UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Research Guides

UCL SSEES Library Research Guides offer reliable resources on topics and events in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. The content is developed and curated by the library's specialist staff. The top three guides have been created as an integral part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence programme and developed with the help of our library assistants and PhD students.
LGBTQ rainbow colours

Guide to LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe

Guide to sources of academic research engaging with the topics of queer histories, queer culture, geographies of sexualities, gender identity, homophobia, LGBTQ+ citizenship, migration and asylum. 

map of Europe

Guide to EU Migration from Eastern Europe to the UK

Guide to resources on EU migration from Eastern Europe (EU8, EU2 and Croatia) to the United Kingdom. 

retro TV

Guide to TV news in Eastern Europe

This guide provides access to live streams and archival broadcasts from Eastern Europe. Some of the archives go back as far as 1999. 

Political map of Ukraine

Guide to Resources on the Crisis in Ukraine 2013 - 2015

This guide provides access to a selection of online resources on the 2013-2015 Ukrainian political crisis, consisting mainly of primary sources from official governmental (such as Ukrainian, Russian US, EU, UK, German) and international organization websites.