Students and council tax

Full-time students don’t usually have to pay council tax. Find out if you’re eligible for an exemption.

ouncil tax is paid to your local council so that they can spend the money on providing local services like transport, police, fire, libraries, leisure and recreation and rubbish collection. It’s a tax on domestic property and how much you pay is determined by how much your property is worth.

Council tax eligibility

For council tax purposes a full-time student is enrolled on a course that:

  • lasts at least 1 year
  • involves at least 21 hours of study per week

If you don’t meet the definitions of full-time student, you can’t claim exemption from council tax, even if your course is defined as full-time by your university or college. 

You will need a Statement of Student Status to prove you are eligible. You can print out a copy of your own statement in Portico

You are eligible for council tax exemption: 

  • if you are a fulltime student and live in a house where everyone is a student you will be eligible for a discount. Halls of residences are automatically exempt.
  • if you are a fulltime student and have interrupted your studies

You are not eligible for council tax:

  • If you are withdrawing from your course you will no longer be considered a student for Council Tax exemption purposes. 
  • If you have finished studying and have past your programme end date. Once you have finished studying you are no longer classed as a full-time student even if you may not have received your results or been to your graduation ceremony.

    Further advice is available from the Students' Union UCL Advice Service.

    How to apply

    You should apply to your local council. If you can’t apply online, you will need to contact your council to find out how to apply. 

    Browse the GOV.UK directory of local councils to find yours

    Find out  more about how you can apply online for council tax exemption

    More information

    Further guidance is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau