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Disruptive discoveries from UCL are changing the world we Iive in. UCL Faculty of Medical Science research is leading the way when it comes to solving real problems and creating positive impact. Find out more below about the top discoveries from UCL Faculty of Medical Science.


breast cancer screening

Single-dose radiotherapy as effective for treating breast cancer

A pioneering breast cancer therapy developed by UCL clinicians, which requires just one shot of radiotherapy rather than conventional weeks-long treatment, has proven to be as effective for most women in treating the disease.

Podcast graphic featuring Mark Emberton

Mark Emberton, Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences, featured on #MadeAtUCL podcast

Curious about the latest groundbreaking advancements in prostate imaging? Mark Emberton talks to recent UCL graduate Suzie McCarthy, about the research he has been doing to improve how we test and treat prostate cancer.
Listen to Episode 4 of the #MadeAtUCL podcast

Corona virus ucl podcast

'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast

Featuring guests from the Faculty of Medical Sciences: Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance and Mervyn Singer, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine. 
Listen to Episode 1: What happens to you in intensive care

lungs infographic

Protective cells could cut risk of lung cancer for ex-smokers

Protective cells in the lungs of ex-smokers could explain why quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing lung cancer, finds new research co-led by UCL and the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

ucl human cells

New CAR T-cell therapy for leukaemia associated with fewer harmful side effects

A novel CAR T-cell therapy has been developed by UCL researchers and is designed to target cancer cells faster and cause fewer side effects.

ucl research

Genetic discovery will help clinicians identify aggressive versus benign bone tumours

The first genetic marker for the bone tumour, osteoblastoma, has been discovered by scientists at UCL, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Francis Crick Institute.


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The research at UCL has made a difference to women all over the world with early breast cancer.

Professor Jayant Vaidya, Consultant Surgeon at the Whittington, Royal Free and University College London Hospitals

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Meet The Expert: Tim McHugh

Tim McHugh
Professor Tim McHugh is Professor of Medical Microbiology and Director of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology (CCM) in the Division of Infection and Immunity, Faculty of Medical Sciences. Tim is also Graduate Tutor (Taught) for the Faculty of Medical Sciences. 

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