Multiplicities at ARC Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria

15 December 2007 – 26 January 2008

Multiplicities is the first group exhibition at ARC Projects featuring half the current roster of sixteen artists – four based in the UK and four in Bulgaria. This is the first exhibition in a Sofia gallery for mid-career international artists Susan Collins, Alec Finlay, Thomson & Craighead and Mare Tralla. This is also the first occasion their work will be seen alongside that of their Bulgarian peers Luchezar Boyadjiev, Alla Georgieva, Ivan Moudov and Kamen Stoyanov.

“Multiplicities” is a term borrowed from mathematics, which speaks of the condition of being multiple, the relation between a number of identical objects or entities; It has also been used by theorists Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda to describe how our perceptions of reality change through time, in a constant flow of variety and heterogeneity at a single point in space. Multiplicities can encompass the relationship between original artwork and copy, but also how artists transform supposedly fixed meanings during the process of viewing the work.

Multiplicities showcases new and recent works, all multiples and limited editions, including prints, objects, Internet transmissions, and photographs. The exhibition captures the multifaceted approaches of contemporary artists to traditional genres such as the treatment of landscape, the self-portrait and the still life, or abstraction. Multiplicities also reveals the artists’ commentaries on the historical legacy of movements including Dada, Pop, and Socialist Realism. Works include a re-enactment of Vera Mukhina’s iconic sculpture from 1937; Self-portraits as Lenin; Fortune teller readings from cups of Turkish coffee; A hybrid of carnation and electric fan; Sexually suggestive cushions; Decorative live Internet newsfeeds; The visual cacophony of contemporary Moscow; Colonies designed for different species of bird; Webcam images of the quintessential Scottish landscape.

ARC Projects, 4th Floor, Boulevard Vitosha 90, 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria
Multiplicities is from 15 December 2007 – 26 January 2008
Exhibition open Wednesday – Saturday, 3 – 8 pm
Seasonal closure from 23 December, open again 3 January

Digital Studio – New G5’s

Ready for the start of term, the New Digital Studio has eight shiny new Mac Pro’s 64-bit Dual-Core Intel Xeon “Clovertown” processors at up to 3GHz speed. [These machines have two internal hard drives one named temporary work. As an experiment Michael’s weekly maintenance will not erase work folders from temporary work, this will instead occur at the beginning of each calender month. Any files or folders found anywhere other than in temporary work will as usual be expunged and terminated. In the electronic Media Studio the G5’s do not have as much internal HD space so the weekly clean up will still happen. However the external drives attached to each machine will not be cleared until the beginning of each month]. Do remember that your work is at risk of loss in a multi user environment. Always back up your files.

We will be experimenting with other improvements over the next few months including RIP for the large format printers (improves colour and print quality), an easier way to pay for printing with online credits, and a distributed computing network for Final Cut Studio and Maya; making rendering faster.

Hz Journal #11

I Wanted to See All of the News From Today

Martin’s I Wanted to See All of the News From Today, is included in Hz Journal #11 from Fylkingen

Fylkingen’s journal Hz started as a non-virtual journal after its predecessor Fylkingen Bulletin from ’60s. Since 2000, Hz moved to the Internet and has become an Internet journal, one of the few in Sweden. From the second issue in 2003 it also includes Net Gallery, where international Internet art works are presented.

Fylkingen is a non-profit art organization in Stockholm. Established in 1933, it is the oldest forum for experimental music and intermedia art in Sweden. Throughout its history Fylkingen has been the driving force in the Swedish art scene to introduce and promote unestablished art forms, the examples of which include the music of Bartók and the video works of Nam June Paik as well as electro-acoustic music during the ’50s. Our members today consist of leading composers/musicians, performance artists/dancers, visual artists, etc.

Utilizing possibilities the Internet brings, Hz intends to be an international web journal. By dealing with aesthetic discussions relevant to our time through Hz, Fylkingen is hoping to continue its tradition of playing the role of cutting-edge interface between the artists of Sweden and those abroad. Hz also fulfils informative source of Fylkingen’s activities to none-members both nationally and internationally, thus contributing to increasing interests to Swedish culture and art activities abroad.

Pixxelpoint Slovenia

Martin John Callanan’s Sonification of You will be at 8th Pixxelpoint Festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 7-15 December 2007. Also an artist’s talk. [PDF: Festival Program, includes translation of Sonification of You into both Slovenian and Italian]

Pixxelpoint is one of the most successful and renowned festivals of new media art in Slovenia and also abroad. Its purpose is firstly, to bring the information technology and new media art closer to the general public, and secondly, to raise awareness about a different potential to use computer among the young. In previous editions the festival had a big media response and over 3000 visitors visited it every year, so this is a challenge for the organizers to further expand it and trespass the boundaries of the gallery space which has become too small for all the projects which are to be carried out. The exhibition of new media art projects, as the central event of the festival will be mounted at City Gallery Nova Gorica but will include also other locations (Mostovna, Kulturni dom Gorica (Italy) and DAMS (Italy)), besides we will also include a symposium on the given topic, as well as workshops run by guest-lecturers. Accompanying activities will include numerous concerts by well-known music performers.

Glow ’07 Newcastle Gateshead

Photo © fisher hart

Chaser by Susan Collins is one of a series of contemporary artworks and illuminations commissioned for the GLOW ’07 festival Newcastle Gateshead.
Chaser transforms the top windows of the Tyne Bridge Tower in Gateshead into a rapidly moving light circuit of intense colour. Visible across the river Tyne in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond, the animation will continually ‘chase’ around the building as the colours gradually shift over time.

Tuesday 4 – Monday 17 December 2007
Every evening 5pm – late
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