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UCL Centre for New Economic Transitions

About the Centre

The UCL Centre for New Economic Transitions (CNET) brings together leading economists, political scientists, sociologists, and historians to shed new light on the deep causes and future trajectories of the significant transitions taking place in modern economies. The Centre’s research directions focus on four structural transitions: socio-economic, technological, institutional, and environmental.

You can read the full rationale for the Centre here.

The Centre provides a research environment for UCL faculty and PhD students. Its activities include running a regular seminars series and international workshops, editing a Working Paper Series, and supporting research financially.

The Centre comprises of 14 co-investigators and 15 affiliate members from UCL and from universities in the UK and abroad (including Russia, the Czech Republic, Korea, Mexico, etc.). It is hosted and initially funded for 5 years by the UCL’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

For further information, contact Dr Marco Ranaldi, Director of the Centre (m.ranaldi@ucl.ac.uk), or Dr Pawel Bukowski (p.bukowski@ucl.ac.uk), Co-Director of the Centre.