FILE 11 – I wanted to see all the news from today

The 11th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – takes place this year at centro cultural fiesp – ruth cardoso, Brasil, from july 27th to august 29th, 2010. The programme occupies the art gallery of sesi-sp, the fiesp space, the theater and the mezzanine of the cultural center that hosts the exhibition with interactive installations, games, machinimas, internet artworks, performances and workshops.

Media Art shows how to “soften” the rigidity of technology functionality and to create an environment of creativity and artistic thinking.

FutureEverything – Serendipity City

FutureEverything, taking place 12-15 May in Manchester UK. Expect world premieres of astonishing artworks, an explosive citywide music programme, visionary thinkers from around the world, and awards for outstanding innovations.

Serendipity City: The FutureEverything 2010 main exhibition, featuring architecture-inspired art, a curated selection of city-drifting iPhone and Android apps, jaw-dropping data visualisations including Martin John Callanan’s A Planetary Order, and a selection of FutureEverything 2010 Award nominees. The venue is The Hive (47 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1FN), a spanking new Northern Quarter location.

RTX – Radio Tower Xchange


Sound waves broadcast in space and captured by powerful antennas. A steamy repetition creating an environment open to different contributions, pervaded by the energies of the artists themselves, who were invited to focus their attention on those deceitful mechanisms that are always in play at the interchange between infosphere and psychosphere. Different types of data, sounds and magnetism: all these elements poetically meet in multimedia, which is here the synesthetic melting pot of experimental sound compositions. This collective, which promotes the Radio Tower Xchange project, by connecting online performances and audio art events, wants to pay homage and at the same time criticize the “broadcasting philosophies”, embodied in the “symbolism” of radio towers themselves. Technologies for sharing that are evolving towards direct transmission, not “for the audience” but “from the audience” which, thanks to WiFi networks and the multiplication of “emission points” and the simultaneous demand for those inputs, pave the way to the emergence of new systemic chains. Neural Review.

The idea behind this event is both paying homage and a critique of the broadcasting philosophies and histories the radio towers represent, and an investigation into the evolving practice of unregulated online broadcasting. [Adam Hyde]

In 2007 Xchange network for alternative audio content providers and Net broadcasters celebrated its 10th anniversary. RTX event was co-organised by RIXC (Riga, Latvia) in collaboration with partners: Okno (Brussels/BE), Tesla (Berlin/DE), Ellipse (Tours/FR), Projekt Atol (Ljubljana/SI), and Performing Pictures / Interactive Institute (Stockholm/SE) in the framework of the project “Waves – electromagnetic waves as material and medium for arts” (2006-2007). Live audio and sound art contributions; Martin John Callannan. Sonification of You. Horia Cosmin Samoïla / Spectral Investigations Collective. VLF in Paris Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag. Campa-Sacrow Nils Edvardsson. Power Lines in Sweden Clausthome. Solar Radio Station Superfactory. Ringsendungen live stream from Bratislava (elpueblodechina, Isjtar, Annemie Maes and code31) live stream from Brussels (Society of Algorithm) live stream from Orleans (GSA Psy Ops Soundsystem) stream from Ljubljana (DJ Woo and Fennesz) Support: Latvian State Cultural Capital Foundation, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Culture 2000

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Migrating Reality

Location of I text by Martin John Callanan published in Migrating Reality book and conference.

Migrating Reality
ISBN 978-9955-834-01-4

Electronic and digital systems generate completely new forms of migration. In the creative arts, new phenomena related to migration and the synergies of disparate systems are emerging. Artistic products evolve from traditional forms into hybrid digital forms. Analog products are being digitized; data spaces are trans-located from one data storage system to another; existing sounds, images, and texts are remixed and fused into new datasets.

The book is based on international conference and exhibition Migrating Reality which took place on April 4-5, 2008 in Galerie der Künste, Berlin, Germany, and on material submitted to the online magazine As with the conference, the exhibition, and the on-line projects, the book is an overview of the migration topic from various perspectives, not excluding the use of a variety of languages. For example, we offer the reader an interview with Žilvinas Lilas “Bastymasis man būtų daug priimtinesnis žodis” conducted by Vytautas Michelkevičius in Lithuanian and the text “Kulturtransfer in der Frühen Neuzeit – eine andere Realität der Migration” by Philipp Zitzlsperger – an essay on migration from a historians perspective. The ideas presented textually in the book shift back and forth from essays and articles to projects and back to essays. The territories shift from social space to virtual space and eventually land us back in a realm of physical, political, economical, and historical reality.

KHM – Kunsthochschule für Medien
Verein zur Förderung kultureller Praxis e.V.
VšĮ Mene

Editorial board
Mindaugas Gapševičius, John Hopkins, Žilvinas Lilas, Vytautas Michelkevičius

SUBOTRON electric meeting : 8bit sound

Friday 11.04.08, 19:00 – 22:00 Museumsquartier / quartier21 / electric avenue / Raum D, 1070 Wien

screening 19:30h & 21:00h : 8-Bit-Generation (Documentary film von Lionel Brouet, Frankreich 2007, 26 min.)With Role Model (Sweden), Malcolm McLaren (UK), Bodenstandig 2000 (Germany), Relax Beat (France), LoBat (Belgium), The Wild Strawberries (China), Sidabitball (France), GOTO80 (Sweden), 8-Bit (USA), Computer Truck (France), Gwem (UK) u.a.

lectures 20h :
Wolfgang Kopper (Mitinitiator und Altpräsident des weltweit grössten Game Boy Music Clubs der Welt)
Game Boy Music : popkulturelle Relevanz selbst gebastelter 8-bit Musik und die Frage warum diese nicht relevant sein darf und ob diese Musik nun tot ist oder nicht und wie ein Game Boy Spiel ohne high score funktionieren kann und und und. Das alles kompakt und launig in 15 Minuten.
Markus Schrodt (Mitglied der Wiener Musikformation dot.matrix) Übersicht über die technischen Hintergründe der Micromusic und Einblick in die derzeit verwendete Software.

live sounds :


SUBOTRON social meetings : custom built interfaces

voice mod

SUBOTRON Fridays, March – April 16:00 – 18:00 Museumsquartier / quartier21 / electric avenue, 1070 Vienna.

MQ, quartier21 artist in residence, experimental media phenomenon sister0 will move her amphitheatrum sapientiae seternae to the Subotron shop. She will be there creating tweaking and testing her game-mods; mutant dolls & curiosa embedded with hacked gamepads. Among other things, This can be played like instruments to divine audio samples and modify vocals. Interaction demos here

Video Vortex at Montevideo, Amsterdam

Susan Collins will be exhibiting The Spectrascope as part of Video Vortex at Montevideo/The Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam from 20th October until 2nd December 2007.
The exhibition also features Collins’s Fenlandia in the form of a large format digital archive print and a 6 hour screening of the 4000 images which comprise the Fenlandia archive.

The exhibition Video Vortex is The Netherlands Media Art Institute’s response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Artists featured include: Beatrice Valentine Amrhein; Giselle Beiguelman; Susan Collins; Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar; Graham Harwood, Mediashed / Mongrel; MW2MW (Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg) and Sonic()ject. Video Vortex is curated by Annet Dekker.

Velocity Arts Festival

For one day only – Saturday 13th October:

Martin John Callanan will travel around the Velocity festival, sending information about his whereabouts to an online map in our Lancaster map room. Visit the map room at the station and help us to track the artist’s location throughout the day. Interact with Martin through text messages, photography and drawing as he visits towns, stations and landmarks around the bay.

A Big Draw event.

Venue: Map Room, Platform 3, Lancaster Station.

The Soul of Manchester: David Blandy at Cornerhouse and on

David Blandy on Art Radio, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 12-6pm Tuesday-Sunday,

10th August to 26th August

Cornerhouse Gallery 1 has been transformed into a radio production and broadcasting studio, offering up its airwaves to three resident artists: David Blandy, Open Music Archive and reboot. fm. Blandy will be broadcasting from the 10-26 August 12-6pm (Tues-Sun), taking on the guise of The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim.

Blandy, will be searching for the ‘Soul of Manchester’. The Pilgrim’s broadcasts will include: Soul Power; Dusty Soul and Soul Picnic: a mix and match ragbag of eccentrics, fanatics, rappers, buskers, alongside artists’ sound work and many more soul-filled sessions.

The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim will be featuring works by Jordan Baseman, Lucienne Cole, Colin Crockatt, S Mark Gubb, Susannah Hewlett, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Laure Provost and Michael Shamberg amongst others.

In addition, Manchester music scene legend C P Lee will be reading sections of his book charting the history of Manchester music, Shake, Rattle and Rain, as well as playing live with his band, the Salford Sheiks.

Every day at 4pm, Live Bands from Manchester will be performing upstairs in gallery 2, please come up to see their live sessions or listen online at

Thursday 16th August, Netting Smoke with Implicasphere. Cathy Haynes and Sally O’Reilly – co-editors of the mini-publication Implicasphere, will be pursuing their current obsession, Smoke. Implicasphere seeks to unearth curious ideas on a single theme by trailing its tangles of association in fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics and film noir. For this event the co-editors ask specialist speakers and the audience to help chase all things smoky from the collective mental thicket into Implicasphere’s nets. Three speakers will offer smoke-oriented insights from their very different fields. Come along with images, texts, ideas for leads or simply vague thoughts on the theme of smoke to add to possible content!

The event will start at 19:00 with drinks from 18:00

Summer Digest 07 / THOMSON & CRAIGHEAD

Thomson & Craighead Here’s a digest of what we’re up to over the summer -well in June and July at any rate. We hope some of you can make some of it.

The image you can see on the left is the new railway flap sign we have built to display our work BEACON. It’s a development shot taken in the factory at Solari of Udine in Italy when we visited during April.

You can find out more about BEACON and our other recent work by visiting our website

You can view an online version of BEACON by clicking here

After two years in the making, we are finally launching the mechanical version of BEACON as a railway flap sign at BFI, Southbank from 23rd June – 12th August 2007. There’s an opening from 7pm – 9pm on Friday 22nd June. After London the sign travels to FACT in Liverpool and then Artists Space in New York. The sign has been built by Solari of Udine in Italy.

The gallery version of Decorative Newsfeeds is part of Accumulated Outlook at Oakville Galleries in Canada from 29th June – 26th August 2007. It will be at their Centennial Square site with a launch party on Thursday 28 June 2007. We are also almost finished making a new outdoor version of Decorative Newsfeeds for The Junction in Cambridge.

A new version of our generative music system called Diminished 7th is part of The Lost O in Ashford, Kent on 7th and 8th July, which coincides with Tour de France passing through the town on this year’s UK first stage. Diminished 7th was first developed for Arts Transpennine 2003 and used cows rather than sheep as is the case here with version 1.1

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 is on DVD and includes one of our template cinema works. The magazine launches on Sunday 29th July 2007 at the Publish and Be Damned Fair, Rochelle School, London E2 7ES.

FEEDBACK in the new Laboral Gallery in Gijon and My own Private Reality at Edith Russ Site in Oldenburg.

Location of I

Martin John Callanan, Location of I

In an attempt to become the absolute citizen, Martin John Callanan will continually and openly publish his physical location live.

“I am contactable, and I am findable, in the digital world. It is easy to find me, write to me, work with me, and speak to me. However, people have trouble meeting the physical me, in the physical world. I have become so findable and so contactable: I hide. Perhaps not purposely, more though the perception I do not need to be physically present, because I feel present already.”

“By becoming findable – to anyone, anywhere – in the physical world, I can participate fully and with anyone: I become the absolute citizen.”

“I become a citizen of both the physical and digital worlds, coexisting as one (the same device that makes me visible and findable, allows continuous instant connection – communication – via any digital means); I cannot hide (and I become vulnerable).”