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UCL Centre for New Economic Transitions Working Papers

The Centre issues a Working Papers Series and publishes datasets.

Working Papers and Datasets

The working paper series is a collection of research papers reflecting the interests of the economics and business group within UCL SSEES. It focuses principally on the economies of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, and it encompasses the following fields of enquiry: financial economics, entrepreneurship and business economics, corporate governance, innovation and technical change, international trade, FDI, economic growth and inflationary process, health and well-being, agriculture and rural development, labour markets and political economy.

The Economics & Business: Working Papers are peer reviewed. External contributors are welcome to submit their work to the editor of the series, Dr Illias Chondrogionnis.


Working PaperTitleAuthorsView Datasets

Bank financial innovation and SMEs lending: do we experience a transformation in a bank-SME relationship?

Aneta Hryckiewicz, Julia Korosteleva, Lukasz Kozlowski,Malwina Rzepka and Ruomeng WangView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitleAuthorsView Datasets
2021/9Drivers of Political Participation: Are Prospective Migrants Different? Elodie Douarin and Dragos RaduView Paper on UCL Discovery
2021/3New Bank Resolution Mechanisms: is it the end of the bailout era?Aneta Hryckiewicz, Natalia Kryg and Dimitrios P. TsomocosView Paper on UCL Discovery
2021/1Systemic Risk in the Chinese Banking SectorIlias Chondrogiannis and Eugene NivorozhkinView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitleAuthorsView Datasets
2020/2The Feminisation U, Cultural Norms and the PloughElodie Douarin and Luca UbertiView Paper on UCL Discovery
2020/1Benchmarking innovation policy in catching up and emerging economies: methodology for innovation policy indexSlavo RadosevicView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitleAuthorsView Datasets
2019/1Entrepeneurial and intrapeneurial growth in Central and Eastern European ventures driven by the fit between micro and macro level opportunity exploitationEsin YorukView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitleAuthorsView Datasets
2018/3Modelling the costs of informal networking: Evidence from the Western Balkans regionAdnan Efendic and Alena LedenevaView Paper on UCL Discovery

Authoritarian populism at work: A political transaction cost approach with refrence to Viktor Orban's

Zoltán ÁdámView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitle AuthorsView Dataset

War and Social Attitudes

Travers Barclay Child and Elena Nikolova

View Paper on UCL Discovery
2017/4Diversity and Collaboration in EconomicsSultan OrazbayevView Paper on UCL Discovery
2017/3The Making of a Liberal Education: Political Economy of the Austrian School Reform, 1865 – 1875Tomas Cvrcek and Miroslav ZajicekView Paper on UCL Discovery
2017/2Export incentives and global value chainsSvetlana LedyayevaView Paper on UCL Discovery
2017/1International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobilitySultan OrazbayevView Paper on UCL Discovery


Working PaperTitle AuthorsView Dataset
2016/5Impact of Financial Integration on Growth in Developing, Transition, and Emerging Market Economies: Quest for Threshold AnalysisSaim Amir Faisal SamiView Paper on UCL Discovery
2016/4Fiscal Consolidations and Their Effects on Income Inequality


Conrad Scheibe

Download paper
(1MB PDF file)
2016/3Determinants of Bank-Sovereign DistressRaphael Espinoza and Miguel SegovianoDownload paper
(1MB PDF file)
2016/2A New Metrics of Technology Upgrading: The Central and East European Countries in a Comparative PerspectiveSlavo Radosevic and Esin YorukDownload paper
(1.5MB PDF file)


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