A sequence is essentially a whole in which nothing is repeated” (Roland Barthes)

Spliced and reassembled sounds, hazard tape formed geometric shapes; layered and ripped wallpaper; a field of miniature diagrammatical flowers; a video loop on sleeping; paintings from the same palette; ever evolving images on canvas… these are some of the elements in Repetition & Sequence, an exhibition examining artists’ use of recurrence of methodology, form and composition in visual imagery, in daily routine, or in sounds and movements. It focuses on transition and transformation, continuity and change, accident and design.

Repetition and Sequence showcases the new work of 13 international contemporary artists who live and work in the UK. Each is engaged in a wide range of contemporary artistic practices, forms and strategies, through the use of sound, photography, site-specific installation, video, painting and sculpture. Though diverse in background, media and sensibility, the artists share a collective fascination with sequence and repetition – an essential element of daily life. The exhibition, together with its associated publication and artists’ talks, seeks to explore the aesthetics of replication & series mirrored in our environment and daily life, and which viewers willingly or unwillingly absorb.

Sequence and Repetition first showcased at Bedlam Gallery in January 2007. Repetition and Sequence is the second annual thematic show offering newly emerging visual artists a summer exhibition in a major London space.  

Jerwood Space, London
Exhibition: 3 August – 8 September 2007
Artist talks: Monday 20 August and Monday 3 September from 6-8pm
Private view: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Thursday 2 August 2007
Performance by Dale Berning, Their Song (decora), 7:15pm

Michael Ajerman, Rana Begum, Zadok Ben David, Dale Berning, Suki Chan, Itamar Gilboa, Ludovica Gioscia, Emilia Izquierdo, Tess Jaray, Gary McDonald, Michal Rubin, Gideon Rubin, Silia Ka Tung

How We May Be, Tate Britain

Friday 3rd August 2007, 6 – 10pm

Join us for How We May Be, a one night exhibition at the Tate Britain as part of the Late at the Tate programme of events. How We May Be is a photographic response to the current exhibition How We Are, a survey of British photography from the pioneers of the early medium to the present. This one night project, involving artists exhibiting in London today, aims to reveal new aspects of the work in the exhibition, whist potentially suggesting new directions for the photographic image.

You can also join us on the front lawn for a perfect summer barbeque. Have a drink and enjoy art in the open air. In the gallery, hear Trojan Sound System and guests including DJ Derek and see a performance by Bruce McLean. Plus, Terry de Havilland talks about style in How We Are, which you can see for half-price.