Possession at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


14 March – 26 May 2013

“7 Days in June” a 10.5m long, floor based print work from Susan Collins’ Seascape Series is included in this international group exhibition curated by Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton, which also includes Slade alumna Tintin Cooper

Location: Main Gallery, 8th floor
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
939 Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

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Inter Sections: Science in Contemporary Art at the Weizmann Institute, Israel

Inter Sections

22 September – 7 December 2012

Susan Collins and Slade alumnus Conrad Shawcross are included in this exhibition about meeting points between science and art at the David Lopatie Conference Centre at the Weizmann Institute of Science curated by Cathy Wills. Included are 60 works by 34 artists from around the world; each investigates various aspects of science, theory and technology: genetics, alternative energy, research into the nature of the universe and more.

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Field Broadcast 8 – 16 May 2010



Thirty-three artists will send live broadcasts from fields direct to your desktop. All works, whether video, animation, performance, sculpture or live data will be created in the field with no editing or post-production. Each broadcast will be viewed by a dispersed international audience, at office desks, in cafes, on trains and at kitchen tables.

To receive the field broadcasts go to www.fieldbroadcast.org and follow the instructions. Once you have installed the viewer application each broadcast will arrive directly to your desktop, through your internet connection, opening in a pop-up window.

Field Broadcast will be live for 24 hours a day from May 8th to May 16th. Times of individual broadcasts will not be published in advance. All broadcasts are live and will not be repeated.

Artists: Bram Thomas Arnold, Ed Atkins, Dave Ball, Christopher Bassford and Jonathan Ryall, Richard Bevan, Sara Bjarland, Martin John Callanan, Susan Collins, Dan Coopey, Alexander Costello, David Cotterrell, Michael Cousin, Juan Cruz, Sean Edwards, Simon Faithfull, Florencia Guillen, Hamilton, Southern and St Armand, Toby Huddlestone, Fritha Jenkins, David Kefford, Olivier Leger, Pernille Leggat Ramfelt, Neil Luck, Revati Mann, Elizabeth McTernan, Alex Pearl, Eric Rosoman, Jennie Savage, Rob Smith, Dan Walwin, Ian Whittlesea, Luke Williams, Laura Wilson.

Curated by Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith for PROJECKT in conjunction with Wysing Arts Contemporary Presents



Leonardo Electronic Almanac


Established in 1993, Leonardo Electronic Almanac is the electronic arm of the pioneer art journal, Leonardo – Journal of Art, Science & Technology.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), jointly produced by Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST), and published by MIT Press, is an electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum for those who are interested in the realm where art, science and technology converge. For over a decade, LEA thrived as an international peer reviewed electronic journal and web archive covering the interaction of the arts, sciences, and technology.

In 2010 the journal was re-launched by Lanfranco Aceti, Editor in Chief, and Paul Brown, Co-editor, to meet the challenges of the publishing industry in the 21st century.

The new LEA will emphasize rapid publication of recent work and critical discussion on topics of current relevance. The new LEA encourages contributions from scholars, artists, scientists, educators and developers of new technological resources in the media arts.

Content will include feature articles on theoretical and technical perspectives, profiles of media arts facilities and projects, insights of artists using new media, reviews and interdisciplinary projects. Curated galleries of current new media artworks will also feature regularly. LEA will also publish special issues on topics including but certainly not limited to: locative media, electronic text and poetics, history of digital media, dromology, environmental issues, transculturalism, virtual art and digital culture.

Mobile Research Station no.1

On a wasteland at the centre of Berlin there is a strange apparition – Mobile Research Station no.1 has landed.

If you happen to be in Berlin over the next month please drop by and see the researchers in their luxury pod.

As a sculpture, Mobile Research Station no.1 is a curious hybrid – half hi-tech Antarctic Research Station / half rusty-broken-dumpster. Using a standard building-waste container as its basis, the station nevertheless forms a luxurious designer-pod provided for an eccentric set of researchers. Rather than researching the frozen wastes of Antarctica or the moons of Saturn, the invited artist/researchers have begun their research into the wilderness and urban zones of uncertainty that still lie at the centre of Berlin.

The invited researchers are: Martin John Callanan (London), Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson (Manchester/Berlin), Tim Knowles (London), Annika Lundgren (Gothenburg/Berlin), Katie Paterson (London), Esther Polak (Amsterdam)

Initial research can be seen on the Research Station Blog
Or, one of the researchers themselves can be found daily at the station anytime from now till the sept 20th.

Mobile Research Station no.1 at Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum
Research Communications Day: Sunday, September 20, 8 pm

The artists findings will be communicated in an evening of short presentations taking place in the park itself – drinks and snacks will be available from 8pm. [in case of bad weather mail for update…]

We hope to see you here in the wilderness.

Silicon Fen – the book

cover of Silicon Fen book
Silicon Fen
With texts by Iain Sinclair, Simon Willmoth, Steven Bode, Sean Cubitt and Tom Williamson
ISBN  978-1-904270-27-0

A record of a long-running visual arts project that took place at venues across the east of England between 2004 and 2007, Silicon Fen considers how landscape in general (and the East Anglian landscape in particular) has been both affected and reflected by technology.
Including documentation on works for Silicon Fen by artists Suky Best, Susan Collins, Dalziel + Scullion, Annabel Howland, Stephen Hughes and TNWK

For further information please visit the Film and Video Umbrella website

Glow ’07 Newcastle Gateshead

Photo © fisher hart

Chaser by Susan Collins is one of a series of contemporary artworks and illuminations commissioned for the GLOW ’07 festival Newcastle Gateshead.
Chaser transforms the top windows of the Tyne Bridge Tower in Gateshead into a rapidly moving light circuit of intense colour. Visible across the river Tyne in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond, the animation will continually ‘chase’ around the building as the colours gradually shift over time.

Tuesday 4 – Monday 17 December 2007
Every evening 5pm – late
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Trampoline Year 10

Surveillance City
Thursday 29th November 2007
Broadway Media Centre
7pm- late

Low Brow Trash | Michael Pinchbeck | Caspar Below | Barbara Agreste| Satellite Bureau

Trampoline, the East Midlands’ platform event for new media art celebrates its tenth anniversary on Thursday 29 November at Broadway, Nottingham. Looking back on this decade of new media art, it is clear that digital technologies have become integrated into almost every aspect of everyday life. The theme Surveillance City highlights the critical awareness necessary to cope with an environment where every movement is traceable, recordable and identifiable.

Featuring a dynamic mix of work by regional and international artists including performances, video screenings and installations.

Performance / Installations
Frank Abbott / Martin John Callanan / Sean Clark / Satellite Bureau / Cormac Faulkner / Low Brow Trash / Michael Pinchbeck

Caspar Below/ Thilo Frobel/ Max Crow & Aaron Bradbury/ Rich Broomhall/ Rick Niebe/ Johanna Reich/ Blaffert Wamhof/ Tilman Kuntzel/ Sean Raynard/ Nicole Arendt/ Miles Chalcraft/ Jeroen Offerman/ Rafael/ Ralph Meiling/ Jo Kelly/ Barbara Agreste/ KH Jeron/ Marek Brandt…

Performance / Installations
Low Brow Trash/ Michael Pinchbeck/ Frank Abbott/ Sean Clark/ Satellite Bureau/ Cormac Faulkner/ Martin John Callanan

The Nature of Systems

Technological systems create, fragment and transform landscapes: a long
video monitor stream, digitally mutated coastlines and strange urban
microclimates introduce fascinating artificial worlds, blurring the
boundaries between natural and constructed landscapes. Starting with
documentation of Chris Meigh-Andrews’ video installation Stream Line and
passing through a variety of spellbinding single-screen film and video
environments, the programme finishes with a presentation of Susan
Collins’ internet transmitted, real-time reconstruction of Loch
Faskally in Perthshire, Glenlandia.

Saturday 10 November 2007, at 8:40pm in NFT2
BFI Southbank

This is part of a series of Systems of Nature
screenings and conversation events
7-10 November 2007 at BFI Southbank
which accompany Chris Welsby’s Systems of Nature exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (6 Nov – 13 Dec).
The series has been curated by Steven Ball, Mark Webber and Maxa Zoller for the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

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Video Vortex at Montevideo, Amsterdam

Susan Collins will be exhibiting The Spectrascope as part of Video Vortex at Montevideo/The Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam from 20th October until 2nd December 2007.
The exhibition also features Collins’s Fenlandia in the form of a large format digital archive print and a 6 hour screening of the 4000 images which comprise the Fenlandia archive.

The exhibition Video Vortex is The Netherlands Media Art Institute’s response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Artists featured include: Beatrice Valentine Amrhein; Giselle Beiguelman; Susan Collins; Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar; Graham Harwood, Mediashed / Mongrel; MW2MW (Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg) and Sonic()ject. Video Vortex is curated by Annet Dekker.

The Soul of Manchester: David Blandy at Cornerhouse and on www.artradio.fm

David Blandy on Art Radio, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 12-6pm Tuesday-Sunday,

10th August to 26th August


Cornerhouse Gallery 1 has been transformed into a radio production and broadcasting studio, offering up its airwaves to three resident artists: David Blandy, Open Music Archive and reboot. fm. Blandy will be broadcasting from the 10-26 August 12-6pm (Tues-Sun), taking on the guise of The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim.

Blandy, will be searching for the ‘Soul of Manchester’. The Pilgrim’s broadcasts will include: Soul Power; Dusty Soul and Soul Picnic: a mix and match ragbag of eccentrics, fanatics, rappers, buskers, alongside artists’ sound work and many more soul-filled sessions.

The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim will be featuring works by Jordan Baseman, Lucienne Cole, Colin Crockatt, S Mark Gubb, Susannah Hewlett, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Laure Provost and Michael Shamberg amongst others.

In addition, Manchester music scene legend C P Lee will be reading sections of his book charting the history of Manchester music, Shake, Rattle and Rain, as well as playing live with his band, the Salford Sheiks.

Every day at 4pm, Live Bands from Manchester will be performing upstairs in gallery 2, please come up to see their live sessions or listen online at www.artradio.fm

Thursday 16th August, Netting Smoke with Implicasphere. Cathy Haynes and Sally O’Reilly – co-editors of the mini-publication Implicasphere, will be pursuing their current obsession, Smoke. Implicasphere seeks to unearth curious ideas on a single theme by trailing its tangles of association in fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics and film noir. For this event the co-editors ask specialist speakers and the audience to help chase all things smoky from the collective mental thicket into Implicasphere’s nets. Three speakers will offer smoke-oriented insights from their very different fields. Come along with images, texts, ideas for leads or simply vague thoughts on the theme of smoke to add to possible content!

The event will start at 19:00 with drinks from 18:00


DISLOCATE July 24th – August 5th 2007
Ginza Art Laboratory, Toyko, Japan.

Dislocate is a project which examines the relationship between art, technology and locality. Designed to facilitate international dialogue between artists, researchers and the public, Dislocate encourages exchange and reflection upon our experiences and perceptions of the interplay between these elements. This year the events will focus on our ability to reconnect with our location, seeking to explore, question and debate how can technology be used to heighten our engagement with our surroundings instead of isolating us from our immediate space.

Dislocate aims to explore the potential new media has to increase our awareness of our environment, enhance participation in our locality and community and transform our perceptions of the space we inhabit. Does new media enable us to plug into our locality, or is disconnection inevitable? As mobile and wireless technologies increasingly enable us to transcend space, our electrical roots are dug up, but are the roots which bind us with a place also cut? Dislocate will call into question the necessity of an intermediary to our immediate surroundings, asking if mediation is a means of connecting or distancing, an expansion or an obstruction? Dislocate offers the space to investigate the creative and social potential of new media to engage us with our direct locality and to ask what is the importance of where we are now?

Held over two sites, of contrasting locality, Dislocate will present new possibilities of our immediate space and the multiple connections which link to elsewhere. There will be a particular relationship to the surrounding site of the exhibition venues encouraging interaction and engagement with this environment while also fusing with spaces beyond.

The exhibition includes Martin John Callanan’s recent work Location of I, and Slade alumni Naoko Takahashi.

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