The Soul of Manchester: David Blandy at Cornerhouse and on

David Blandy on Art Radio, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 12-6pm Tuesday-Sunday,

10th August to 26th August

Cornerhouse Gallery 1 has been transformed into a radio production and broadcasting studio, offering up its airwaves to three resident artists: David Blandy, Open Music Archive and reboot. fm. Blandy will be broadcasting from the 10-26 August 12-6pm (Tues-Sun), taking on the guise of The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim.

Blandy, will be searching for the ‘Soul of Manchester’. The Pilgrim’s broadcasts will include: Soul Power; Dusty Soul and Soul Picnic: a mix and match ragbag of eccentrics, fanatics, rappers, buskers, alongside artists’ sound work and many more soul-filled sessions.

The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim will be featuring works by Jordan Baseman, Lucienne Cole, Colin Crockatt, S Mark Gubb, Susannah Hewlett, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Laure Provost and Michael Shamberg amongst others.

In addition, Manchester music scene legend C P Lee will be reading sections of his book charting the history of Manchester music, Shake, Rattle and Rain, as well as playing live with his band, the Salford Sheiks.

Every day at 4pm, Live Bands from Manchester will be performing upstairs in gallery 2, please come up to see their live sessions or listen online at

Thursday 16th August, Netting Smoke with Implicasphere. Cathy Haynes and Sally O’Reilly – co-editors of the mini-publication Implicasphere, will be pursuing their current obsession, Smoke. Implicasphere seeks to unearth curious ideas on a single theme by trailing its tangles of association in fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics and film noir. For this event the co-editors ask specialist speakers and the audience to help chase all things smoky from the collective mental thicket into Implicasphere’s nets. Three speakers will offer smoke-oriented insights from their very different fields. Come along with images, texts, ideas for leads or simply vague thoughts on the theme of smoke to add to possible content!

The event will start at 19:00 with drinks from 18:00

British Academy Research Development Awards

The British Academy has introduced a new scheme for mid-career scholars to enable them to develop a significant research project. The British Academy Research Development Awards (BARDA) scheme replaces the previous programmes for Research Leave Fellowships and Larger Research Grants. Applications are particularly encouraged from scholars who can demonstrate that they are developing an innovative line of research, with the potential to make a significant difference to their field and to their career profile.

Letters 2004-2006: Book review

A review from RAM Publications, N.American distributors for my book:

Martin John Callanan’s brilliant new book is a stroll down Albert Camus Lane for this artist whose work has consistently explored the clash between the fact of human existence and governments with digital databases which could delete anyone with a single keystroke. Any member of modern society can identify with Callanan’s letters to government authorities, in which he essentially – and subversively – challenges their right to define if he exists according to their records. Each letter poses a deceptively simple question or even inane rhetorical statement and the collected responses (from eminences ranging from the secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury to the offices of President Mubarak of Egypt) reveal the absurdity of bureaucracy and the egos of those that claim power. A wonderful exploration from the London-based artist; one of his best-known projects transmits the phrase “I am Still Alive” to available cell phones, laptops and PDAs in a given area, a poignant plea for recognition from cyberspace.

Interface: Virtual Environments in Art, Design and Education , 6th & 7th of September 2007, Dublin

Virtual technologies and environments offer exciting opportunities at the cutting edge of contemporary practices – in Fine Art, in Design and in Education.

Interface: Virtual Environments in Art, Design and Education , 6th & 7th of September, 2007, in Dublin, seeks to bring together a range of outstanding practitioners whose use of virtual technologies and virtual environments will excite conversation amongst artists, designers, and art and design educators

Keynote speakers at the Interface Conference include:

Norwegian born media artist, Stahl Stenslie, recognised for his work on VR environments, developing different interface technologies and tools for digital culture within the fields of art, media and network research, and Susan Collins, one of the UK’s leading artists working with digital media who utilises public, gallery and online spaces.

To find out more about this conference and to register to attend, please go to