Completing research status

This guidance explains how to register for completing research status if you are ready to write up your thesis or apply for an extension to your existing CRS.

This information is for postgraduate research students.

If you are eligible you may register as a completing research status (CRS) student while you write up your thesis. Transfer to CRS status is only permitted with the approval of your supervisor or other departmental authority. If you have already been granted completing research status you may apply for an extension under certain circumstances. 

You will not remain registered as a student after the end of your CRS status so it is essential that you do not take up CRS unless you are ready to write up your thesis and are confident that you will meet the deadline.


To register for CRS you must:

  • have upgraded to PhD status (in the case of the MPhil/PhD programme) or have confirmed you are entering for an MPhil only
  • be in a position to submit your thesis within 12 months (for full-time students) and 24 months (for part-time students)
  • be eligible under the rules of your funding body, as advised by your departmental research administrator or DTC/CDT administrator
  • have met any other departmental or divisional conditions

While on CRS you will have continued access to UCL facilities and are not required to pay fees.

You must read the Academic Regulations and the Code of Practice for Graduate Students before applying for CRS status.

Read the academic regulations

Read the Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees

How to apply for CRS

To apply for CRS your supervisor must email research degrees confirming the effective date of transfer.

Extension to CRS status

UCL recognises that research can be subject to unexpected difficulties. You can apply for an extension to the completing research status (CRS) in exceptional circumstances. You must read the Academic Regulations before applying for an extension to CRS.

Read the academic regulations

Your application for extension must be supported by your supervisor and the head of department and submitted to the Student Records office. 

If your research at UCL has been publicly funded you must also apply directly to the research council or charity for an extension. UCL will not do this for you. A copy of the letter from your funding body with their decision in relation to the extension must be attached to this application.

Many of the funding bodies apply sanctions to the department if students do not submit their thesis within 4 years from the start of registration. You should discuss this with both your supervisor and your departmental graduate tutor before submitting this application.