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Prof Campos


Prof. Nauro Ferreira Campos

Nauro F. Campos has been Professor in Economics at University College London since September 2019 and Research Professor at ETH-Zürich. His main fields of interest are political economy, comparative economics and European integration.

Dr Ilias Chondrogiannis

Academic Director

Dr Ilias Chondrogiannis

Ilias is a Teaching Fellow, who has been at SSEES since 2017. His research area is jumps in asset prices, systemic risk and portfolio management.

Senior Members

Randolph Bruno…
Dr Randolph Bruno
Randolph’s broad specialisation is applied-microeconomics, with a specific emphasis on comparative economics, development , labour and applied micro-econometrics
Dr Tomas Cvrcek…
Dr Tomas Cvrcek
My research interests focus on economic history of Central and Eastern Europe, especially issues connected with the rise of modern schooling, the demographic transition, technological change and the accompanying change in living standards
Dr Pete Duncan…
Dr Peter Duncan
Peter works on Russian politics and Russian foreign policy, particularly on how domestic political, ideological, economic and social change inside Russia affects foreign policy
Dr Elodie Douarin…
Dr Elodie Douarin (Director until 2019)
Elodie is a Development Economist with broad research interests and is currently working on the causes and consequences of conflict, aspects of political participation, migration and subjective wellbeing
New Staff Profiles 2015…
Dr Filipa Figueira
Filipa Figueira’s main interests are political economy and the European Union. She has been at SSEES for six years, and before that was a researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Dr Yumei Ji…
 Dr Yuemei Ji
-European monetary integration
-Financial development in China and its impact on foreign exchange rate
-Chinese government and private debt
-Exchange-rate regime and financial crises in emerging markets
Dr Julia Korosteleva…
 Dr Julia Korosteleva
Julia is Senior Lecturer in Business Economics at UCL SSEES. Her research interests lie in the field of entrepreneurship, start-up finance, regional economics, and financial development.
Jan Kubik
Prof Jan Kubik
Jan works on the interplay between power (politics) and culture, protest politics and social movements, and postcommunist transformations. He also writes about qualitative methods in the social sciences.
Yating Li

Dr Yating Li

Yating has been a Teaching Fellow at SSEES since 2017. Her research area is risk analysis and statistical modelling of asset prices and trading strategies.

Dr Svetlana Makarova…
Dr Svetlana Makarova
Svetlana Makarova is Senior Lecturer in Comparative Economics. Her main research interest is in econometrics and, in particular, in modelling macroeconomic uncertainty with applications to Eastern Europe and euro area. Her non-academic experience includes collaboration with National Bank of Poland and the Gdansk Institute for Market Economics (IBGR) in forecasting inflation.
Dr Miriam Manchin…
Dr Miriam Manchin
Miriam Manchin's current research interests include economic integration, cross-border production chains and employment, trade and development, multinational firms, business group networks, and migration

Dr Serena Merrino

Serena has beena Teaching Fellow at SSEES since 2018. Her research focuses on the political economy of monetary policy.

Dr Eugene Nivorozhkin
Eugene's research interests span theoretical and empirical work in the areas of corporate finance, banking regulation, market for corporate control, capital markets, applied labour economics, economics of education, and economics of crime.
Prof Slavo Radosevic…

Prof Slavo Radosevic (Research Director until September 2019)
Slavo is Professor of industry and innovation studies. His main research interests are in technology and development with special reference to central and Eastern Europe.  He is currently special advisor to the EC Commissioner for Regional policy.


Dr Sangaralingam Ramesh

Ramesh is a Teaching Fellow, who has been at SSEES since 2018. His research area is growth, development and entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

Allan Sikk…

Dr Allan Sikk

Allan Sikk is Senior Lecturer at UCL SSEES. HIs research mostly concerns political parties and elections, particularly new parties and party system change.

Idil Uz Akdogan

Dr Idil Uz Akdogan

Idil has been a Teaching Fellow at SSEES since 2018. Her research area focuses on international trade, current account issues and exchange rates.

Prof Anne White…
Prof Anne White
My research interests are migration (in general) and social change in Poland, as well as Polish migration. I currently study the impact of migration on Poland as a sending country
Chiara Amini…
Dr Chiara Amini
Chiara is an applied economist with interests in labour and development economics. Her recent research focuses on the economics of education in emerging economies, poverty and inequality.

Doctoral Researchers

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