Extimacy: the intimate is Other

Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
29.01.2011 – 01.05.2011


Inside the immense flow of data exchange, the new technologies have facilitated an interdependency between the spheres of what is private and what is public, between interior and exterior, leading us to reveal, in an increasingly natural manner, our experiences, thoughts and feelings, enlarging the circle of intimacy to the point of sharing our inner life with the invisible, abstract audience of Internet users. Things personal become collective, things belonging to others become our own and intimacy is no longer something that is preserved and kept in our innermost circles, but something that is projected in all directions in an eccentric movement. Thus intimacy turns into extimacy, to use the term created by Jacques Lacan to define the existence, within the most intimate sphere of the I, of a “foreign body”, that which is external to the individual and with which one identifies.

We need to share our intimacy because what we are is defined both by our subjectivity and by what surrounds us. In the realm of digital art, several artists have worked with the new parameters of subject, body, interpersonal relationship and intimacy introduced by the new technologies. Their works enable us to initiate a reflection on the ways in which the mobile phone, e-mails, chats, social networks and instant messaging systems modify, increase or condition our communication with others. They also allow us to consider where the boundaries of our personal space lie, where our “I” ends and that of others begins.

Extimacy. Art, intimacy and technology” is a group digital art exhibition which puts forward a proposal that spectators reflect on these concepts through the presentation of works by recognised artists from the international scene. Interactive installations, mainly, that involve spectators in what is active participation with the work, which never ceases to be a piece with its own identity, the fruit of the firm artistic background of creators who combine art and technology in their work. In an era in which the user adopts an active role in the diffusion and manipulation of information on the global network (known as web 2.0), in art, too, a change in roles between spectator and work is taking place, with interactive art as the best expression of this new paradigm. The works of some great names from this sphere, such as Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer or Paul Sermon, for instance, are combined with the creations of promising artists like Gazira Babeli, Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, Gregory Chatonsky, Carlo Zanni or Martin John Callanan. All of them exhibit the multiple facets a concept as complex and at the same time as simple as extimacy can present, from different angles and with diverse intentions.


A Selection of The Web Biennial Revealing The Poetics and Politics of Net Art
20 January – 20 March 2011

Internet has contributed to the transformation and spreading of new forms of art, provided boundless creating, exhibiting and consuming opportunities. Regeneration.011, in this context, is presenting works that deal with freedom of speech and anti-war activism as well as revealing the political and poetical aspects of contemporary net art. Plato Art Space, by this project, aims to draw attention to net art which gained considerable importance in the recent years as an alternative space for contemporary art.

Artists: Magda Bielesz, Alan Bigelow, Immo Blaese, Andrew Chee, Martin John Callanan, Andy Deck, Dimitrios Fotiou, Matthias Fritsch, Genco Gulan, Elli Harrison, Sachiko Hayashi, Anni Holm, Aoghus Kneeshaw, Cardarelli Luigia, Marcello Mercado, Alexander Mouton, Christian Rupp, Evelyn Stermitz, Jurgen Trautwein, Merve Unsal, Nanette Wylde, Jody Zellen, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga.
Curator: Marcus Graf

The exhibition is supported by Plato College of Higher Education (www.plato.edu.tr)

PLATO ART SPACE, Ayvansaray Caddesi, No: 33, Balat 34087 Istanbul-Turkiye

FILE 11 – I wanted to see all the news from today

The 11th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – takes place this year at centro cultural fiesp – ruth cardoso, Brasil, from july 27th to august 29th, 2010. The programme occupies the art gallery of sesi-sp, the fiesp space, the theater and the mezzanine of the cultural center that hosts the exhibition with interactive installations, games, machinimas, internet artworks, performances and workshops.

Media Art shows how to “soften” the rigidity of technology functionality and to create an environment of creativity and artistic thinking.

A short film about War / Animate Projects

Writer and curator Lisa Le Feuvre has written an essay about A short film about War. This was commissioned by Animate Projects and you can see a streaming version alongside Lisa’s essay here:


A Short film about War is a narrative documentary artwork made entirely from information found on the worldwide web. In ten minutes this two screen gallery installation takes viewers around the world to a variety of war zones as seen through the collective eyes of the online photo sharing community Flickr, and as witnessed by a variety of existing military and civilian bloggers.

Several Interruptions

Thomson & Craighead’s new video work Several Interruptions is now available to watch online. It has been commissioned by the Arts Council of England especially for the re-branding of their new website, which went online today! You can watch it online and read a short text about the work written by Sarah Cook here:



folkestone seascape

A solo show presenting a new body of work by Susan Collins

opens on Saturday 4th April at the

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea
and continues until 14 June 2009

SEASCAPE consists of a series of gradually unfolding digital seascapes created using imagery captured by webcams installed at five key coastal vantage points between Margate and Portsmouth. Sited at each location for up to a year before the start of the show, the webcams record the endless fluctuations in the light that are a characteristic feature of the English coastline and whose ever-changing nature has attracted painters for generations.
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Work by:
Danya Vasiliev [RU]
Nicola Unger [DE]
Michelle Teran [CAN] & Isabelle Jenniches [NL]
Nathan Menglef [USA]
Nancy Mauro-Flude [AUS]
Walter Langelaar [NL]
Jesse Darlin’ [UK]
Scot Cotterell [AUS]
Martin John Callanan [UK]

“Casting Away” by Francesca da Rimini,
“GOD LISTENS TO SLAYER” by Andrew Harper

Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts,
University of Tasmania, Hunter St, Hobart.

Exhibition: 10 October – 31 October, 12:00- 17:00 daily EST.
Exhibition Opening: Friday 10 October, 17:30 EST.

encoding_experience/10_October_2008_18:00_EST.* is the first of a series of exhibitions
inspired by the ways in which artists are embracing critical, hands on interventive
strategies towards the understanding of, and experimentation with technology.
The artists in the show open up issues of privacy, piracy and control,
paradigms that are deeply embedded into technology and the way technology
is designed.

Most of the artists favour a collaborative, socio-centric approach to their work,
they have an agenda about thinking through questions such as;
Where does the technology come from? What is the real use of a computer?
What are the social issues around regular access to domestic machines
i.e. game consoles, home stereos and digital cameras.
How do we use and question systems that tirelessly reproduce and augment environments,
image and sound?

Actively engaging with conceptual concerns, DaDa-esque notions of performance,
hacking and intellectual property; encoding_experience presents an insight into
how electronic media and craft knowledge operates in current art practice, not only
in terms of its functionality, but also in regards to artists who have a critical
approach towards the politics, aesthetics and economies coded into these systems.
The concept for this show was initiated and developed by Nancy Mauro-Flude,
in collaboration with Scot Cotterell.
More info

The Nature of Systems

Technological systems create, fragment and transform landscapes: a long
video monitor stream, digitally mutated coastlines and strange urban
microclimates introduce fascinating artificial worlds, blurring the
boundaries between natural and constructed landscapes. Starting with
documentation of Chris Meigh-Andrews’ video installation Stream Line and
passing through a variety of spellbinding single-screen film and video
environments, the programme finishes with a presentation of Susan
Collins’ internet transmitted, real-time reconstruction of Loch
Faskally in Perthshire, Glenlandia.

Saturday 10 November 2007, at 8:40pm in NFT2
BFI Southbank

This is part of a series of Systems of Nature
screenings and conversation events
7-10 November 2007 at BFI Southbank
which accompany Chris Welsby’s Systems of Nature exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (6 Nov – 13 Dec).
The series has been curated by Steven Ball, Mark Webber and Maxa Zoller for the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

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Video Vortex at Montevideo, Amsterdam

Susan Collins will be exhibiting The Spectrascope as part of Video Vortex at Montevideo/The Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam from 20th October until 2nd December 2007.
The exhibition also features Collins’s Fenlandia in the form of a large format digital archive print and a 6 hour screening of the 4000 images which comprise the Fenlandia archive.

The exhibition Video Vortex is The Netherlands Media Art Institute’s response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Artists featured include: Beatrice Valentine Amrhein; Giselle Beiguelman; Susan Collins; Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar; Graham Harwood, Mediashed / Mongrel; MW2MW (Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg) and Sonic()ject. Video Vortex is curated by Annet Dekker.

The TurntablistPC spins again!

Surfing gains a whole new dimension with TurntablistPC by Danish
artist Mogens Jacobsen. Featured in the WEBSCAPE exhibition at The
Art Museum of West Sealand in Denmark, TurntablistPC reacts to online
traffic by playing a record in the exhibition space every time a
participating website is visited.

Take part in this “global DJ” project and make a record spin miles
away every time someone visits your website!

Please join: All you have to do to participate is place a small piece
of html code on your website. The code does not interfere in any way
with the experience of your website. However, it WILL make the record
spin physically miles away at the museum. Please find the code and
further details below.

TurntablistPC is on show from September 21 until November 25 2007. We
need your participation already!

We are looking for people maintaining websites anywhere in the world,
so please forward this message to other relevant parties.

Participants are kindly asked to send an email to WEBSCAPE curator
Andreas Broegger (ab@vestkunst.dk) stating the address of the web
page to which you have uploaded the code.

The Art Museum of West Sealand will list your site among the
participating websites in the museum space and on the WEBSCAPE
exhibition website. (If you prefer not to be credited, please state
this in your email).

All we need from your website is a so-called “counter-hit”. This is
automatically generated when someone visits your website if you place
the following line of HTML-code on your site (preferably at the
bottom of your most visited page). This is the code:

<img src=”http://www.turntablistpc.net/turn000001.gif”; width=”1″

Please note: ONLY use the above code if your position is EAST of

If your position is WEST of Soroe, Denmark please use this code instead:

<img src=”http://www.turntablistpc.net/turn000003.gif”; width=”1″

This is the exact code to be included, depending on your position. If
in doubt the city of Soroe is at 11.5561 East / +11 degrees 33′ 21.96″.

Your position will decide whether the TurntablistPC will spin the
record clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you are near the
TurntablistPC, it will only scratch the vinyl. If you are far away,
it will play a whole section of the record.

On a projected world map visitors to the museum space will be able to
follow the online traffic triggering the sound.

We ask that the code remain on your site throughout the exhibition
period (until November 25 2007).

What does the html code do? The above code places a tiny “invisible”
image (a transparent GIF-image) on your website when someone visits.
Neither the image nor the html code will interfere with the
appearance of your website nor with the visitor’s experience. The
code and the image are a mere 700 bytes (0.7Kb) in total.
Participation does not pose any security risk whatsoever, nor is any
personal or otherwise sensitive information stored.

If you have any doubts about technical issues, please contact
WEBSCAPE curator Andreas Broegger at ab@vestkunst.dk

TurntablistPC is a telematic hybrid of a turntable (a grammophone)
and an old personal computer. Installed in the museum space, the
TurntablistPC will play a vinyl record whenever someone visits one of
the participating websites around the world. A video projection of a
world map will show where the participating website is from, thus
generating a map of global participation for the visitors in the
local museum space.

More info and pictures of TurntablistPC are available at http://

Mogens Jacobsen is a Danish artist who has exhibited widely in
Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil. More
info at www.mogensjacobsen.dk

an exhibition of web-based art installations at the Art Museum of
West Zealand 2007. The exhibition features work by artists Tomas
Thøfner, Mogens Jacobsen (http://www.mogensjacobsen.dk), Bosch &
Fjord (http://www.bosch-fjord.com), and Susan Collins (http://

The Soul of Manchester: David Blandy at Cornerhouse and on www.artradio.fm

David Blandy on Art Radio, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 12-6pm Tuesday-Sunday,

10th August to 26th August


Cornerhouse Gallery 1 has been transformed into a radio production and broadcasting studio, offering up its airwaves to three resident artists: David Blandy, Open Music Archive and reboot. fm. Blandy will be broadcasting from the 10-26 August 12-6pm (Tues-Sun), taking on the guise of The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim.

Blandy, will be searching for the ‘Soul of Manchester’. The Pilgrim’s broadcasts will include: Soul Power; Dusty Soul and Soul Picnic: a mix and match ragbag of eccentrics, fanatics, rappers, buskers, alongside artists’ sound work and many more soul-filled sessions.

The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim will be featuring works by Jordan Baseman, Lucienne Cole, Colin Crockatt, S Mark Gubb, Susannah Hewlett, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Laure Provost and Michael Shamberg amongst others.

In addition, Manchester music scene legend C P Lee will be reading sections of his book charting the history of Manchester music, Shake, Rattle and Rain, as well as playing live with his band, the Salford Sheiks.

Every day at 4pm, Live Bands from Manchester will be performing upstairs in gallery 2, please come up to see their live sessions or listen online at www.artradio.fm

Thursday 16th August, Netting Smoke with Implicasphere. Cathy Haynes and Sally O’Reilly – co-editors of the mini-publication Implicasphere, will be pursuing their current obsession, Smoke. Implicasphere seeks to unearth curious ideas on a single theme by trailing its tangles of association in fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics and film noir. For this event the co-editors ask specialist speakers and the audience to help chase all things smoky from the collective mental thicket into Implicasphere’s nets. Three speakers will offer smoke-oriented insights from their very different fields. Come along with images, texts, ideas for leads or simply vague thoughts on the theme of smoke to add to possible content!

The event will start at 19:00 with drinks from 18:00

Summer Digest 07 / THOMSON & CRAIGHEAD

Thomson & Craighead Here’s a digest of what we’re up to over the summer -well in June and July at any rate. We hope some of you can make some of it.

The image you can see on the left is the new railway flap sign we have built to display our work BEACON. It’s a development shot taken in the factory at Solari of Udine in Italy when we visited during April.

You can find out more about BEACON and our other recent work by visiting our website

You can view an online version of BEACON by clicking here

After two years in the making, we are finally launching the mechanical version of BEACON as a railway flap sign at BFI, Southbank from 23rd June – 12th August 2007. There’s an opening from 7pm – 9pm on Friday 22nd June. After London the sign travels to FACT in Liverpool and then Artists Space in New York. The sign has been built by Solari of Udine in Italy.

The gallery version of Decorative Newsfeeds is part of Accumulated Outlook at Oakville Galleries in Canada from 29th June – 26th August 2007. It will be at their Centennial Square site with a launch party on Thursday 28 June 2007. We are also almost finished making a new outdoor version of Decorative Newsfeeds for The Junction in Cambridge.

A new version of our generative music system called Diminished 7th is part of The Lost O in Ashford, Kent on 7th and 8th July, which coincides with Tour de France passing through the town on this year’s UK first stage. Diminished 7th was first developed for Arts Transpennine 2003 and used cows rather than sheep as is the case here with version 1.1

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 is on DVD and includes one of our template cinema works. The magazine launches on Sunday 29th July 2007 at the Publish and Be Damned Fair, Rochelle School, London E2 7ES.

FEEDBACK in the new Laboral Gallery in Gijon and My own Private Reality at Edith Russ Site in Oldenburg.