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"SSEESing" events are expert discussions hosted by the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

Flagship "SSEESing" evening events bring together both SSEES-based and external scholars and commentators to discuss and illuminate topics of interest to the general public relating to the SSEES region. The goal of these events is to help audience members navigate the multiple dimensions of topical issues, highlighting the expertise of SSEES members, as well as the School's engagement with non-academic actors and audiences. We aim to hold two large events per year.

In addition to these events, "SSEESing NOW" sessions provide an opportunity for expert briefings to the media, members of the academic community, and members of the general public on breaking issues in the SSEES region. These sessions take place on an ad hoc basis, responding to events as they develop.

Members of the public and press are warmly invited to attend these events to hear expert analysis on regional and current affairs.

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SSEESing NOW Events


Event Recording

Briefing Document
29 November 2023Rethinking post-communist regimes – a roundtable discussion
15 November 2023

SSEESing Russia’s Overlooked Invasion: Lessons from the 2014 War in Ukraine

08 December 2022

Keir Giles on Russia's War on Everybody

28 March 2022SSEES experts on developments in the Russia-Ukraine war
15 March 2022Ukrainian refugee crisis – Eastern Europe and beyond
3 February 2022Making sense of the new Ukraine-Russia crisis

20 September 2021


Alexei Navalny and the future of Russia’s political opposition 

27 January 2021

The Return of Alexei Navalny

The Return of Alexei Navalny

28 October 2020

Abortion Crisis in Poland

Abortion Crisis in Poland

27 July 2020

SSEESing the Russia report

SSEESing the Russia report

16 July 2020

New wave of political repression in Belarus. What can the West do?

New wave of political repression in Belarus. What can the West do?

24 January 2020

SSEESing Russian constitutional reform


15 October 2019

Poland at a crossroads? Analysing the 2019 parliamentary elections

Poland at a crossroads? Analysing the 2019 parliamentary elections

9 October 2019

Will Ukraine bring down Trump?

Will Ukraine bring down Trump?