Fourth Door Review no.8

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Susan Collins in conversation with Sean Cubitt in the new issue of Fourth Door Review no 8 Hall of Risk.
Also features on artists, Chris Drury and Jem Finer; musicians David Sylvian and Harold Budd, and a special feature on the Alpine regional architectural culture of Graubunden, Switzerland and Vorarlberg, Austria; with Peter Zumthor, Valerio Olgiati, Dietmar Eberle, and Hermann Kauffmann. Also Juhani Pallasmaa interviewed, essays by architecture critic Jay Merrick and writer Jay Griffiths.

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Migrating Reality

Location of I text by Martin John Callanan published in Migrating Reality book and conference.

Migrating Reality
ISBN 978-9955-834-01-4

Electronic and digital systems generate completely new forms of migration. In the creative arts, new phenomena related to migration and the synergies of disparate systems are emerging. Artistic products evolve from traditional forms into hybrid digital forms. Analog products are being digitized; data spaces are trans-located from one data storage system to another; existing sounds, images, and texts are remixed and fused into new datasets.

The book is based on international conference and exhibition Migrating Reality which took place on April 4-5, 2008 in Galerie der Künste, Berlin, Germany, and on material submitted to the online magazine As with the conference, the exhibition, and the on-line projects, the book is an overview of the migration topic from various perspectives, not excluding the use of a variety of languages. For example, we offer the reader an interview with Žilvinas Lilas “Bastymasis man būtų daug priimtinesnis žodis” conducted by Vytautas Michelkevičius in Lithuanian and the text “Kulturtransfer in der Frühen Neuzeit – eine andere Realität der Migration” by Philipp Zitzlsperger – an essay on migration from a historians perspective. The ideas presented textually in the book shift back and forth from essays and articles to projects and back to essays. The territories shift from social space to virtual space and eventually land us back in a realm of physical, political, economical, and historical reality.

KHM – Kunsthochschule für Medien
Verein zur Förderung kultureller Praxis e.V.
VšĮ Mene

Editorial board
Mindaugas Gapševičius, John Hopkins, Žilvinas Lilas, Vytautas Michelkevičius

Art Forum critics’ choice

Last Chance to see Untethered, at Eyebeam; 540 West 21st Street, New York. September 25–October 25. This week it is one of Artforum’s critics’ choice.

Tethered is cyber-law expert Jonathan Zittrain’s term for objects hardwired to perform a single act; “Untethered” presents artworks by artists who unlock items from this proprietary use and redirect them toward aesthetic purposes. Organized by Eyebeam curatorial fellow Sarah Cook, the show includes Eyebeam residents and international artists who playfully transform everyday objects into participatory, otherworldly experiences through technology. The exhibition opens with Thomson & Craighead’s Unprepared Piano, 2004, a glossy… more

A Close up on Thomson & Craighead

Published yesterday on swedish artsite (meaning

Om en konstnär som Kurt Schwitters hade haft tillgång till Internet så hade han sluppit att bli klibbig om fingrarna när han satt och klippte och klistrade ihop sina collage. Han kunde i stället ha använt sig av ett dataprogram som hämtade texter och bilder från nätet och satte ihop dem till nya konstverk. När den brittiska konstnärsduon Thomson & Craighead ställer ut verket ”Decorative Newsfeed” på Studion på Moderna Museet är det i princip det man gör. Läs mer…

Immediacy, Archive, and Life: Two Works by Martin John Callanan

An interesting text about two of Martin’s works, I am Still Alive and I Wanted to See All of the News From Today

… in choosing “I am still alive” as the message sent to unwitting participants, Callanan has brilliantly honed the basic sentiment in every message that we send or profile update we make. Every message may as well say “I am still alive” since that message is the function of all such communication. Not just an odd phrase to rouse curiosity, the message is crafted to make the recipients aware of the medium itself…

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