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Economy and Society in Eastern & Central Europe: Workshop in Economic History and Development

03 April 2017–04 April 2017, 9:00 am–2:30 pm

Ilia Efimovich Repin, Burlaki na Volge…

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UCL SSEES, Room 347

Economies do not operate in a vacuum; societies can scarcely be conceived outside of their economic context. The specifics of the economy-society interactions, however, are much harder to pin down. Central and Eastern Europe provides fruitful ground for the investigation of such interactions, given the varied history. The WEast network was established in 2011 with a view to connect scholars and researchers who work to document and analyze the economic developments and social history of the region in a quantitative way.

The workshop in London offers an opportunity for all economic and social historians and cliometricians to present their research. The workshop will be hosted by the Center for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies at UCL School of Slavonic and East-European Studies, a leading institution in historical and social-science research on the East and Central-European region for over a hundred years. Part of the program will be devoted to the special issue of the Economic History of Developing Regions on the topic. The workshop will support the prospective authors in the revision process and encourage further collaboration between WEast, the School and the Journal.

Provisional Programme:

Monday 3rd April
8.00-9.00Registration (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)
9.00-10.00Introduction & Welcome - Tomas Cvrcek, Mikolaj Malinowski, Tamas Vonyo, Jacob Weisdorf & Leigh Gardner
10.00-11.00Session 1: Life under real socialism
Jang Young-ook - The Road Home: the role of ethnicity in Soviet and post-Soviet migration.
Cathrin Mohr - Carrots and sticks: Housing construction and the opposition in the German Democratic Republic
11.00-11.30Coffee break (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)
11.30-12.30Session 2: Education
Tomas Cvrcek & Miroslav Zajicek - The Making of a Liberal Education: Political Economy of the Austrian school reform, 1865 - 1875
Natalia Platonova & Oleg Morozov - At the Beginning of Commercial Education in the Russian Empire
12.30-14.00Lunch (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)
14.00-15.30Session 3: Winds of change in production and consumption
Tamás Vonyó & Alexander Klein - Why did socialist economies fail? The role of factor inputs reconsidered
Vladyslava Moskalets - Unwillingness to modernize: participation of the Jews in the oil industry in Galicia (1860-1900)
Pinar Ceylan - Was There a Consumer Revolution in the Ottoman Empire?
15.30-16.00Coffee break (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)

Keynote lecture Introduced by Alex Klein

Mark Harrison: State capacity and secrecy: a look behind the iron curtain

Tuesday 4th April
9.00-10.30Session 4: Finance and trade
Nikita Lychakov - Government-made bank distress: industrialisation policies and the 1899-1902 Russian financial crisis
Matthias Morys - Did financial market underdevelopment hold back economic growth? Evidence from South-East Europe, 1870s - 1939
Stefan Nikolic  - Market Integration of a Uniquely Diverse Country: Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Interwar Period
10.30-11.00Coffee break (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)
11.00-12.00Session 5: Pre-modern economy and society
Mikolaj Szoltysek et al. - Family Organization and human inequalities in historic Europe: testing the association anew
Alex Klein - Understanding Serfdom: Methodology for Limited Access Societies
12.00-14.00Lunch (Masaryk Room, 4th Floor)
14.00-15.30Session 6: Incomes: bottom, top and aggregate
Tymofii Brik
- Wages of male and femal domestic workers in Cossack Hetmanate, 1765 - 1769
Pawel Bukowski & Filip Novokmet - Top incomes in Poland: from the 1890s until today
Piotr Lozowski - Real Estate Market as a Indicator Of Economic Growth in Warsaw in the 15th and Beginning of the 16th Century

Local organizers: Tomáš Cvrček (t.cvrcek@ucl.ac.uk)

WEast organizers: Tamás Vonyó, Mikołaj Malinowski, Jacob Weisdorf

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 Image: Ilia Efimovich Repin, Burlaki na Volge, 1870-1873