UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Politics and Sociology Seminar Series

The SSEES Politics & Sociology Seminar Series brings together people interested in cutting-edge social science research relating to the SSEES region.

These seminars provide an opportunity to present and discuss in-progress research by invited researchers, as well as members of SSEES.

All are welcome to attend!

This seminar series was previously known as the Centre for European Politics, Security and Integration.

Politics & Sociology Seminar series

Day: Thursdays
Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Summer Term 2024

24 April 2024: LGBTQ+ Rights in Poland: Quo Vadis?

01 May 2024: Book launch: Party People: Electoral Candidates and Party Evolution

Event videos:

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Spring Term 2024

29 February 2024: Juggling Justice: Insights from the Strasbourg Bench

07 March 2024: Are second chambers seen as a safeguard for democracy? Evidence from the Czech Republic

15 March 2024: The legacy of Professor Teodor Shanin

21 March 2024: EU policy making, political science and the democratization of Central and Eastern Europe

Autumn Term 2023
19 October 2023

The Authoritarian International: Tracing How Authoritarian Regimes Learn in the Post-Soviet Space

Book cover of The Authoritarian International: Tracing How Authoritarian Regimes Learn in the Post-Soviet Space
15 November 2023

The Survival of the Lukashenka Regime after the 2020 Uprising and Its Manipulation of the Past

Photo of David Marples
29 November 2023

Rethinking post-communist regimes – a roundtable discussion

Cover of the book the Anatomy of Post-Communist regimes
Autumn Term 2022
05 October 2022

Nuclear Cultural Heritage in Peace and War

An imaginary atomic landscape generated with Midjourney by the artist Agne Gintalaite
21 October 2022

Human Rights against Democratic Backsliding in Poland

People holding up a banner with the picture of Judge Igor Tuleya
27 October 2022

Ukraine war, clash of authoritarianisms, global realignments

Hand against the glass, Kyiv 2022
Spring Term 2022
10 March 2022

Strategic repositioning in the party system: The electoral success of the Polish Green Party

Polish Green party march for equality
Spring Term 2020
16 January 

Dr John Reuter (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
‘Civic Duty and Voting under Autocracy’

30 January

Dr Ben Abrams (UCL SSEES)
‘Theorizing Resistance Movements'

27 February

Dr Natasha Kuhrt (King’s College London)
The nexus between Russian policies in Africa and UN peacekeeping missions'

26 March


Dr Agnieszka Kubal (UCL SSEES)
‘Can statelessness be legally productive? The struggle for the rights of noncitizens in Russia?’

Autumn Term 2019
Autumn Term 2019 Programme
24 October

Professor Mark Galeotti (UCL SSEES)
'The Silovik-Industrial Complex: The National Guard as Coercive, Political, Economic and Cultural Force'

21 November

Dr Nevena Nancheva (Kingston University)
‘Migration in Brexit Britain: Belonging and Deservingness in a Shifting Community of Value’

5 December

Dr Precious Chatterje-Doody (Open University)
‘Visualising the Belt and Road Initiative on Russia Today: From Infrastructural Project to Human Development’