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Papers (2015)

Papers (2013 - 2014 )
No.132 (November 2014)

'The Political Economy of Crisis Adjustment in Central and Eastern Europe' by Daniel Kral

No. 131 (October 2014)

'Modernization through large S&T projects: Assessing Russia’s Drive for Innovation-Led Development via Skolkovo Innovation Centre' by Slavo Radosevic and Imogen Wade

No. 130 (September 2014)

'China and Russia: Institutional Coherence between the Banking Systems' by A Vernikov

No.129 (September 2014)

'Risk and Uncertainty: Macroeconomic Perspective' by Svetlana Makarova

No. 127 (May 2014)

'Technology Choices and Growth: Testing and Expending the propositions of New Structural Economics in Transition Economies' by Randolph Luca Bruno, Elodie Douarin, Julia Korosteleva and Slavo Radosevic

No. 126 (January 2014)

'Are Foreign-Owned Firms Different? Comparison of Employment Volatility and Elasticity of Labour Demand' by Jaanika Meriküll and Tairi Rõõm

No. 125 (November 2013)

'Assessing the Impact of the Maternity Capital Policy in Russia Using a Dynamic Model of Fertility and Employment' by Fabián Slonimczyk and Anna Yurko

No. 124 (April 2013)

'Making the Most of High Inflation' by Wojciech W. Charemza, Svetlana Makarova and Imran Shah

No. 123 (April 2013)

'Lerner meets Gravity' by Joseph Francois and Miriam Manchin

No. 122 (April 2013)

'Growth Aspirations and Social Capital: Young Firms in a Post-Conflict Environment' by Adnan Efendic, Tomasz M. Mickiewicz and Anna Rebmann

No. 121 (January 2013)

'Corruption and Management Practices: Firm Level Evidence' by Daphne Athanasouli and Antoine Goujard


Papers (2009-2012)
No. 120 (November 2012)

'Entrepreneurial Dynamics and Higher Education Institutions: Evidence from the Post-Communist World' by Maksim Belitski and Julia Korosteleva

No. 119 (October 2012)

'Which Institutions Encourage Entrepreneurial Growth Aspirations?' by Saul Estrin, Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz

No. 118  (March 2012)

'Corruption and Firm Growth: Evidence from China' by Yuanyuan Wang and Jing You

No. 117 (January 2012)

'Entrepreneurial Propensity of Innovation Systems' by Slavo Radosevic and Esin Yoruk

No. 116 (July 2011)

'Industrial Associations as a Channel of Business-Government Interactions in an Imperfect Institutional Environment: The Russian Case' by Andrei Yakovlev and Andrei Govorun

No. 115 (June 2011; revised November 2012)

'Entrepreneurship, Social Capital and Institutions: Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship Across Nations' by Saul Estrin, Tomasz Mickiewicz and Ute Stephan; *Final version in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

No. 114 (February 2011)

'Institutional Determinants of New Firm Entry in Russia: a Crossregional Analysis' by Randolph Luca Bruno, Maria Bytchkova, and Saul Estrin

No. 113 (November 2010)

'Gross Domestic Expenditures (GDE): The Need for a New National Aggregate Statistic' by Mark Skousen

No. 112 (October 2010)

'Governance Structures in Russian manufacturing: assessment using sample survey data' by Svetlana Avdasheva and Nadezhda Goreyko

No. 111 (October 2010)

'Russian Manufacturing Revisited: Industrial Enterprises at the Start of the Crisis' by Boris Kuznetsov, Tatiana Dolgopyatova, Vladimir Gimpelson, Victoria Golikova, Ksenia Gonchar, Andrei Yakovlev and Yevgeny Yasin

No. 110 (August 2010)

'Impact of financial crises on poverty in developing world: an empirical approach' by Zlatko Nikoloski

No. 109 (June 2010)

'Knowledge Source Preferences as Determinants of Strategic Entrepreneurial Orientation' by Slavo Radosevic, Esin Yoruk and Richard Woodward

No. 108 (June 2010)

'Integration or Regionalization: Regional Industrial Specialization in Russia' by Svetlana Golovanova

No. 107 (April 2010)

'Legitimacy of inequality and the stability of income distributions in Poland' by Zbigniew Karpiński

No. 106 (March 2010)

'Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies; The Role of Institutions and Generational Change' by Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz; *Final version in Maria Minniti (ed), "The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Activity", Oxford University Press, Chapter 10, January 2011.

No. 105 (February 2010)

'Mass Privatisation and the Post-Communist Mortality Crisis: Is There Really a Relationship?' by John S. Earle and Scott Gehlbach

No. 104 (February 2010)

'Russian banking: A comeback of the state' by Andrei Vernikov

No. 103 (February 2010)

'Did Mass Privatisation Really Increase Post-Communist Male Mortality?' by Christopher J Gerry, Tomasz M Mickiewicz and Zlatko Nikoloski; *Final version published in "The Lancet", January 2010, 375, p. 371.

No. 102 (November 2009)

'Institutional Environment, Innovative Entrepreneurial Entry and Venture Capital Financing' by Gian Fazio and Tomasz Mickiewicz

No. 101 (November 2009)

'Are Systems of Innovation in Eastern Europe Efficient?' by Victoria Kravtsova and Slavo Radosevic

No. 100 (October 2009)

'The Russian Corporation: Patterns of Behavior during the Crisis' by Andrei Yakovlev, Yuri Simachev and Yuri Danilov

No. 99 (January 2009)

'Foreign Direct Investments Distribution in the Russian Federation: Do Spatial Effects Matter?' by Tullio Buccllato and Francesco Santangelo

Papers (2005-2008)

No. 98 (Dec 2008)

'Rule of Law, Institutional Quality and Information'

Randolph Luca Bruno



No. 97 (Dec 2008)

'China, India and Russia: Economic Reforms, Structural Change and Regional Disparities'

Michele Alessandrini and Tullio Buccellato


No. 96 (Dec 2008, rev. Nov 2010)

'Start-Up Financing in the Age of Globalisation'

Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz


Final version published in "Emerging Markets Finance and Trade", 2011, 47 (3), pp.23-49.


No. 95 (Dec 2008)

'Possible Impact of Corporate Governance Profile on a Russian Bank Valuation'

Vassily Bokov and Andrei Vernikov



No. 94 (Nov 2008)

'Is There the Rule of Law in Russia? The Case of Corporate Raiding: A Note'

Elena Zhuravskaya



No. 93 (Nov 2008)

'Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe: Myth and Reality'

Slavo Radošević, Maja Savić and Richard Woodward



No. 92 (Sept 2008)

'Brain Drain with FDI Gain? Factor Mobility between Eastern and Western Europe'

Gianfranco De Simoney and Miriam Manchin

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No. 91 (Sept 2008)

'Party-System Institutionalization and Democracy: The Case of Russia'

Kenneth Wilson



No. 90 (Aug 2008; revised Jul 2009)

'Hierarchy of Governance Institutions and the Pecking Order of Privatisation: Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia reconsidered'

Tomasz Mickiewicz


Final version published in "Post Communist Economies", 2009, 21 (4), pp. 399-423.


No. 89 (Apr 2008)

'Macroeconomic Stability, Governance and Growth: Empirical Lessons from the Post-Communist Transition'

Christopher Gerry, Jong-Kyu Lee and Tomasz Mickiewicz


Final version published in Enrico Marelli and Marcello Signorelli (ed.), 2010, "Economic Growth and Structural Features of Transition", Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 2.


No. 88 (Apr 2008)

'Entrepreneurship in Russia'

Ruta Aidis, Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz



Final version published in Léo-Paul Dana, Mary Han, Vanessa Ratten, and Isabell M. Welpe (eds.), 2009, "Handbook Of Research On Asian Entrepreneurship", Edward Elgar, Chapter 30.


No. 87 (Feb 2008)

'Utility payments in Ukraine: affordability, subsidies and arrears'

Samuel Fankhauser, Yulia Rodionova and Elisabetta Falcetti



No. 86 (Feb 2008)

'Voluntary Enrolment in the Peruvian Private Pension System'

Carmen A Li and Javier Olivera


No. 85 (Jan 2008; revised Aug 2010)

'Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses' Growth Expectations and Financial Performance in Latvia: Does Ethnicity Matter?'

Ruta Aidis, Tomasz Mickiewicz and Arnis Sauka


Final version published in "Journal of Baltic Studies", 2011, 42 (3), pp. 359-378.


No. 84 (Dec 2007)

'The Sustainability of Russia's Energy Power: Implications for the Russian Economy'

Philip Hanson



No. 83 (Oct 2007)

' 'Oligarchs', Business and Russian Foreign Policy: From El'tsin to Putin'

Peter Duncan



No. 82 (Oct 2007)

'Policies for Promoting Technological Catching Up: Towards Post-Washington Approach'

Slavo Radošević



No. 81 (Oct 2007; revised Jun 2010)

'Size Matters: Entrepreneurial Entry and Government'

Ruta Aidis, Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz



Final version appeared in "Small Business Economics" journal.


No. 80 (Sept 2007; revised Feb 2008)

'Oil and Gas: a Blessing for Few Hydrocarbons and Within-Region Inequality in Russia'

Tullio Buccellato and Tomasz Mickiewicz



Final version published in "Europe Asia Studies", 2009, 61 (3), pp. 385-407.


No. 79 (Aug 2007)

'Institutions and Entrepreneurship Development in Russia: A Comparative Perspective'

Ruta Aidis, Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz


Final version published in "Journal of Business Venturing", 2008, 23, pp. 656-672.


No. 78 (Jul 2007)

'Corporate Governance and Control in Russian Banks'

Andrei Vernikov



No. 77 (May 2007)

'Institutions, Infrastructure, and Trade'

Joseph Francois and Miriam Manchin



No. 76 (Apr 2007)

'The Great Divide: "Ruralisation" of Poverty in Russia'

Christopher Gerry, Eugene Nivorozhkin and John Rigg



No. 75 (Apr 2007)

'Research and Development and Competitiveness in South Eastern Europe: Asset or Liability for EU Integration?'

Slavo Radošević

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No. 74 (Mar 2007)

'Inequality, Democracy and Taxation: Lessons from the Post-Communist Transition'

Christopher Gerry and Tomasz Mickiewicz


Final version published in "Europe Asia Studies", 2008, 60 (1), pp. 89-111.

No. 73 (Feb 2007)

'National Systems of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: In Search of a Missing Link'

Slavo Radošević


No. 72 (Feb 2007)

'Convergence across Russian Regions: A Spatial Econometrics Approach'

Tullio Buccellato



No. 71 (Dec 2006)

'Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and Hungary: Results from 4 case studies'

Kate Bishop



No. 70 (Dec 2006)

'Do Institutions Matter for Technological Change in Transition Economies? The Case of the Russia's 89 regions and republics.'

Brigitte Granville and Carol S. Leonard



No. 69 (Dec 2006)

'Growth, Integration and Spillovers in the Central and East European Software Industry'
Slavo Radošević



No. 68 (Oct 2006)

'Nature and Determinants of Productivity Growth of Foreign Subsidiaries in Central and East European Countries'

Boris Majcen, Slavo Radošević and Matija Rojec



No. 67 (Aug 2006)

'Russia: Firm Entry and Survival'

Ruta Aidis and Yuko Adachi



No. 66 (Aug 2006)

'Between Vision and Reality: Promoting Innovation through Technoparks in Kazakhstan'

Slavo Radošević and Marat Myrzakhmet



No. 65 (Jun 2006)

'Fiscal Transparency and Policy Rules in Poland'

Rafal Benecki, Jens Hölscher and Mariusz Jarmuzek



Final version published in P. Jaworski and T. Mickiewicz (eds.), 2006, "Polish EU Accession in Comparative Perspective", SSEES UCL, Chapter 1.


No. 64 (May 2006)

'Construction of Home by Polish and Lithuanian Migrants in the UK'

Violetta Parutis



No. 63 (May 2006)

'Ownership Structure and Development of Polish Life Insurance Companies - Evidence from 1991 to 2004'

Adam Sliwinski



No. 62 (Jan 2006)

'Corporate Governance, Managers' Independence, Exporting and Performance of Firms in Transition Economies'

Igor Filatotchev, Natalia Isachenkova and Tomasz Mickiewicz



Final version published in 'Emerging Markets Finance and Trade', 2007, 43, 5, pp. 65-80.

No. 61 (Dec 2005)

'Entrepreneurship in Transition Countries: A Review'

Ruta Aidis



No. 60 (Nov 2005)

'New Estimates of the Risk and Duration of Registered Unemployment in Urban Russia'

Anton Nivorozhkin



No. 59 (Oct 2005)

'De-industrialisation and the Post-Communist Transition. Rowthorn and Wells' Model Revisited'

Tomasz Mickiewicz and Anna Zalewska



Final version published in "Acta Oeconomica", 2006, 56 (2), pp. 143-166.

No. 58 (Aug 2005)

'Upgrading Russian Enterprises from the Value Chain Perspective: the Case Study of Tube & Pipe, and Furniture Sectors'

Svetlana Avdasheva, Igor Budanov, Victoria Golikova and Andrei Yakovlev



No. 57 (Aug 2005)

'The Promotion of Innovation in Slovenia through Knowledge Transfer from Higher Education Institutions to SME's'

Will Bartlett and Vladimir Bukvič



No. 56 (Jul 2005)

'Reconstitution of Post-Soviet Ex-State Enterprises into Russian Business Firms under Institutional Weaknesses'

Yuko Adachi



No. 55 (Jun 2005)

'Post-Communist Recessions Re-examined'

Tomasz M. Mickiewicz



Final version published in T. Mickiewicz, 2010, Economics of Institutional Change, Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 6.


No. 54 (May 2005)

'Leadership and Corruption in Russia, 2000-2004'

Alena V. Ledeneva



No. 53 (Mar 2005)

'Foreign Direct Investment and Restructuring in the Automotive Industry in Central and East Europe'

Slavo Radošević and Andrew Rozeik



No. 52 (Mar 2005)

'Financial Performance of Groups of Companies in Poland against the Background of Historical Determinants and Knowledge Management Procedures Applied'

Jan Chadam and Zbigniew Pastuszak



No. 51 (Feb 2005)

'Are the EU New Member States Fiscally Sustainable? An Empirical Analysis'

Mariusz Jarmuzek



No. 50    

'Growth Expectations of Business Owners: Impact of Human Capital, Firm Characteristics and Environmental Transition'

Ruta Aidis and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Final version published in "Europe Asia Studies", 2006, 58 (6), pp. 855-880.


No. 49 (Jan 2005)

'Firms' capabilities related to the economic system: cases from Ukraine and Russia'

Gustavo Rinaldi

Papers (2001-2004)

No. 48

'Ambiguity of Social Networks in Post-Communist Contexts'

Dr Alena Ledeneva

No. 47 (Nov 2004)

'Privatisation, Corporate Control and Employment Growth: Evidence from a Panel of Large Polish Firms, 1996-2002'

Tomasz Mickiewicz, Christopher J Gerry and Kate Bishop

Final version published in "Economic Systems", 2005, 29, pp. 98-119.

No. 46 (Oct 2004)

'Wage Bargaining, Privatisation, Ability to Pay, and Outside Options - Evidence from Hungary'

Janos Köllő and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Final version published in "Post Communist Economies", 2005, 17 (4), pp. 465-483.

No. 45 (Sept 2003)

'Informal Practices in Changing Societies: Comparing Chinese Guanxi and Russian Blat'

Dr Alena Ledeneva

No. 44 (Sept 2004)

'The Estonian Organizations - The Subjects of Transformation'

Maaja Vadi and Harry Roots

No. 43 (Sept 2004)

'Coping with Economic Shocks: Consumption Smoothing and the 1998 Russian Financial Crisis'

Christopher Gerry and Carmen Li

No. 42 (July 2004)

'Insurance Company Financial Management by Optimising Premium Level: the case of Poland.'

Adam Sliwinski

No. 41 (July 2004)

'Sustainability of the Estonian Macroeconomic Performance in the Light of the EU Membership'

Katrin Olenko

No. 40 (June 2004)

'Autonomy and Capacity: A state-centred approach to post-communist transition in Central Europe'

Zoltán Ádám

No. 39 (June 2004)

'Job Creation and Job Destruction in Estonia: Labour Reallocation and Structural Changes'

Jaan Masso, Raul Eamets and Kaia Philips

No. 38 (June 2004)

'Creative Destruction and Transition: the Effects of Firm Entry and Exit on Productivity Growth in Estonia.'

Jaan Masso, Raul Eamets and Kaia Philips

No. 37 (Apr 2004)

'Inherited Labour Hoarding, Insiders and Employment Growth. Panel Data Results: Poland, 1996-2002.'

Tomasz Mickiewicz, Chris Gerry, Kate Bishop

Note: this is an earlier version of No. 47.

No. 36 (Feb 2004)

'Growth of Enterprises through Alliances in Central Europe'

Slavo Radošević

No. 35 (Dec 2003)

'Ownership Characteristics and Access to Finance: Evidence from a Survey of Large Privatised Companies in Hungary and Poland'

Natalia Isachenkova and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Final version published in "Economics of Transition", 2007, 15 (3), pp. 433-460 [with Igor Filatotchev as co-author].

No. 34 (Jul 2003)

'The Influence of Alliances on Corporate Growth in the Post-Soviet Period: LUKoil and YUKOS'

James Henderson and Slavo Radošević

No. 33 (Jun 2003)

'Corporate Control and Governance Practices in Russia'

Yuko Iji

No. 32 (Jun 2003)

'Income Diversity in Rural Lithuania: Benefits, Barriers, and Incentives'

Dirk J. Bezemer

No. 31 (May 2003)

'A Two-Tier or Multi-Tier Europe: Assessing the Innovation Capacities of Central and East European Countries in the Enlarged EU'

Slavo Radošević

No. 30 (Mar 2003)

'Industrial Policy and European Integration: lessons from experience in Western Europe over the last 25 years'

Margaret Sharp

No. 29 (Jan 2003)

'The emerging industrial architecture of the wider Europe: The co-evolution of industrial and political structures'

Slavo  Radošević

No. 28 (Jan 2003)

'Corporate Governance and Industrial Relations in Poland'

Michał Federowicz

No. 27 (Aug 2002)

'Industries, Costs and Macroeconomic Regimes in Central and Eastern European Countries: Towards Stylised Facts'

Djuro Kutlaca and Slavo Radošević

No. 26 (Aug 2002)

'Short-run Lats Rate Movements: Impact of Foreign Currency Shocks via Trade and Financial Markets'

Martins Kazaks and Duo Qin

No. 25 (Aug 2002)

'Innovation Activities in Polish Industry in 1998-2000: Main Results from the GUS 2001 Innovation Survey'

Grażyna Niedbalska

No. 24 (Jun 2002)

'The Gender Wage Gap and Wage Arrears in Russia: Evidence from the RLMS'

Christopher Gerry, Byung-Yeon Kim and Carmen Li

No. 23 (Jun 2002)

'Trade and Industrial Upgrading in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Patterns of Scale and Scope-based Learning'

Ulrike Hotopp, Slavo Radošević and Kate Bishop

No. 22 (Apr 2002)

'Corporate Governance and Stock Market Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: A Study of nine countries, 1994-2001'

Anete Pajuste

No. 21 (Mar 2002)

'The electronics industry in central and eastern Europe: an emerging production location in the alignment of networks perspective'

Slavo Radošević

No. 20 (Mar 2002)

'Industrial Integration and Growth of Firm in Transition Economies: The case of a French Multinational Company'

Denis Eylem Yoruk

No. 19 (Mar 2002)

'Patterns of Industrial Upgrading in the Clothing Industry in Poland and Romania'

Denis Eylem Yoruk

No. 18 (Mar 2002)

'Innovation strategies in central Europe: a corporate perspective'

Sangita Shah

No. 17 (Mar 2002)

'The Russian Triple Crisis 1998: Currency, Finance and Budget'

Venla Sipilä

No. 16 (Mar 2002)

'Integration of Poland into EU Global Industrial Networks: The Evidence and the Main Challenges'

Stefan Dunin-Wasowicz, Michal Gorzynski and Richard Woodward

No. 15 (Mar 2002)

'Markets and networks in Romania - life after disorganisation'

Geomina Turlea and Cezar Mereuta

No. 14 (Mar 2002)

'Integration of Slovenia into EU and Global Industrial Networks: Review of Existing Evidence'

Matija Rojec and Andreja Jaklic

No. 13 (Mar 2002)

'FDI and Industrial Networks in Hungary'

Judit Hamar

No. 12 (Feb 2002)

'European Integration and Complementarities Driven Network Alignment: The Case of ABB in Central and Eastern Europe'

Slavo Radošević

No. 11 (Feb 2002)

'Consolidation of Ownership and Market Consolidation: The Role of Relational Investors on the Polish Beer Market 1990 -1999'

Michał Górzyński

No. 10 (Feb 2002)

'Performance after Mass Privatisation :The Case of Slovenia'

Marko Simoneti, Joze P. Damijan, Boris Majcen and Matija Rojec

No. 9 (Feb 2002)

'Ownership Structure and the Operating Performance of Hungarian Firms'

Kevin Campbell

No. 8 (Feb 2002)

'Changes in Corporate Governance Structures in Polish Privatised Companies'

Piotr Kozarzewskihttp://discovery.ucl.ac.uk/17570/

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No. 7 (Jan 2002)

'Patterns of Preservation, Restructuring and Survival: Science and Technology Policy in Russia in the Post Soviet Era'

Slavo Radošević

No. 6 (Jan 2002)

'Russia and the IMF: Pseudo Lending for Pseudo Reforms'

Milan Nikolic

No. 5 (Jan 2002)

'Endogenous Ownership Structure: Factors Affecting the Post-Privatisation Equity in Largest Hungarian Firms'

Kate Bishop, Igor Filatotchev and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Full text now published in "Acta Oeconomica", Vol. 52, No.4, p. 443-471.

No. 4 (Dec 2001)

'Ownership Concentration, 'Private Benefits of Control' and Debt Financing'

Igor Filatotchev and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Final version published in T. Mickiewicz (ed.), 2006, "Corporate Governance and Finance in Poland and Russia", Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 8, pp. 159-176.

No. 3 (Jun 2001)

'Videoton: the Growth of Enterprise through Entrepreneurship and Network Alignment'

Slavo Radošević and Deniz Eylem Yoruk

No. 2 (Jun 2001)

'The First Phase of the Internationalisation Process: Export Determinants in Firms of the Former Soviet Union.' 

K. Bishop

No. 1 (Apr 2001)

'The issues of enterprise growth in transition and post-transition period: the case of Polish 'Elektrim.' 

S. Radošević, D. Dornisch and D. E. Yoruk

Final version published in T. Mickiewicz (ed.), 2006, "Corporate Governance and Finance in Poland and Russia", Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 5, pp. 91-118 [with Piotr Jaworski as co-author].