmation of study that can be used to prove your registration status at UCL.

You could be asked for a confirmation of study if you:

  • are applying for a council tax exemption
  • are opening a bank account
  • are applying to the Greek DOATAP authorities to validate your award
  • need a research transcript

The standard statement of student status confirms your:

  • student number
  • full name
  • programme of study
  • enrolment status
  • mode of attendance
  • registration dates
  • award

This information is held in your student record so it’s important that you make sure we have the right details.

How to get a statement of student status

If you are a current UCL student enrolled on a programme of study at UCL, you can print out your own Statement of Student Status from the front page in Portico.

Log in to Portico

If you are a UCL Alumni student you can visit the Student Centre with some form of photo identification such as your passport or UK driver's licence and they can give you a statement of student status.

You can also email your request. Remember to include your name, student number, date of birth and your postal address. Statements can’t be emailed. You can’t be issued with a statement of student status if you have a UCL tuition fee debt on your record.