The Present is a Point Just Passed

The Present is a Point Just Passed
14 June 2012 – 18 July 2012

In the lead up to an event where records will be broken and races won and lost in a fraction of a second, The Present is a Point Just Passed brings together art and artefacts that give a tangible presence to defined moments of time.

While some carefully reposition empirical data and look at incidents of historical significance, others use banal observations and puerile gestures to render forever noteworthy otherwise unremarkable passing moments.

The exhibition will include works by Martin John Callanan, Jan Dibbets, Lizzie Hughes and Jonty Semper alongside seismograms from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and images from the Lick Galaxy Catalogue.

Curated by Lizzie Hughes

For further information please visit:

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery: Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich, SE10 9LS.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 11am to 4pm, closed Sundays and public holidays.

Global, Casal Solleric, March – June 2012

Global, Casal Solleric, March – June 2012, Martin John Callanan

A solo exhibition across six spaces at Casal Solleric, the city of Palma’s contemporary art gallery and archive, including two new works.

Ten years in the making, and shown here for the fist time, Grounds, an archive of thousands of photographs of the ground in locations important to society. A set of 200 displayed across three slide projectors.

Wars During My Life Time, a new work for this exhibition, a newspaper listing – in Catalan – all wars fought during my lifetime.

I Wanted to See All of the News From Today, amasses from across the internet, the front pages of over 960 newspapers from around the world and displays these images within the space of a single scrolling display.

Text Trends, an animation which takes the content generated by search queries and reduces this process to its essential elements: search terms vs. frequency searched for over time, presented in the form of a line graph.Gallery information sheet in English, Català and Castellano [PDF]

Curated by Pau Waelder and Fernando Gómezdelacuesta as part of (HIPER)vincles