How we can support your mental health and wellbeing

All of our support services are free of charge and open to all UCL students of all levels.

How we can support you

There is always help available to you throughout your time with us at UCL.

Our professional staff can provide you with advice and support on a wide range of mental health and wellbeing subjects, to help you get the most out of student life.

Within the wider Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing team, we have a team of mental health coordinators who can provide you with useful advice, and guide you through the process of accessing support at UCL for your mental health conditions.

Find out more about who we can support.

Accessing and registering for support

We strongly recommend that students register with our Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing team so we can get in touch and fully review what kind of support and reasonable adjustments you may need.

Reasonable adjustments for mental health conditions

With valid medical evidence, you can apply for reasonable adjustments on the basis of your mental health conditions. Reasonable adjustments and support are looked at on a case-by-case basis and we speak to all students about how a long-term mental health condition affects access to education to ensure appropriate support is applied.

Find out more about Summary of Reasonable Adjustments (SoRA).

Mental health mentoring

To help our students manage the impact of any long-term mental health difficulties on your studies, we provide access to a specialist mental health mentoring scheme.

This involves regular meetings with a mentor who will work with you to help you identify and overcome barriers to your learning.

If you wish to be referred to mental health mentoring, please speak to one of our advisers by booking an appointment via askUCL.

Return to study welfare check-up

Based on your personal circumstances, you may consider taking time out from your studies. If you are returning from a period of interruption that was for health and wellbeing reasons, you may be required to provide medical evidence and a supporting statement to indicate that you are well enough to live and work in a university environment.

Our team will email you approximately 3 months prior to your return to request this documentation, and you may be required to have an appointment with us before you will be allowed to re-enrol.

Read the Return to Study welfare support page for more details.


The Student Psychological and Counselling Services (SPCS) team offers a wide range of free services to all undergraduate and Master's students registered at UCL, including:

  • Short-term counselling.
  • Single session therapy.
  • Initial psychiatric support.

For more details, check out the SPCS webpage.

Counselling for PhD students

For postgraduate research students, you can self-refer to services with our external partner Spectrum.Life. Not only can you speak to qualified advisers and counsellors, you can also access a range of wellbeing and support services ranging from financial wellbeing to guided meditation.

Self-refer with Spectrum.Life.

UCL 24/7 Student Support Line

In-the-moment support is available via the UCL 24/7 Student Support Line, in 35+ languages, including sign. You will be able to speak to an adviser who can help you through any issues you are facing, including but not limited to:

  • Feeling anxious or stressed.
  • Money worries.
  • Cultural differences.
  • Homesickness.
  • Addiction.
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Bereavement.
  • Bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment.
  • Anything you feel is impacting your mental health, wellbeing or time at UCL.

To learn more, check out the 24/7 support line webpage.