The TurntablistPC spins again!

Surfing gains a whole new dimension with TurntablistPC by Danish
artist Mogens Jacobsen. Featured in the WEBSCAPE exhibition at The
Art Museum of West Sealand in Denmark, TurntablistPC reacts to online
traffic by playing a record in the exhibition space every time a
participating website is visited.

Take part in this “global DJ” project and make a record spin miles
away every time someone visits your website!

Please join: All you have to do to participate is place a small piece
of html code on your website. The code does not interfere in any way
with the experience of your website. However, it WILL make the record
spin physically miles away at the museum. Please find the code and
further details below.

TurntablistPC is on show from September 21 until November 25 2007. We
need your participation already!

We are looking for people maintaining websites anywhere in the world,
so please forward this message to other relevant parties.

Participants are kindly asked to send an email to WEBSCAPE curator
Andreas Broegger ( stating the address of the web
page to which you have uploaded the code.

The Art Museum of West Sealand will list your site among the
participating websites in the museum space and on the WEBSCAPE
exhibition website. (If you prefer not to be credited, please state
this in your email).

All we need from your website is a so-called “counter-hit”. This is
automatically generated when someone visits your website if you place
the following line of HTML-code on your site (preferably at the
bottom of your most visited page). This is the code:

<img src=””; width=”1″

Please note: ONLY use the above code if your position is EAST of

If your position is WEST of Soroe, Denmark please use this code instead:

<img src=””; width=”1″

This is the exact code to be included, depending on your position. If
in doubt the city of Soroe is at 11.5561 East / +11 degrees 33′ 21.96″.

Your position will decide whether the TurntablistPC will spin the
record clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you are near the
TurntablistPC, it will only scratch the vinyl. If you are far away,
it will play a whole section of the record.

On a projected world map visitors to the museum space will be able to
follow the online traffic triggering the sound.

We ask that the code remain on your site throughout the exhibition
period (until November 25 2007).

What does the html code do? The above code places a tiny “invisible”
image (a transparent GIF-image) on your website when someone visits.
Neither the image nor the html code will interfere with the
appearance of your website nor with the visitor’s experience. The
code and the image are a mere 700 bytes (0.7Kb) in total.
Participation does not pose any security risk whatsoever, nor is any
personal or otherwise sensitive information stored.

If you have any doubts about technical issues, please contact
WEBSCAPE curator Andreas Broegger at

TurntablistPC is a telematic hybrid of a turntable (a grammophone)
and an old personal computer. Installed in the museum space, the
TurntablistPC will play a vinyl record whenever someone visits one of
the participating websites around the world. A video projection of a
world map will show where the participating website is from, thus
generating a map of global participation for the visitors in the
local museum space.

More info and pictures of TurntablistPC are available at http://

Mogens Jacobsen is a Danish artist who has exhibited widely in
Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil. More
info at

an exhibition of web-based art installations at the Art Museum of
West Zealand 2007. The exhibition features work by artists Tomas
Thøfner, Mogens Jacobsen (, Bosch &
Fjord (, and Susan Collins (http://

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