UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


South-East European Studies Seminar Series

Through this seminar series, we promote the study of Balkan politics and societies through an interdisciplinary lens

Our activities are supported by the SSEES Library, whose holdings on South-East Europe comprise some 50,000 volumes including, notably, the Moses Gaster collection of old Romanian books, the collection bequeathed by Sir Arthur Evans, the Seton-Watson archive, and the wartime archive of King Zog of Albania.

We also play host to the Alexander Nash Albanian Studies Programme. 

Day/Time: Wednesday, 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: Room 347, UCL SSEES, 16 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW

(unless otherwise specified)

2018/19 Spring Programme

16 January 2019

Geoffrey Pugh (Staffordshire) :

“The effects of ethnic diversity on income: an empirical investigation using survey data from Bosnia-Herzegovina”

6 February 2019, 3pm

LG11, Bentham House

Jelena Obradović-Wochnik (Birmingham):

“Urban geographies of the refugee crisis: biopolitics, neoliberalism and contestation over public space in Belgrade”


20 February 2019


Roman Kuhar (University of Ljubljana):

“Stop Gender! Anti-gender movements in Europe”

25 February 2019

Renata J. Kirin (the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore )

Women Professional Revolutionaries between Party's Fears and Leftist Forgetfulness

6 March 2019

Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

Michael Pugh (Bradford):

“What about the Workers? Precarity in post-conflict Yugoslavia.”

11 March 2019Jill Massino (UNC Charlotte):

“To fight for their rights, against U.S. aggression”: Romania and the Vietnam War

15 March 2019Klarita Gërxhani (European University Institute):
“Formal and informal institutions in the Western Balkans: who does what and why”
24 April 2019 CANCELLEDCANCELLED Justin Elliott (University of Prishtina):
"Socialist in form, national in content: nation-building and Albanian language politics in Kosovo"

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