Framed 2006 – 10 years of SCEMFA

FRAMED took place at the Slade Research Centre in Woburn Square on the 23, 24, 25 March 2006 to coincide with the NODE.London season for media arts and also to mark the 10th anniversary of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media. From works exploring transmission, networking and time to palm pilot drawings, sound performances as well as experimental works developed in collaboration with UCL’s Immersive VR Laboratory exploring physiological input devices, this event is intended to provide a snapshot of the broad range of interests, exploration and investigations in this area. View the event site for details on all the work and artists involved, to watch archived webcasts, to see photographs, and download mp3 and podcasted materials.

e and eye at Tate Modern

e and eye art and poetry between the electronic and the visual, Tate Modern. A series of evening events ed by Penny Florence, Tim Mathews and John Cayley with speakers including: David Rokeby, Camille Utterback, Brigid McLeer, Sharon Morris, John Aiken and Malcolm Bowie. Organised in collaboration with The Slade School of Fine Art, SCEMFA, and the Department of French, UCL.

UK Weather Station

The Slade School hosted on its roof the UK weather station for artist/filmmaker and Slade alumnus Chris Welsby’s work Trees in Winter which was presented as part of the 6th Gwangju Biennale 2006 Known for his work with landscape and technology for more than three decades (and lecturer in Fine Art Media at the Slade from 1976-1989) this is a video installation which responded in real time to live weather data from three continents – including the weather conditions on the Slade’s roof.

Listening To This Space

A research project focusing on sound and the idea of listening in a particular place. Artists Dale Berning, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tetsuya Umeda and Duncan Whitley were invited to take part in a 10-day residency at the Slade Research Centre, and presented new works in a final live public event of performance, installation and playback of recordings. This event was accompanied by a live broadcast session on Resonance 104.4FM


With origins in the 1970s with Malcolm Hughes’s Computer and Experimental Department, SCEMFA has seen many important events. Visit some key moments on the Timeline.

Current and recent student online projects

Include works by Martin John Callanan; Kana Tsuji’s Dream Products co; Fanny Aboulker’s Six Million; The Department of Technology; Oliver Sutherland’s Mr Robot; not-tv; and Amy Cunningham’s Vocode which includes documentation from Voice and Technology, a symposium which took place at the Slade in 2002.

Early SCEMFA student online projects

Include works by David Barrett (1997); Kai Syng Tan (1998); Raimi Gbadamosi’s The Republic (1998) and Wilkie Tan’s Homepage (1999).

SCEMFA has also supported online projects including Sean Cubitt’s Digital Aesthetics an online companion to his book of the same name; Film and Video Umbrella’s The Year Dot (2000) and Jane Prophet’s Swarm(1997).

Webcasts since 1998

SCEMFA has been webcasting work by artists, students and researchers since the late 1990’s. Following In Conversation (1997) a work by Susan Collins which created a live link between the street, the gallery and the web, Mislaid, a programme of student audio work was webcast from the Institute of Contemporary Art, London in 1998.

not-tv was launched in 2000 initially as a student webcast forum to explore the potential for incorporating webcasting [online video streaming] into live, recorded, video, performance and events.  Amy Cunningham’s Delayed and Delayed Dreaming – documentation of performances incorporating webcasting – can be found on the not-tv site.

a performance event webcast live from the Bloomsbury Theatre, London in February 2000, is archive here online. Further Bloomsbury events, Critical Curtains 1 & 2 in 2001 and 2002, were webcast and subsequently archived by not-tv which is now an independent online space.

TV CHANNEL was a television art form initiated by Omer Krieger in 2004. It made and promoted work operating in the area of convergence between art and television. The studio was based at the Slade School of Fine Art until June 2005. It broadcast daily on a short-range transmission system to monitors installed in public areas of the school.

A selection of student works from early webcasts have been archived online including:
Centrifuge by Georgia Della (1999);
Counterbalance by Mirjam Buergin (2000);
Gerontos by Fabrizio Manco (2000);
Moonbeam by Emily Webber (2000);
Cow, Horse and Sheep by Carlos Bayala 2000;
Headbox by Veronica Ibarra-Sanchez (1999);
A Love Story by Eva Stenram (1999);
Love me or leave me by Trine Nedreas (1999); and
22 short stories for radio, an audio webcast by Sofia Tilberg (2002) (originally a live radio broadcast).

In order to view the Slade’s archived webcasts [online video and audio streaming] you will require the free (basic) version of the RealPlayer software and plug-in.
We are grateful to UCL’s Multimedia Support Unit for making our realplayer streaming possible.

Computer and Experimental Department

With origins in the 1970s with Malcolm Hughes’s Computer and Experimental Department, SCEMFA has seen many important events. More can be read in these articles:
Futures Past: Twenty Years of Arts Computing, Catherine Mason, 2004
The Idea Becomes a Machine, AI and Alife in Early British Computer Arts [PDF], Paul Brown, 2003
Art As Feedback, Charlie Gere, 2007