Digital Studio – New G5’s

Ready for the start of term, the New Digital Studio has eight shiny new Mac Pro’s 64-bit Dual-Core Intel Xeon “Clovertown” processors at up to 3GHz speed. [These machines have two internal hard drives one named temporary work. As an experiment Michael’s weekly maintenance will not erase work folders from temporary work, this will instead occur at the beginning of each calender month. Any files or folders found anywhere other than in temporary work will as usual be expunged and terminated. In the electronic Media Studio the G5’s do not have as much internal HD space so the weekly clean up will still happen. However the external drives attached to each machine will not be cleared until the beginning of each month]. Do remember that your work is at risk of loss in a multi user environment. Always back up your files.

We will be experimenting with other improvements over the next few months including RIP for the large format printers (improves colour and print quality), an easier way to pay for printing with online credits, and a distributed computing network for Final Cut Studio and Maya; making rendering faster.