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UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences

UCL is one of the top 10 Faculties of Medical Sciences in the World*, Number One for Medicine in London* and No 1 In Europe For Medical Technology*. We have been educating doctors and scientists in London since 1834.


Its unique mix of pioneering research, best in class academics and clinicians, cutting-edge facilities, world-renowned partner hospitals & institutions and location in the world’s most global city makes it one of the best places in the world to undertake medical education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Our undergraduate MBBS course is world renowned. We also offer a range of Undergraduate Degrees in scientific fields such as Nutrition and Medical Sciences, Infection and Immunity and Cancer Biomedicine. Our more than 50 Postgraduate Courses range from Advanced Surgery Techniques to Dentistry to Biomedical Engineering to Oncology.

At UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences, we constantly challenge ourselves to be more innovative – from the areas in which we research to the techniques we use to the technologies that we leverage. If you are intellectually curious, keen to push boundaries and seeking genuine challenges in your studies UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences is the place for you.

Did you know?

  • Six former students and staff of the Faculty of Medical Sciences have been awarded Nobel Prizes.
  • The First Surgery under Anaesthesia was performed by a surgeon at UCL 
  • The Immune System and Auto Immune Disease were both discovered at UCL 

*QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018

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Study at UCL

UCL is recognised as a world leader in Medical Education. Our internationally recognised research, cutting-edge practices and state of the art facilities ensure that our students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in their fields. Explore our more than 60 courses across Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional levels.

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UCL was rated the top university in the UK for research strength in 2014, in part driven by its world leading research in Medical Sciences. It is home to some of the most influential researchers in Cancer, Genetics, Surgery and many more. Current research projects cover topics from prostate cancer to malaria to the latest imaging techniques. 

UCL Medical Science - Masters in Science

Innovation and Enterprise

The UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences is widely recognised as a world leader in biomedical science and therapeutic innovation. Our biomedical research capabilities and infrastructure span all stages of the translational spectrum from basic discovery science to proof-of-mechanism and clinical evaluation in patients. Find Out More Here

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What Makes UCL Medical Sciences Different?

No 1 in London for Medicine, Top 10 in the World for Medicine, No 1 in Europe for Medical Technology - UCL is and always has been a pioneer in Medical Sciences and Medical Education. We are looking for students who seek to push the boundaries of current thinking and practice. All in the world's most global city - Explore more than 60 courses

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What we do

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The Obesity Crisis in the UK 

UCL Professor Rachel Batterham describes the obesity crisis currently facing the UK and what research can do to assist the NHS in tackling this national epidemic.

What is it like to do an MBBS at UCL?

Find out more about what it is like to study at one of the Top Medical Universities in the World. Martin is currently studying medicine. His passion for activism is driving him to become the kind of doctor who provides the best possible healthcare to all of society. Hear him speak about how UCL is providing him with more than just a medical degree.


Can we Make Artificial Organs?

Human Organs are not easily available. Could we grow new organs in a laboratory? UCL's Dr Gavin Jell speaks with the BBC in this podcast about the latest work and views in this potentially life-changing field.

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What our students say

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Life in an International Medical University

Medical Sciences at UCL is much more than just being in the library or laboratory all day. Discover the personalities and passions of our students as they attempt to find their ideal study-life balance in the one of the biggest and fascinating cities in the world on our YouTube Channel.

A New Breed of Scientist

The Fusion of Science and Medicine is absolutely critical to take the understanding and treatment of diseases to the next level. Learn how UCL experts came to this conclusion and of the genuine benefits it will provide to patients.