One Thing and Another in 2007, a top ten from Steve Dietz

I asked Steve Dietz, Artistic Director of ZERO1 and former Walker New Media Curator if he would prepare a top ten list for our roundup. Steve is busy these days, but he managed to indulge and put together a list, if a little late. Thanks, Steve. — Ed.

I’ve never really understood Top Ten or “Best of” lists. Can’t we all just get along? Probably it’s just some kind of Walter Mondale self-loathing gene, but really, who cares if yet another person does – or doesn’t – think Matthew Barney is the greatest living vaseline artist of his generation…..>

Original post by Justin Heideman at 11:45 am 2008-01-17

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New Staff for Slade

I am excited to have accepted a new position at Slade; for three days each week (Monday – Wednesday), starting 7 January 2008, I become Teaching Fellow in Fine Art Media – Digital Media and Print. This is a new position within the Slade, alongside Laura, the new Teaching Fellow in Photography, there will be a change to the Slade’s teaching and support structures. Covering everything within the scope of digital, electronic, and print (analogue and digital), this will be an excellent opportunity to develop cross collaboration with the students between the different media of fine art: bringing together the diverse range of interests within my own practice.
— Martin John Callanan