Hello. Here’s a brief update on what we’re doing just now:

+ Our desktop documentary, ‘FLAT EARTH’ will be at AV 08 Festival in Newcastle next weekend as part of the screening, ‘Works for Television’ /

+ We have made a new artwork called, ‘FLIPPED CLOCK’ available at and hosted courtesy of GIMA Gallery for Media Art in Berlin

+ Finally, A new large-scale permanent outdoor version of, ‘DECORATIVE NEWS’ has been switched on at The Junction in Cambridge. We’re still tweaking the software and an official launch will come later, but it’s there to be seen right now if you are passing by /

best wishes,

Jon & Alison

Stream on You

Nancy Mauro-Flude, among others, included in: STREAM ON YOU proposes a weekend of conferences, debates and performances around web streaming and the practices of collaborative network performances.

15-16-17 FEB 2008 at iMAL, Koolmijnenkaai 30 – 1080 Brussels.

Is the field of Fine Art becoming inseparable from computational media?

Theorie Cum Praxi
A one day workshop on the materiality of AV theory-practice in Fine Art PhD research.
10-16.30, 15th February 2008, Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London [register with Zara]

Topics for consideration include: How is the practice-theory relation in Fine Art constituted? Is the field of Fine Art becoming inseparable from computational media? Is there a need to make a distinct category ‘AVPhD’? If the paradoxical age of theory/practice is indicative of a time of deep change, how do we respond? For the Fine Arts, how are advancements (however defined) or radical practices made within institutions and how do these relate to the world of Fine Art more broadly? In the immaterial domains of electronic media, what kinds of methodological frameworks are Fine Art PhD candidates currently using? If a PhD is about a field of study for future research in a practice related PhD, what type of encoding or software may be the best for artistic research? (In light of questions of obsolescence, the archive and conservation). Is the whole idea of art in the age of the cultural industry an anachronism?